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AMERICA!: Poll Shows Massive US Jewish Support Swing For Settlements & Iranian Strikes

American Jewry Responds to the Pressure Israel Meme

I’ve said it before, I simply do not believe American Jewry would hang Israel out to dry. Tough love the US Administration called it, policy based on an uncomfortably close relationship between far left wing agenda ridden groups & the White House, namely Jstreet. Pressure Israel, Israel is the obstacle, settlements are the obstacle..

J-street’s own bogus custom polling is designed to elicit distorted conclusions & produce media sound-bytes. It’s designed not to engender cooperation or strengthen the US Israel strategic relationship but to push a selective agenda. Sadly for J-street, the highly respected and authoritative yearly AJC polling of American Jewry is now out, and the results are not pretty for the Jstreet crew like Beilin, Ben-Ami or Daniel Levy.. 

American Jews have taken a sharply hawkish turn on Iran, with a majority now supporting a U.S. military strike to end that country’s nuclear weapons program, according to this year’s Survey of American Jewish Public Opinion, released on Wednesday by the American Jewish Committee. [...]

In the survey, 51 percent disagreed “with the Obama administration’s call for a stop to all new Israeli settlement activity, with 41 percent agreeing with that policy.

“That’s a significant shift, and the Obama administration is at fault for putting too much emphasis on the issue of settlements,” said Seymour Reich, a former president of the dovish Israel Policy Forum (IPF). “As a result, the Netanyahu government has outfoxed the administration — and taken American Jewish public opinion along with them.”

Ummm huh.. So much for the cooked claims by Jstreet to the contrary. But wait, on Iran it gets even worse for the pacifist appeasing anti-Israel crowd. In fact it gets much worse. We already know that in Israel the Obama policy has dramatically failed, that support for the US President is below 5% while Netanyahu is soaring in consensus. What we learn is that there is what is being termed ‘Unease’ within the American Jewish community at large over these pressure Israel policies as well, and that when it comes to Iran & existential threats – Even the Liberals get hawkish..

I advise reading the whole thing, because it is a real eye opener

LaLaLand: Opposition Leader Livni Has Seen Better Weeks

Livni's LaLaLand?Kadima GoldenGirl needs some polish

Things started off well enough this week for Mrs Livni. She was as happy as a peacock eating dinner with Madonna in Tel Aviv this week. This garnered her the most attention she’s been able to muster herself in weeks and she sure does love attention. The international superstar later visited Netanyahu’s home to light Shabbat candles (no, I’m not referring to Livni).

But the fun ended quickly in Kadima faction meetings, replaced by some blistering criticism..

The Kadima faction’s pre-Rosh Hashana gathering at the Knesset on Wednesday turned out to be not very festive, as party head Tzipi Livni endured rare criticism from someone other than her number two in the party, MK Shaul Mofaz.

Mofaz was joined in criticizing Livni’s management of the party by MKs Avi Dichter, Ze’ev Boim, and Gideon Ezra. The main issues of dissent were the handling of the party’s finances and a change to the party’s constitution that was enabled by temporarily removing regional council heads from Kadima’s governing council.

Sixteen MKs came to a meeting of Kadima’s house committee on Thursday during which party spendings were discussed. The MKs demanded greater transparency and complained that the budget for 2009 had still not been passed in September.

“If she doesn’t start considering the others in the party and stop thinking Kadima can be a one-woman show, she is going to have a real problem,” a Kadima MK who supports Livni said Thursday night. [...]

You see while Livni is living it up, Kadima is in debt and facing serious budget concerns. Almost 40 million Shekels worth of it with little winning party results, and even weaker opposition to show for it. Here’s a sample of her latest opposition statements and they show Livni living in a sort of LaLaLand as her colleagues have protested..

“Israel’s leaders, the elected government, in my opinion, still hasn’t made a choice between two different outlooks. One, Jewish existence in every part of Israel, and two, the existence of a Jewish democratic state,” she said in a speech at an IDF pensioners’ event. [...]

“In our time, we built in Jerusalem and the settlement blocs, they never liked it, but it was never the core of the debate between Israel and the world,” continued the opposition leader. “That was because they believed us and understood that our way was not one of biding time and trying to survive. With these attempts to survive and please everyone, we won’t preserve Israel’s interests and what is important to us, and we won’t progress at all.”

