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Mad Socialists: Brit leader advocates US blowing Israeli planes out of the sky to defend Iran

Reminding me why I am a conservative..

David Owen, former foreign Secretary of Britain in the late 70′s and then leader of the socialist democrats in the UK goes full on Jimmy Carter in this absurd piece of opinion in order to buttress his frankly detached from reality views, maybe he is channeling Barack Obama? I hear that is popular these days.

Not only does he advocate near total surrender to Iran’s every whim, but in a cruel twist of Irony he is not opposed to force as most leftists usually are. He supports the use of force indeed, just not against Iran.. Instead he advocates the President of the United States announce publicly that the US will defend air corridors to Iran and engage militarily with its chief ally Israel! Yes, you read that correctly – Shoot down Israeli fighter jets on any mission to Iran.

[...] Bush’s legacy would be best served by taking dramatic diplomatic action to prevent a war with Iran. He should publicly warn Israel that the United States will use its air power to prevent it bombing Iran, while announcing that he is sending Rice to Tehran to start negotiating a grand bargain whereby all sanctions would be lifted if Iran forgoes the nuclear weapons option. [...]

Parallel Universe

I guess the left really does live in a mirror universe where up is down & black is white. In Owen’s world Iran & the US are the allies, and Israel is the pariah nation. America should not threaten force on Iran, but it is justified in doing so against its ally Israel. In Owen’s world Iran is eager to deal with everyone, its is the lack of leadership by President Bush which is preventing peace on earth & love toward all.

Thankfully Iran has announced its own pre-conditions to the USA before any negotiations can take place and they coincidentally fall right in line with Owen’s worldview. Iran is calling for the total withdrawal of all US military forces from the entire Middle East, and the end of US support for Israel as its pre-conditions..

Hmm, Owen you are a genius! Maybe on the way out of the Middle East in compliance with Iran’s demands for a ‘grand-bargain’, America could take it a step further and simply attack / destroy all of Israel while the Supercarriers are sailing by, thus filling the entire Iranian condition slate in one go. I’m sure the USS Reagan, the Nimitz, The USS H.W Bush, the Eisenhower, etc and all the great leaders these marvelous powerhouse ships are named after would highly approve..

Amazingly enough, I couldn’t find any ships named after another ‘great’ leader – Neville Chamberlain, I wonder why that is?