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Mockery: Egypt Rejects Obama’s Calls For Arab Confidence Building With Israel

Country at PEACE with Israel Will Not Even Support Arab Normalization!

Can the Obama administration look any more foolish?

That’s the question I am asking myself. The US-Israel alliance has been damaged badly for political purposes over an artificially created conflict involving natural growth, and for what? The Palestinians reject calls to live up their commitments, content to simply wait for Israel to be bashed by Obama. The Saudis reject even the slightest step of normalization & the Egyptians AT PEACE with Israel agree..

Obama thinks he’s going to change the world, so he’s bludgeoning us, pandering to Muslims left right & center, weakening American policy, going nowhere on Iranian nuclear threats, all the while not advancing even an inch on the Arab world side toward peace??

Arab / Palestinian Demands?

Even more classic, the quest for peace is actually REVERSING thanks to this incompetent amateur display of American leadership, examine this exchange between Mitchell and the Egyptian Foreign Minister..

Mitchell US Peace Envoy

“As President (Barack) Obama said here in Cairo just last week, the Arab states have an important role to play … We regard the Arab peace initiative as an important proposal that we are trying to integrate into our effort.

“Proposing the initiative was just the beginning. It brings with it responsibilities to join in taking meaningful steps and important actions that will help us move toward our objective.” [...]

The Egyptian FM’s response?

“Any Arab act must be matched by an act,” Aboul Gheit said in answer to a question on what exactly was meant by “meaningful Arab steps.”

There must be a substantial Israeli act which consists of a complete end to settlement activity and the withdrawal of the Israeli army from all (West Bank) towns and the end of the (Gaza) blockade.

“If we see serious and real Israeli steps we think that Arab parties will also be ready to return to the situation existing before 2000,” he said.

“If the peace process moves forward, Egypt will not be against Arab acts to encourage the Israeli side to advance still further on the path of peace.” [...]


  • In return for a full withdrawal opening Israel up to Terrorists
  • Legitimizing Hamas the Terrorist group & allowing them to freely build a terror state
  • Plus abusing our population through natural growth prohibition..

the Arabs are prepared to:

What a mockery. I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly feeling more confident already. Confident in the fact that the Obama Administration, led by Israel haters internally has screwed the pooch so badly with this inane idiotic strategy of putting all the onus on Israel when reality dictates the exact opposite - That his FP may never recover.

Welcome to the real World & the Middle East. I hope all the Liberals are right & this guy really is such a genius & quick learner because the Muslims just sent the Professor back to school a mere week after he prostrated America on global television for all the world to see.

Let me guess the White House response.. ‘Diplomacy takes time’.
Indeed. Being played for a fool however, that happens rather quickly it seems.