Huh? What is Livni rambling about here? The reason this has become the ‘core of the debate’ is President Obama and his need to create an artificial crisis with Israel for his own political purposes.. Not too mention his slimy move to totally disregard American / Israeli agreements – Which provided Madame Livni with the ability to see expansion ‘in her time’, and which were negotiated by Ariel Sharon when she was pretty much a nobody.

Nor was there ever any EU, or American celebratory cheering going on for settlement issues either despite these agreements. As usual Livni seems to coast along in a form of dream state above it all. I guess she has already forgotten Condi Rice’s vehement statements & threats to herself & Olmert over Jerusalem construction last year. Convenient.  It’s all very slippery & slimy and it is a pattern for Livni. She boasts of clean hands & change, but the only thing she often changes are the facts and history – Usually to suit her megalomaniacle ‘me me me’ needs.

Country fairly united

Netanyahu has done a good job building strong consensus and boxing Livni out of any coherent position of opposition. Kadima is in trouble, so is Livni. It’s time to wake up from the reverie. Apparently many in Kadima feel the same. The Power of Me got Livni nowhere, how’s about she start looking out for the rest of us a bit? Maybe with some responsible, coherent opposition in the form of supporting the will of the People of Israel instead of courting celebrities like Madonna or Obama.

CrazyTown: Leveretts Make the Wrong Policy Calls.. Again.

The weirdly singular duo better known as Flynt Leverett and his wife Hillary Mann Leverett have co-authored another gem for the world to enjoy, and as per the norm the course of action they suggest and their reading of reality leaves one lacking.

A few weeks ago Flynt told everyone Ahmadinejad had legitimately won the Iranian election, and bonus.. Now more than ever this was the time to engage with Iran’s discredited leadership and make an offer! That’s a real doosie now huh? I can hear John Madden.. Boy, I sure made the wrong call on that one! I won’t start pounding out the links worth of credible criticism his little delusion garnered because frankly it isn’t necessary, the position is absurd.

I think I read this book..

Of course Flynt probably engaged in his civilized form of academic insanity for two reasons. One being he’s consistently wrong on the Middle East, and two because along with his similarly deluded co-authoring wife he’s the grand-daddy of the engagement policy with Iran, so like President Obama he is heavily invested in Iranian fantasy.

This whole concept was already pretty pie in the sky before, and everyone knew it from Hillary Clinton on down the list when Obama best exemplified it with his ‘I would meet with dictators without pre-conditions’ nonsense during the campaigns. His goal was squarely in line with the Leverett’s agenda for the Grand Bargain with radical Theocratic, Iran. Recent events have only confirmed what more realistic non-realists already knew, and made clowns of the whole lot of ‘em seemingly.

Incidentally, much of Obama’s harsh Israeli policy is mirrored in the Leverett’s own world view. The latest chef-d’oeuvre is on settlements & the peace process, a topic which Flynt despite his winning track record on being wrong, is still an expert in I gather.

Can we be more wrong? Of course we can.

Mann, who did some work stints at AIPAC in her past seems to take on the leading voice here in this weird creep me out symbiosis format they have going of shared authorship with one voice, she chastises Obama for not going even more strongly against Israel, declaring the need to call Israel’s settlements not just frozen, but illegal..

By shrinking from declaring Israeli settlement activity illegal, Obama has guaranteed that, in substance, his Middle East policy cannot depart significantly from that of George W. Bush. Obama’s insipidly favorable response to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s conditional “acceptance” of the two-state formula underscores an unfortunate continuity in America’s Middle East policy. In the end, Obama’s Middle East policy is rooted in his predecessor’s profoundly flawed 2003 road map for a two-state solution and the feckless process that Bush’s secretary of state, Condoleeza Rice launched at Annapolis in 2007. Worse, in contrast to other policy mistakes made early in his presidential tenure, Obama will be hard put to reverse the damage done by his lack of clarity and courage on the settlements issue by coming back at a later date and arguing that Israeli settlements in occupied territory are, in fact, illegal.

It’s hard to tell where she is coming from other than the fact that she clearly wants to smack Israel around a bit, the feeling after reading this trash is mutual. She discards the road map for peace agreed upon by the parties and the INTL community via the Quartet entirely, replacing it with a fantasy construct that if the USA should ‘make it so’ (declare Israel’s settlements illegal & somehow enforce this) that will magically lead to peace or something like that, from what I could decipher. It’s such wacky foreign policy I have a hard time absorbing because it isn’t reality based or logical. It’s all very Walt / Mearsheimer, I think they should get together and do a show – Maybe a Vegas act or something.

