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Twitterrific: Israeli / US Ambassador Michael Oren Answers My Tweet On Iran (Video)

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Embassy of Israel in Washington DC is tweeting

Embassy of Israel in Washington DC is tweeting

Over at the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC – World renowned author, IDF spokesman and now Israeli Ambassador to the US Michael Oren has been taking weekly twitter questions, and answering them online via video. A nifty way for the Embassy and the Ambassador to engage with both the media and public, while simultaneously presenting Israel’s positions in an easily accessible online format. Israeli institutions have been thankfully leading the way of late (Gaza), employing web 2.0 technology as a communications format.

When I saw the latest embassy tweet open to questions for the Ambassador regarding Iran, I naturally felt compelled to participate. Israel, America, Iran, these are topics of endless interest here at the Hashmonean. So I asked via tweet what the avg. person could do to keep the international focus on Iran?

To my great pleasure.. The Ambassador has answered two tweets; One from well known blogger & journalist Ben Smith at the politico.. and the other from yours truly – somewhat lesser known blogger, who reads a little Ben Smith.

Video: The Ambassador takes tweets on Iran

Oren gives a thorough low down on Iran & answers to both questions, heck I even got a subtle chiding for my slight lack of diplomacy, awesome! : )
Thanks to the Israeli Embassy for taking and answering my tweet, and seriously who doesn’t love Ambassador Oren?

With the departure of Dan Gillerman ambassador to the UN extraordinaire, it’s certainly comforting to see such great new addition for Israeli diplomacy. You can follow @IsraelDC the Israeli Embassy account at twitter, the youtube channel as well as @benpolitico. My own tweets are up @Hashmonean.

*I fixed Ben’s link from the dreaded WP link to self bug.