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American Power: US ‘Appeaser in Chief’ Warns Israel Not to Strike Iran

President Obama doesn’t like ‘surprises’..

(Haaretz) U.S. President Barack Obama has sent a message to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demanding that Israel not surprise the U.S. with an Israeli military operation against Iran. The message was conveyed by a senior American official who met in Israel with Netanyahu, ministers and other senior officials. [...]

The message from the American envoy to the prime minister reveals U.S. concern that Israel could lose patience and act against Iran. It is important to the Americans that they not be caught off guard and find themselves facing facts on the ground at the last minute. [...]

Obama, the New Abraham of our age!

So this is effectively the 1st message Obama has chosen to deliver to Israel thus far. Further, by sending it along with a lone senior American official like the lone ranger mere days ahead of Netanyahu traveling to meet the US President, Obama  effectively conveys a policy message as well – Don’t expect any coordination or backup from America.

If the opposite were the case, Admiral Mullen, Secretary Gates, senior American commanders, or senior US intelligence officers would be the ones conveying these messages. That omission of senior security officials & talks sends a clear message that coordination is not ongoing, nor is it welcome.  To date they have refused to meet with Israel’s new government, The IDF Chief of Staff was denied meetings on his most recent trip in late March.. He cut his trip short & came home early.

Quid Pro Quo..

The American President has made  a large request, his cold warning is a catch-22. No surprises, and no coordination to avert one, in effect he has tried to tie Israel’s hands from defending itself should that need arise, the new Abraham prepares Isaac up for sacrifice to the ‘Grand Bargain’ Gods.

This is what the President’s new advisers must mean by ‘smart power’ – Warning the need to be intimately involved while simultaneously bolting closed the door marked ‘involve me’, more like smart-ass power really. Those seeking the types of pressures Obama might choose to employ against us as penalty for not playing along with Palestinian concession Quid Pro Quo? - Here they are, delivered by lackey yet! As befitting the royal house of Obama, which one gathers only bows to Arabian Kings.

Israel has already made clear it intends to give President Obama some time, 3 to 4 months in order to test his ‘smart power’ appeasement strategies. But, there are warnings of our own. The ‘smart appeasement’ window isn’t open ended, time is now more precious. Maybe Obama should stop warning & start preparing, as Israel evidently is..

IAF practicing MIG-29 / F-16 dogfights

(JPOST) Israel Air Force test pilots are flying MIG 29 jets and conducting dogfights against the IAF’s F-16 fighters, Channel 2 revealed Wednesday evening.

The MIG 29, developed by the soviets in the 1970s, is one of the best fighter jets used by eastern and Arab countries, as well as by Syria and Iran. It was developed to counter American-made jets such the F-16 or F/A-18.

The jets were loaned to Israel by an unnamed foreign country. The experiment is meant to prepare IAF pilots for missions where they might have to fight a foreign air-force. “We tested them – we trained the IAF pilots against them,” an unnamed IAF official said. [...]

The IAF has according to the report also been testing the mechanics & aerodynamics of maxed up fully loaded F-16s, training & testing their performance loaded for bear with full strike packages.
(Photos from Israel Channel 2 )

Israeli Flown MIG 29 Takes Off from Southern Airbase

Israeli Flown MIG 29 Takes Off from Southern Airbase


On loan Israeli Mig-29 headed off for 'Mock Dogfights' vs IAF Fighters - Heh.

On loan Israeli Mig-29 headed off for 'Mock Dogfights' vs IAF Fighters - Heh.


Two IAF Mig29s with an IAF F-16 SUFA in the lead

Two IAF Mig29s with an IAF F-16 SUFA in the lead

3..2..1.. Surprise!

David vs Goliath: The Hashmonean on BlogTalkRadio talking Bibi vs Obama (Audio)

Crossing Audio oceans Live from Tel Aviv

Kit Lange graciously invited me back to her show ‘The Front Line‘ to talk serious turkey regarding the new administrations in Washington & Jerusalem, and the much discussed ‘Clash of the Titans’ possibly developing between two key allies, the US & Israel under Obama / Netanyahu.

This was an awesome show (per the usual fare for Kit) and we hit on all the lightning rod topics: Iran, military confrontations, the Obama Quid Pro Quo regarding the Palestinians, the Peace Process, and more..

Be sure to tune into the archive from last week at the Front Line and get the audio skinny!

Already just yesterday, topics discussed have borne fruit and are being reported in the news (JPOST) involving IAF Arrow 2 Anti-Ballistic Missile batteries and reports on Juniper Cobra, joint US / IDF exercises Kit & I discussed on her show.. See what you might have missed, and catch Kit weekly on blogtalkradio!