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Hope & ShortChange: Obama’s Entire Foreign Policy Reset Fails to Boot (Video)

American Policy Still ‘Stuck On Stupid’

In Lebanon Hezbollah is set to return to full status-quo, and will soon be given control of at least 1/3rd of Lebanon’s government. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the US Administration to tout the glories of Obama’s Cairo speech in achieving this ‘amazing’ result however, as it is too early to celebrate because Hezbollah figures it can get even MORE!

In Syria, a flurry of diplomatic American concessions have resulted in no hope and even less change. In Israel massive pressure has failed to move the Israeli government or public toward Obama’s initiatives, if anything relations have soured. Upcoming settlement deals leave out Jerusalem entirely and look very similar from what we can see so far.. to the deal negotiated with Former President Bush, the one that Clinton & Obama claimed never existed.

There’s some success here somewhere, we just have to dig & find it

On the Palestinian side, positions thanks to Obama have hardened. The Palestinians have delusionally decided to wait for the US President to deliver Israel to them.. Good luck with that. In latin America the US has thrown a former small ally Honduras to the curb, while propping up the commie strongman Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. In Asia the North Koreans have tested a nuclear weapon, missiles, and have only just begun to test the new American president himself.

In Europe, there has been no additional support for the Afghan mission whatsoever. The Czechs & Polish are feeling slighted over Obama’s appeasement of Russia in relation to missile defense, and in return for the American appeasement the Russians have delivered zilch. Despite the bow seen round the world, the Saudis sent Mr. Obama packing and rejected Obama’s peace process reset out of hand. They followed that up by doing so on TV for all to see, at the White House yet!

The War on Terror has been erased from the American lexicon. It is now known as “overseas contingency operations”, lest someone who is Muslim be offended by the fact that 99.95% of all terrorism is carried out by.. fellow Muslims.

As for Iran? They have pulled their nuclear program off the table of any negotiation past present or future. Instead they have offered to have televised debates between President Obama & Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, one imagines in order to milk America for even more legitimacy than Obama has already bestowed on the rogue regime. Woohoo!

President or Avon Lady?

When one considers all this foreign policy success, the words train wreck come to mind. It may be time to Reset the Reset, as Obama’s operating system is now failing to boot completely. Jackson Diehl writes in the WP..

[...] In fact, one of the emerging lessons of the Obama administration’s foreign policy might be summed up as follows: The idea that presidential “direct diplomacy” with actors such as Chávez, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong Il or Fidel Castro is feasible or likely to produce results is, well, naive.

It’s not that Obama hasn’t tried. According to reports in the Iranian media he has dispatched two letters to Iran’s supreme cleric, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. He has sent multiple high-level envoys to meet Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus. Shortly after the administration took office, a new special representative for North Korea publicly offered bilateral negotiations to Pyongyang; former president Bill Clinton later met dictator Kim with the administration’s sanction. Obama graciously accepted Chávez’s gift of a stridently anti-American book and later dispatched a new ambassador to Caracas. He lifted some sanctions on Cuba. The problem is that none of this has brought any results.

Remember When? Obama’s foreign policy in a nutshell (Video)

Back in reality, Ralph Peters writes in the NY Post: Bam Vs Democracy

[...] if Obama thinks that handing over a “little” country he couldn’t find on a map is going to win him enduring applause and cooperative friends in Latin America, he’s crazy. What he’s actually doing is frightening our friends. If democratic governments south of the border can’t rely on US support, to whom can they turn?

The increasingly left-wing tone from the White House may be satisfying to ideological activists, but it’s doing tremendous damage to the cause of freedom in our hemisphere.

Not to worry though because the cheerleaders are still out in force despite the fact the home team is getting shellacked. The NY Times, the LA Times, the major networks, most of cable news – American media is still touting the great One! You rarely hear anything about these massive failures. Domestically these media outlets are too busy providing cover for the disastrous health-care, stimulus, and soaring deficits Obama has racked up.

American policy may be stuck on stupid, but not the American people. Obama’s polling has taken a leap off the side of Mt Rushmore. He’s falling faster in polling than any US President in history. How many more times will he be able to hit the reset button on the way down before the big splat is the big question now?

Update: I fixed the H in Jackson Diehl’s name, I keep putting it in the wrong place. This is at least the 4th time I’ve had to fix the guy’s name here in posts the last few months. Credit to him for writing good stuff worth linking. Sorry Jackson, I’d say it won’t happen again but heck it’s habit already ; )

Nuclear Showdown: Is anyone besides Iran going to show up to the O.K. Corral?

Ronen Bergman a local terrorism expert and author in Israel has a brief interview translated over at YNET. In typical gruff Sabra style he lays out some of his opinions on the Iranian nuclear issue, though none of it is groundbreaking stuff. Some of the key points of his opinion include;

  • Israel has the means to hit Iran’s programs
  • Israel would seek to delay those programs not destroy them utterly
  • Israel  believes that S300 Russian anti aircraft missile systems are already in Iran
  • Israel would benefit greatly from some American assistance in striking these programs

On the issue of the S300, Jpost is also carrying a report that the willy Croats have already themselves sold off their now no longer in use S300 systems to the Iranians. What is interesting about the S300 issue is that Israeli intel has quietly hinted this is indeed the case and that the missiles are already probably deployed, what makes this issue interesting is the divergence between this opinion and that of the USA.

Sec Def Gates himself adamantly opposed to striking Iran, has issued statements to the effect that no S300 systems have been sold / delivered to Iran. When Israel raised eyebrows about such definitive statements the Pentagon became slightly more mild on the topic, to the effect that the s300 issue was being ‘monitored’ by the US in an ongoing manner, and they have again reaffirmed on the issue. Frankly, US intelligence has been lacking – unaware of the Syrian nuclear program and a great many other developments and things going on around the world.

I’d say they are unaware because they have chosen to be, in order to avoid the inconvenience of coping with realities in direct contravention to long standing US national security policy. Worse, any Russian assurances given previously regarding issues like the S300 or nuclear fuel and assistance to Iran are now moot in light of the Georgian rift and new cold war developing between Russia & the USA. The Americans under Secretary Rice & Sec. Def. Gates have been outplayed on every single front across the Middle East, Asia and now Europe in a most embarrassing way. Aside from General Petraeus’ serious heroics rallying US strategy and forces in Iraq, American policy everywhere else has pretty much collapsed.

Endless stalling, dithering

The unstable political climate in both the US & Israel due to elections and government changeovers has not helped. One gets the feeling everyone is waiting around for someone else to deal with these matters, in Israel but most especially in the US despite the fact there is no one else. The only people not waiting around are the Iranians. Aided by the Russians they are spinning centrifuges for Uranium enrichment, and now are preparing to send the Bushehr Plutonium reactor online. That is a full dual track, two full nuclear programs Uranium & Plutonium based that are speeding ahead with no one in sight to stop them. The IAEA, who’s task it is to ensure the multilateral negotiation based efforts and monitoring systems to prevent strikes, as well as theoretically prevent Iranian weaponization has fallen nearly totally silent.

The Sanctions efforts for the diplomacy push also appear to be quite ineffective. It’s quite a mess, the kind of mess you make when leaders stop leading. Olmert & Bush are both fairly guilty in this regard, both of them stopped leading a long time ago and it has nothing to do with upcoming elections in either country. The notion that lightweights like Barack Obama or Tzipi Livni can roll back these realities with their good looks and comforting words is comical. One hopes that the IAF and the US Navy / Air Force have been somewhat more responsible in these matters until now in preparation, as the Iranians have been preparing, running military  exercises and speeding their missile programs ahead at breakneck pace.