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Where is Superman? Surely Obama will save us all..

We need a hero!

Fiscal crisis, wars, mad Mullah Iranians on the verge of nuclear weapons, the crapola is really hitting the fan. You just know that terrorists are cooking something up too, they can’t resist the carnage.

Funny thing is, the messianic figure so full of promise and hotair? I’m not quite seeing just yet, how he would improve anything anywhere on any of these fronts. We are so close to his second coming too, where is he? Surely now is miracle time no? Ample opportunity to show us his ‘Right Stuff’, heck maybe just exhibit a few leadership qualities if anything for the Americans to rally around.

Surely this is the time for the hope & change mantra!? Where’s all the chanting, where are those radical sheik yet oh so faux, Che styled Obama posters? Where are the code pink wackos when you need em? Now more than ever, it would seem that a rousing chorus of kumbaya and holding hands while we gently sway to the tone of Obama’s teleprompted voice, would make all these issues just go away wouldn’t it?

Don’t worry, these are the illegal ‘overseas’ donations he’s spending

Where’s the debonair inspirer now exactly, is he applying any of the cool billion he has raised for his campaign to paying down some national debt, saving a few homes by paying off weak mortgages maybe, perhaps taking a chink out of the bailout? It is your money after all, well 20% of the declared parts at least.. No, he’s doing better – He’s buying up a full block of network prime time TV time on all the networks at once, to address America like Stalin with a full 30 minute propaganda show, awesome!! Just like Mao, only better because everyone today has a TV and no will will be forced to read anything!

The Deliverer

This is better than a speech to the Reichland with 200,000 screaming Germans at the Hitler monument in my eyes, this is going to be internationally televised Obama Mania on the grandest scale of all. Oh, the joy.. and who doesn’t think the last bastion of sanity left for the infomercial market to conquer shouldn’t be the The White House eh? Lovely. 

We are all baited with international breath, is he going to heal the American nation? Cure cancer? Turn sub-prime mortgages to gold and feed the nation with 7 life giving Taco Bel Gorditas!?! Unlikely. Sooooo where is Superman? He’s looking rather mortal, one might say even inadequate after all I guess, but don’t you worry – he’ll look good on TV and you can take that to the local bank!*

* Provided of course there are any left once he assumes office, if not send me your money and I will watch over it for you, you won’t need it any how.. Didn’t you hear? Everything is going to be free in America, free health care, free housing, free childcare, free Gas, free clean energy, open borders, even the free exchange of rogue nuclear weapons is possible! Yes You Can!

Its going to be awesome, I can’t wait..
I’m already buying canned food, not for his address per say, but for the post ’4 year game’ show.