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Gird Your Loins Israel: Obama Think Tank CNAS Proposing Palestine Protection Force (Video)

Special Relationship.

Take cover fellow Zionists. CNAS (the Center for a New American Security) is perhaps one of the most influential American Think Tanks these days, it is associated directly with the Obama administration as a core policy former. High profile administration members were plucked directly from CNAS for Obama’s administration. Oh Joy.

CNAS are the good people who brought us:
Game Changing Diplomacy

Otherwise known as shelving the military option and engaging like eunuchs with Iran. In fact the entire fruitless 15 months of disastrous American policy in regards to Iran that we have all suffered from, came directly from CNAS. That’s the same fruitless failed policy Sec. Def. Gates recently warned basically amounts to no policy at all!

But Don’t You Worry.. Now they have another whopper on deck for us.

CNAS: Setting the Conditions For A Palestinian State

RED ALERT: CNAS presents Setting the Conditions For A Palestinian State & the Palestine Protection Force.

For the past year since Obama took office, CNAS has been working on a special project. A detailed plan & study for:

Implementing an International Protection Force in Palestine!!

I wonder who commissioned that one huh?
Exactly the type of protection force you might need if;

  • You were to say try & impose a peace deal on the parties.
  • Strip Israeli sovereignty and its rights of self defense.

Woohoo! How do you like them apples!? But you don’t need me to explain this, Samantha Power – One of the top tier national security advisers for President Obama already explained how such a force could protect Palestinians from Israeli Genocide previously in this classic, where she outlines the need for a Palestine Protection Force..

Holy Triple Schizer Batman!

Thankfully Rahm Emanuel, the court’s super jew has declared that now is not the time to impose a peace plan, only maybe a bit later on. So this is just a plan, kinda like Game Changing Diplomacy was also ‘just a plan’..

Let’s say it all together now.. Oy Vey.
It’s a 108 pages long, I’ll get back to you once I read it all so you won’t have to..

Obama now pledging that Peace cannot be imposed from outside in a letter to his prime backer Alan Solow. This whole imposition plan has really riled up the feathers on both continents it seems, hardly surprising seeing as the notion breaks every pledge to Israel America has ever made. I hope this Obama pledge is of the iron clad variety, unlike US pledges to Ariel Sharon regarding Jerusalem as well as major settlement blocks, all of which conveniently evaporated when Obama took office..

The Realist Fantasy: Brzezinski Blowing the Israelis out of the Sky! (Video)


Overall, it has been hard to define any underlying strategy to Obama’s wild & unconventional foreign policy reactions. Clearly Realpolitik is in effect, as there’s little discernable moral high ground or sweeping American exceptionalism to be found in these weird machinations and appeasement efforts spanning the globe from Jerusalem to Honduras, or from Tehran to Venezuela or Poland.

What we have seen are enormous doses of moral & cultural relativism washed down by chunks of appeasement to unsavory nations & characters, all usually at the expense of America and allies.

Video: Remember when?

Obama’s top National Security Adviser Samantha Power of Realist & Harvard fame - Hey, let’s send American troops to Israel in order to protect Hamas & the Palestinians from Israeli Genocide!

The realists are on the rampage in Washington it seems.. Buoyed by a President well known during the campaign as a foreign policy Mr clueless (one infused with radically left liberal influences for good measure), a President himself now being being described as weak & timid. 

Nothing Pleases Realists More than a Good Israel Bashing!

Israel is the Realist obsession.

Carter, Brzezinski, Baker all of ‘em realist heavyweights are well known ‘Israel Lovers’. Chas Freeman, of the House of Saud is another big Israel proponent.. and of course who can forget the realist philosopher king and co-author of the Israel Lobby smear, Harvard’s very own Professor Walt?

You can’t forget them because they are always there, either tapping or at times loudly banging the squeeze Israel to oblivion drum.. it’s a central tenet of realist policy it seems.

Here’s Walt admonishing Obama for not schooling the naughty Israel child even harder this weekend.

It’s a robust fantasy piece where he asks such burning questions as:

  • “Why is Netanyahu defying Obama so openly?”
  • followed by the riveting “Why is Obama letting Netanyahu thwart his efforts?”

The real question we should be asking is why are Walt & his realist pals all so eager to destroy the American Israel alliance? Or perhaps, why are so many of Washington’s prominent realists all seemingly Israel haters? Maybe we could all debate how it is when the nonsense they are peddling fails strategy wise, those who call for the sacrificing of allies like Israel proceed to then blame (again..) Israel? Convenient.

Why not just blow the Israelis right out of the sky?

You know, take the gloves off and shoot directly at America’s allies in order to appease a Nuclear Iran! Crazy old man talk? Not for a realist Israel hater. For such an individual the notion of American air force pilots engaging with and firing at Israelis is a dark and deep fantasy that seems so normal it can just be expressed out loud, casually in the cause of Realpolitik as Brzezinski advocates this weekend:

“We are not exactly impotent little babies,” Brzezinski told The Daily Beast in an interview published Sunday.

“They have to fly over our airspace in Iraq. Are we just going to sit there and watch? … We have to be serious about denying them that right. That means a denial where you aren’t just saying it. If they fly over, you go up and confront them. They have the choice of turning back or not. No one wishes for this but it could be a ‘Liberty’ in reverse.”

The USS Liberty was a US Navy technical research ship accidentally struck by the OAF on the fourth day of the Six Day War, after being misidentified as an Egyptian warship. [...]

