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David vs Goliath: The Hashmonean on BlogTalkRadio talking Bibi vs Obama (Audio)

Crossing Audio oceans Live from Tel Aviv

Kit Lange graciously invited me back to her show ‘The Front Line‘ to talk serious turkey regarding the new administrations in Washington & Jerusalem, and the much discussed ‘Clash of the Titans’ possibly developing between two key allies, the US & Israel under Obama / Netanyahu.

This was an awesome show (per the usual fare for Kit) and we hit on all the lightning rod topics: Iran, military confrontations, the Obama Quid Pro Quo regarding the Palestinians, the Peace Process, and more..

Be sure to tune into the archive from last week at the Front Line and get the audio skinny!

Already just yesterday, topics discussed have borne fruit and are being reported in the news (JPOST) involving IAF Arrow 2 Anti-Ballistic Missile batteries and reports on Juniper Cobra, joint US / IDF exercises Kit & I discussed on her show.. See what you might have missed, and catch Kit weekly on blogtalkradio!

Bush Bashing: President has whacked Hezbollah & Syria hard this week

Lame Duck?

The Bush Administration may be on its way out but there’s something to be said about the time period between administrations. We saw this week an intense American assault in what appears to be hot pursuit, land American forces into Syria, do some live firefighting and raze part of a village. It is still unclear what their targets were but this is the 1st time in 7 years of Bush’s presidency where we’ve seen this kind of bold moves on the Syrian involvement or lack thereof in stabilizing Iraq.

By the same token, America’s international anti-terrorism efforts scored huge this past week. It is little reported but a massive terror funding ring has been blown wide open in a long, complex US anti-terror and anti drug investigation which has revealed massive ties between Hezbollah & South American and Colombian Narco trafficking. An entire Hezbollah criminal drug funding ring has been busted while at the same time revealing the deep tentacles that organization has to brutal criminal elements and enemies of America. The Terrorists are dealing drugs for profit.

At the same time American intervention in financial markets have brought the dollar up, and oil way way down. The collapse of oil has put a sudden blast of hurt on Iran financially. All together not bad for a ‘lame duck’ President. I pray Obama could accomplish as much in a week.

Head Fake: Assad states his zero intentions of abandoning Hezbollah support (Updated)

Olmert & Sarkozy have really made a mess of things

The pressure is off Syria, Sarkozy is meeting with Assad, the Hariri tribunal is now a non issue, Syria has opened new ties to Lebanon while firmly establishing its tentacles in the country, Hezbollah has seized veto power over the Lebanese parliament as well as crucial geographic terrain and armed itself with advanced weapons..

Assad is a big winner so far, what has all this whimpering by the west led by Olmert achieved? Nothing. Except the collapse of resolution 1701 calling for Hezbollah to disarm, the collapse of Resolution 1559 calling for Syria to get out of Lebanon, even Olmert himself did not save his job, in fact his top political handlers who represented & guided the non face to face talks to build up Olmert foolishly have also now resigned..

So far Sarkozy has disappointed as well, neither his Syrian or Georgian interventions have produced anything but sliding backward results.

Thanks for nothing Olmert.

If anything, now the Golan is further legitimized as a bargaining tool contrary to our annexation of it, and Assad is out of his little isolation box while the Iran issue flounders. Total incompetence, can’t wait for Livni & more of the same..


Frustrated Israel watches Syria break out of isolation

Israeli diplomatic officials viewed the four-way summit in Damascus among the leaders of Syria, France, Turkey and Qatar on Thursday with some frustration, saying Syrian President Bashar Assad had effectively broken out of his international isolation without having given anything in return. [...]

“He no longer needs to negotiate with us,” one senior Israeli diplomatic official said Thursday, following a statement Assad made Thursday morning that indirect negotiations with Israel had been postponed because of the resignation of Yoram Turbowicz, the head of the Israeli negotiating team, as Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s chief of staff. [...]

“He got out of his isolation, and now can put us on hold,” the senior Israeli diplomatic official said. “He is now trying to blame us for the postponement.”

Wow, these clowns we call a government are something else, outplayed by Syria’s Bashar Assad.. and now they are whining about it, peace that never was and never was to be.. So close yet so far! We are such suckers. Assad has REFUSED TO EVEN MEET US FACE TO FACE, are these Israelis not ashamed of themselves and the stupidity they are subjecting us too?

Record of total failure, yet on we go..

Add this to the endless string of policy failures Kadima has wrought this country, in fact not a single move by this government has actually panned out, not in the West Bank, not in Gaza, not in Lebanon, not on the Iran front, not in domestic issues like education, not even in securing the US Israel relationship with the friendly President Bush! Unreal, and we are still stringing it out as the article goes on to point out..

Meanwhile Assad has done nothing, openly states he intends to do nothing.. What exactly are we gaining here? Nothing but the total collapse of Israeli / US foreign policy in the region. The Americans via Rice did the hard work clearing the jungle, and now we’ve come in to do the final paving. I say again, bring on Livni!! We need more pain.

‘We won’t disarm after lands returned’
Nasrallah says Hizbullah will defend Lebanon from Israel also after Shaba Farms, Ghajar returned.

Sarkozy warns Iran it risks Israeli strike on nuke program
Misleading title as the details here reveal Sarkozy has waffled on Iran..

Way to go Sarkozy!
Saved by Sarkozy.. Isn’t that sweet?