She also takes issue with the parallel nature of peace moves in the road map, effectively excusing the Palestinians of the need to halt terrorism & violence, or incitement as a requisite step to peace. In reality this is excusing them of the need to actually make peace as part of her proposed ‘peace process’. Someone needs to remind people that the concept which is flawed enough already is known as ‘land for peace’, not ‘land for padding the leftwing resume’ or ‘land for testing out insane theories at your allies expense’.

Of course it all makes more sense a few more paragraphs into this 3 page delusion festival, when she makes the case for simply imposing the peace on the parties, including imposing US determined terms for all the key final status issues which US longstanding policy advocates is to be negotiated between the parties themselves. It’s all ok though since one gathers the US no longer stands by US policy commitments in the age of Obama as evidenced in dealings with Israel over settlements.

Piling On..

Mann also rationalizes these delusions by stating that Ariel Sharon’s friendly tenure along with GW Bush did not result in anything advancing the cause of peace!? Instead it is better to slap Israel around I take it and put some hostility into the relationship by pressuring Israel to make concessions its electorate rejects. This is a delusion so deep one needs to depressurize one’s ears coming out of it. It illustrates nicely why ground breaking massive concessions like withdrawal from Gaza and razing our settlements bought us nothing from those hostile to Israel. Not even acknowledgment of our monstrous sacrifice and efforts for peace contrasted with the Palestinians total failure in every realm imaginable as a people.

Hard to reconcile her outlandish views. If not for the confidence Israel had in the American Israel relationship under those leaders we would never have entertained Gaza withdrawal. Without some serious confidence building by Obama in regards to the US administration (never mind the Palestinian Israel relationship) there is only going to be ever growing mass resistance to American policy & blatant interference in our country. Overall, Mann dishes out here foreign policy totally removed from reality, but in line with the J-Street ultra left wing view currently pervasive in Obama’s administration to which one assumes the duo are now even more left of (after serving under the Bush terms). The Leveretts have been consistently mistaken, their policy ideas discredited by events themselves and history, I don’t see much changing in light of their recent articles.

Our PM Netanyahu may say rosie words about the relationship because he’s our elected politician and that’s his job, but there can be little doubt that the hostility toward Israel has been felt by the public here and their willingness to make concessions or take risks for peace are diminished by Obama’s policies thus far, I can’t see how strangling Israel even further brings the prospect for peace closer.. Maybe she is trying to deflect the criticism of Obama as anti-Israel by cajoling for him to take an even more extreme harsh line but if anything, the delusions she puts forth and the extreme nature of these views hardly accomplishes that task. It only highlights how extreme you need to actually get in order to ‘outflank Obama on Obama policy’ these days..

Suivant.. Next!: US Administration Harps on Israel to Open Gaza

The Hits Just Keep on Coming!

Not satisfied with the massive concession by Israel’s elected government to accept a two state solution and a 95% halt to all settlements President Obama has more demands. Now despite the fact that humanitarian aid is constantly flowing the newest & latest pressure gambit is to open up Gaza’s crossings. Of course it is.. Never mind that the Hamas isolation policy is Quartet policy, American policy, Israeli policy. There’s a new sherif.. er weakling in town, President Obama.

With the EU now openly seeking to legitimize Hamas, former President Carter (Obama’s ideological mentor? or mental case? you decide.) holding back tears, what else is to be expected? Sec. Clinton didn’t waste time re-stating that Israel’s concessions on these matters were not sufficient..

Clinton reiterated that the U.S. viewed a total settlement freeze as “important and essential” step toward achieving peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

She said that special Mideast envoy George Mitchell would look at a “number of critical concerns” regarding settlements.

“There are a number of critical concerns, many of which overlap in their impact and significance, that will be explored in the coming weeks as Senator Mitchell engages more deeply into the specifics as to where the Israelis and the Palestinians are willing to go together.”

Clinton also said that Israeli leaders have in the past shifted their stance on the issue, and expected the current government to evolve in the same fashion.