Yeah! All of it goes nicely with the latest Ahmadinejad genocidal speeches, or Carter himself calling everyone racists for not worshipping ‘Mr. my policies are craptacular in chief’ like he does. In the end, we need to get tougher with those damn Jooz, they are walking all over us & our Arab benefactors.. er I mean President Obama. We aren’t ninnies or fairies, we’re Jooo haters dammit and we need to start acting like it! No one ‘wishes for it’ per say, we just fantasize about it.

Nothing to see here, move along.

This is like Kennedy, who didn’t kill that poor young woman.. He just drove her into the lake and left her there to drown / die. There’s a big difference on the left, you have to look at the Realpolitik! Incidentally, Brzezinski is no pioneer. Plenty others on the left long ago joined the Israel Derangement Syndrome crowd. This UK Socialist leader was calling on America to attack Israel in defense of Iran moons ago. He must also be a hate.. uh, Realist.

Reminds me also of Mr. Garlasco of HRW, who doesn’t advocate for Germany in WWII per say, he just fantasizes about it & collects Nazi medals.. Or Pat Buchanan who’s not a Nazi apologist, but rather a ‘historian of Hitler’ – Pat just ‘fantasizes’ about all kinds of alternate WWII scenarios you know, for historical purposes.

Meanwhile, Israel’s deputy FM Danny Ayalon puts all the fantasies squarely away, and states Israel’s military option is on the table. Someome better notify Carter, uh I mean Obama.. and scramble those US fighter jets out of Baghdad for the interception..

Stalwart Allies: Obama Admin Threatens to Drop Israel’s Support in UN (Updated)

Samantha Power & Susan Rice are Having a Field Day!!

My comment on the new obstacle course Israel is forced to navigate to get some allied weapon support from the US made the rounds this weekend. The chill in US relations is definitely on. Some focus on five or six Apaches and dismiss it as routine government business, perhaps because it doesn’t make CNN, but that misses the whole point. The point is that pressure is being brought to bear on Israel using every tool in the arsenal and this is the change many expected from Obama and many sought to bury their heads over (here’s looking at you, you gorgeous American Jew you..).

Clearly, whether choppers end up delivered or not or sit in review process, offensive weapons sales are being leveraged as part of the pressure tactic for topics like Iran & the Palestinians where American policies have undergone sea change. The F-35 seems farther & farther away, the F-22 instead of going to export and having its assembly lines toil on is scrapped, the F-15SE has export ‘license issues’, our procurement efforts are meeting growing resistance.

At the same time, previous commitments involving billions of dollars of US military sales to the Arab world are moving forward. Egypt is getting attack helicopters, the Saudis & Gulf States are buying up everything they can, even Lebanon despite an imminent possible takeover by Hezbollah is getting attack choppers, dozens of aircraft, tanks and significant US upgrades, including a recent visit by VP Biden.

‘Multilateral Engagement’

In the public relations arena Obama is also clearly leaning the Arabs way, his glowing support of Abbas at the White House in light of Abbas’s own words are certainly show stopping. We are mere days away from yet another Muslim apology speech this time not in Turkey, but Cairo. This week his entire administration’s joint crusade against natural growth in Israeli settlements (despite agreements & assurances given by the United States of America previously) has now gone into diplomatic overdrive..

WASHINGTON – As President Obama prepares to head to the Middle East this week, administration officials are debating how to toughen their stance against any expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

The measures under discussion – all largely symbolic – include stepping back from America’s near-uniform support for Israel in the United Nations if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel does not agree to a settlement freeze, administration officials said.  Other measures include refraining from the instant Security Council veto of United Nations resolutions that Israel opposes and making use of Mr. Obama’s bully pulpit to criticize the settlements, officials said. [...]

This is a Witch Hunt

Already as predicted many on the left and in the media are salivating over the possibility Obama intends to topple the Netanyahu government with pressure. This natural growth issue has been Israeli policy under every administration, including Olmert’s where it continued as normal. What is manifesting here is the candidate we all saw during the race, the one with allegiances that were fairly clear. What is manifesting here are left wing sympathizers with open disdain for Israel like Samantha Power & Susan Rice, gleefully finally able to stick some needles into that famous ‘sh*tty little country’, the one that causes them endless frustration.

Power may not be getting her infamous ‘US Gazan Defense Forces’ just yet so she will settle for the next best thing apparently and squeeze us from her chair on the NSC, while Rice slaps us around in the UN a bit and Hillary gets her ‘Suha’ on..

We also need to start debating

Let’s begin debating how much lead time we will give America before we theoretically strike, as a result of this feckless President’s ‘hope & changey’ policies, naive worldview, and poisoned advisors. One thing is clear, if we lose American support in the UN over an artificially created crises involving a non event and 4o year long natural settlement growth, in matters of even greater importance we will surely be on our own, so let’s start planning for it from now.

Link Update:
Ed is wondering if this is ‘time well spent?’, perhaps some pushback in a good post. I’d say this issue was chosen by the Obama team as an appeasement gesture from before the two leaders met sadly, and is just one of the clubs being used to clobber home the ‘tough love fetish’ in the administration.

Daled Amos looks directly at the ‘letters from Bush’ issue head on, how much does Bush’s commitment to Israel’s settlements count for now? The question was taken, we seem to be hearing the answer albeit outside the briefing room.

Soccer Dad is wary of left wing media inflating the disagreements because they dislike Bibi so. True, but let’s always please keep in mind that before the media was harping on the Likud & Bibi in these matters, Obama / Biden were first on the ticket to disparage the Likud ‘way of thinking’.