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UK Commander – Afghanistan: The IDF Did More to Safeguard Civilians Than Any Other Army (Video)

The Jihad Against Israel Continues

With the UN sham Human Rights Council Gaza probe wrapping up today, we can shortly expect conclusions to be vomiting up from numerous ‘human rights’ organizations and eventually the grand daddy of perversions itself, the UN council will present its findings in September. Israel refused to participate officially in light of the absurd hatreds represented by the UN Human Rights Council in general, which ignores actual genocides & human rights abuses occurring as we speak worldwide, and contents itself to simply passing resolution after resolution condemning Israel..

Let’s talk about the fact that the World’s leading human rights abusers like our pals the Saudis, the Iranians, the Chavezs of this world and other assorted Obama allies are the ones who get to sit and pass judgment in this farce. While at the same time provide funding to the ‘Human Rights’ groups we are always reading about, who’s sole purpose in life is seemingly to demonize Israel. That’s quite a little scam they have going.

What is the mission of the inquiry?
Reuters sums it up nicely via YNET..

‘Extent of physical damage shook all of us,’ says head of investigation into recent Israeli offensive in Strip, adding ‘ aim is to show the human side of suffering and give a voice to victims’

Yeah, let’s give voice to the victims!

We can start by voicing our collective outrage as to how the real victim here Israel, is assaulted by terrorists launching thousands of rockets against civilian populations for over 7 years (war crimes) and is then crucified by the world for acting in its own self defense. We can talk about the libelous accusations the lying & manipulative propaganda experts known more formally as Hamas terrorists, gleefully spread to an eager media machine obsessed with judging Jews & Israel by the biggest double standard known to man. How else of course to satisfy world wide bloodlust and hatred of Joooooz?

We can talk about how Hamas seized the Gaza strip by force and violence and killings, persecutes Christians, instituted Sharia Laws, mutilated and murdered fellow Palestinians who resist them, stockpiled & launched thousands of rockets, stole humanitarian aid for their own use.. Then claimed they were being persecuted by Israel and were starving while the BBC and Jeremy ‘Bozo’ Bowen wept. We can talk about how we supply this population who swears our destruction with food, water, electricity, money and goods out of our kindness and sympathy for humanity’s sake day in & out.

Col. Richard Kemp, Former Commander British Forces in Afghanistan on the matters at hand.

Super Standard

China kills 150 people in the span of a few hours a day or so ago, hardly makes the headlines. Israel defends itself in a military operation spanning nearly a month to stop rocketing of its populace, 1400 people are killed - Most of them Hamas terrorists and the Earth stops rotating on its axis.

Free Palestine!

If the West is ‘so concerned’ about ‘suffering on both sides’, maybe it is time to topple the illegitimate terrorist government in Gaza which is causing it? If I were in charge the operation would have been called ‘Cast Dread’ and Gaza would look like a parking lot today. I’m not nearly as evolved as Israeli & British Colonels apparently ; )

Hat tip to Melanie Phillips for the good commander’s video.