The more concessions we give the worse it is going to get. FM Lieberman meanwhile who was meeting with Sec of State Clinton maintained what can now only be described after Netanyahu’s speech as clear Israeli policy. No expansion of settlements but growth inside our territory and existing community boundaries will continue. It doesn’t appear to be enough, now we need to concede a state, concede settlements, concede to the Hamas terrorists.. Soon it will be concede Jerusalem, concede to refugees. This will never end. For what!?

Clinton noted that previous Prime Ministers changed their views over the years, implying we should cave to the demands. Clearly the massive concession to accept a PA state by Netanyahu brought us nothing, but more demands.

Slippery Slope

It is time to stop worrying about what Obama thinks Or what Obama says, or what Obama does. His plan to squeeze us will proceed regardless of what we do irrespective of how much we comply. There has been total silence from Washington over the never ending statements of total rejection to his plans from the Arab world, on the total rejection for peace.. This is not about peace it is about caving to Arab demands – I’m not sure whether it is because Obama is an Arabist, or just a naive fool. But either way the strategy of clearly stating NO and demanding concessions from the other side seems to be working wonders for the Palestinians & Arabs. We should adopt it wholeheartedly.

Where are the Hamas concessions?

Has Hamas renounced violence, recognized the Jewish Israeli State? Met PA commitments? No, the PA itself, our peace partners have not even met these conditions.. Meanwhile Gilad Shalit is now 3 years in captivity with Hamas terrorists. It’s time to tell the President of the United States to go fly a kite. I don’t care any longer about over flights to Iran, or the dangling of possible future sanctions against Tehran, it’s all bull. We will be left hanging by this administration in the end. We will also be left hanging by our friends in the US Congress & Senate.

There is only one answer to all these demands from here on in. Sorry, but No. They are going to blame Israel in any case, better to be blamed and keep our concessions than to be blamed and haven given gifts that can never be reclaimed.

Netanyahu Speech: 2 States, for 2 Peoples – Limited Palestinian Autonomy (Links Update)

Netanyahu calls for 2 states

Will the Americans finally be satisfied? Netanyahu called for a 2 state solution for 2 peoples, the chief American demand of Israel – But stressed that critical limits must be placed on Palestinian autonomy, that it cannot be business as usual as with other states in the world. Limits to borders and security, demilitarized, etc. Stressing the need to recognize Israel as A Jewish state before progress can be made.

PM Netanyahu at the Begin Sadat Center of Peace

PM Netanyahu at the Begin Sadat Center at Bar Ilan

Netanyahu also stressed in the most applauded section of the speech that Israel, the land of Israel is our birthright & spent time laying out history in stark contrast to Obama’s speech in Cairo which was filled with whimsical poetry, but dangerously disregarded reality & history. He went directly at & challenged Obama’s message stressing the Holocaust as cause for the birth of Israel, stressing instead our longing and ties to the land for the length of Jewish history.


Regarding settlements, Bibi stressed that Israel will not expand borders of settlements or impinge on Palestinian lands but did not call for halts to construction within Israeli settlements. Our rights cannot be simply steamrolled thankfully, and initial statements from the right wing & settler movement have been somewhat supportive (keep in mind this is within a few minutes of the speech), there might be other voices and opinions raised shortly. Despite that, it was a solid speech.

Impressive, and moving - But will the Likud come on board, and will Obama & his very hostile administration to date ease off its harsh words

Impressive, and moving - But will the Likud come on board, and will Obama & his very hostile administration to date ease off its harsh words

Jersusalem, Refugees off the table

No negotiation of Israel’s unified capital, no refugees to return to Israel in the  pursuit of peace. He did call for the Arab world to join in the task of building peace, especially to build a joint economic foundation for peace. He similarly to other PMs (most famously Golda Meir) stated his willingness to travel to any Arab country, any Arab capital in the pursuit of peace and invited Arab leaders to Jerusalem for talks with Israel any time.

On the whole, he presented like Obama a vision for peace, but one which unlike the American vision takes into account Israel’s views & needs and not only the Arab demands. This was not a work plan, but a statement of Israeli principles. On the whole it was a good speech, I felt emotion when Netanyahu spoke of Israeli history & sacrifice and by the same token he stressed we are willing to make more sacrifices for peace, things that no other nation would do or expect for peace.. Such is the Jewish people’s desire to live in peace & security with the Arab world.

