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Comedy Gold: Al Jazeera Reporter – “We’re Under Attack” by IDF (Video)

“It’s OK, It’s Not Fatal”

While ranting & raving and perhaps giving the most blatantly bias one sided version of long ongoing events I have ever seen on TV, this Al-Jazeera english reporter comes under what can only be described as a monstrous offensive push by the IDF. You can’t see the 25 tanks & dozens of helicopters circling for the kill but if you close your eyes & imagine real hard they are there!!!!

Loaded Weapon

Her report armed up with loaded words, ‘criminal’, ‘illegal’, ‘land seizures’ etc lauds the weekly and often violent Palestinian demonstrations at Bil’in as a  ‘resistance symbol’. The whole thing is rather pitiful.

These weekly demonstrations often resort to violence with rocks, molotov cocktails etc.. Not too mention Palestinians trying to and sometimes breaching the border illegally by attacking or storming the security fence. Which as one can see is far from very menacing overall, a stark contrast to the image normally portrayed in international media of hulking concrete walls & barriers..

In reality over 95% of the barrier as it is often called is fencing exactly like this, less than 5% is made of concrete walls. But why let reality or anything else get in the way of good propaganda (er..) I mean good TV. A number of IDF soldiers have been injured at the site previously by these sanguine and friendly Palestinians ‘freedom fighters’, this is also one of the spots where Boash the Skunk – Israel’s non lethal ‘dead animal excrement smelling’ spray is often deployed.

Too bad we couldn’t get that on camera this day. Then this would have really been a keeper! The whole thing wraps with a whine over the massive concession of halting new settlement construction by Israel which is apparently not good enough for our ‘peace partners’.. Who can go to hell as far as I’m concerned personally.