The Palestinians as normal, as usual for the last 60 years time & again (another detail not acknowledged by the Obama administration to date) have already rejected Netanyahu’s words & call for peace to move forward.. Stating we will have to wait 1000 years for peace negotiations if their demands are not met. Typical.

Initial Links & updates
PM lays out Israeli positions for Palestinian State
Haaretz: On Netanyahu, Palestinian rejection.

CNN: Israel PM calls for demilitarized Palestinian state
Fox News: Israel’s Netanyahu Calls for Creation Palestinian State for First Time

Great Humanist: Obama’s War Against Israeli Children (Updated)

King of public image should have some light shone on his ‘Great Humanism’

Why is Obama on a crusade against Israeli children? American media so busy lauding their ‘change-maker’ speak often of natural growth these days, and why not? The President has decreed from his thrown that he is going to ‘change the world’, and the means to changing this world apparently begin and end by needlessly pandering to dictatorships at the expense of our children here.

Mabat Channel 1 reports on the natrual growth crisis and its effect on Israeli children & families

Mabat Channel 1 reports on the natural growth crisis and its effect on Israeli children & families

Paying the price for an ignorant President’s policies




Growth from 350 children to 500, but there's no room..

Growth from 350 children to 500, but there's no room..

After witnessing 8 year long ribs of Mr. Bush and his intellect, maybe it is time to start looking more closely at Mr. Obama. His ideologies, sheltered academic background and 24 hour a day ‘professional handling’ have produced a surprisingly ignorant and removed from reality leader when it comes to America and her effects on the World. Isolated in his echo chamber of liberal thought & advice, one wonders if the President is aware of the fact that young children in the ‘settlements’ as he calls them, are packed into overflowing hallways and basements the last few months because there are no class rooms or any building going on. There’s no room for day care, kindergarten, schools, or learning because the President has seen fit to decree that life itself must be stopped to further his goals, forcing Israel into a vice to struggle to find solutions to the draconian measures with nary a ‘peace partner’ in sight.

Natural growth

Unauthorized classrooms being forced to clear out

Unauthorized classrooms being forced to clear out

That is the one thing we seemingly never see or hear reported by American media, the human cost of this President’s policies regarding Israel. To do so might tarnish his carefully crafted media image. Let us be clear, as Channel 1 Israel reported yesterday the so called settlements are in reality towns and cities, thriving communities with families, children and ongoing life. By decreeing no building in existing areas and threatening Israel at the same time, America is attempting to choke the life out of these communities. Daycares with 350 children already jammed, are now forced to deal with 500 children because of natural growth, but there are no permits to expand the schools or build classrooms.

Children are waiting on building permits, without them there will be no seats for them to learn this coming school year. Ministries involved are not issuing permissions because of the sensitive political pressures. Kids are literally being crammed into bomb shelters and storage areas at ‘school’ because there is no room and the classrooms are overflowing. They are being crammed into shanties in the stifling Israeli heat, denied opportunity to learn, grow & thrive by the President of the United States, the great ‘Humanist’ of our time.

Hope & Change - Thanks for caring President Obama

Hope & Change - Thanks for caring President Obama

The same can be said for clinics, health care and any number of other other supposed issues so ‘dear’ to the President’s heart. None of this land in these communities is Palestinian, these are Israeli towns that need services. Unfortunately, it is ever more clear thus far that this President’s heart bleeds primarily for our Arab brothers, but not so much for us it seems, or our children. It is easier to demonize us from the podium, so take a good look Mr. President at the fruits of your labor – Israeli children’s suffering, expected to wait indefinitely one muses for elusive peace and pay the price for American appeasement. This is change we can believe in I guess.. A stark contrast to the lavish private education President Obama has elected to provide his own daughters.

Link Update:
Sensing the weakness, Hamas head Mashal calls on Obama to ‘drop all preconditions’ of renouning violence or recognizing Israel, and proceed directly to Hamas / US talks. Obama did it for Iran & Syria, listed as state sponsors of terror by the USA and currently under sanctions, so why not according to the logic of Hamas add a few more terrorists to the list? Goes nicely with Erekat’s comments that the Palestinians for the 1st time have the ‘upper hand’ on Israel thanks to the President – SHOCKING.

Israel to reject all calls for natural growth freeze in speech to be presented Sunday by PM Netanyahu in response to Obama’s pandering and pressure tactics.