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Fresh Allies: New Tea Party Caucus Takes Strong Pro-Israel Policy Stand

Line in the Foreign Policy sand.

Welcome SymbolismThere have been concerns raised in Israel by left wing pot stirrers to cast the Tea Party as policy isolationists in the Ron Paul mold. It’s a tactic picked up from liberals in the US aligned with the progressive movement, people who naturally fear the Tea Party which poses a significant political threat.

While limited government, fiscal responsibility and accountability have been mainstays of Tea Party domestic politics, the foreign policy side has been more muddled and less cohesive. Alternating between a smaller isolationist fringe and a more traditional GOP idealistic view of America’s role on the world stage.

Palin Vs Paul

Sarah Palin is unabashedly pro-Israel. Ron Paul considered a hostile entity here, is most certainly not. As such, the wing that best defines the Tea Party on foreign policy is of direct interest to Israelis, we rely on our American brethren for support which is crucial to the State of Israel. The Tea Party is a bold new force in American politics, the uncertainty has kept Israelis guessing.

The brand new Tea Party caucus in Washington however, has quickly moved to draw a line in the sand delineating where large portions of the Tea Party stands on critical foreign policy issues. One of their 1st resolutions has half the caucus sending a message loud and clear..

H. RES. 1553 submitted to the House.

Expressing support for the State of Israel’s right to defend Israeli sovereignty, to protect the lives and safety of the Israeli people, and to use all means necessary to confront and eliminate nuclear threats posed by the Islamic Republic of Iran, including the use of military force if no other peaceful solution can be found within reasonable time to protect against such an immediate and existential threat to the State of Israel. [...]

It’s a signal that the Tea Party may not only choose to be more bold than the GOP on domestic issues, but may show similar rousing boldness and passion in the foreign policy realm as well.

The Resolution is largely symbolic. None of that symbolism will be lost here in the State of Israel. 

Reality Check: It is not Palin BUT Obama who has a Jewish problem

Ben Smith at the politico tries to desperately get the Democrat house in order by pilling on..

Jewish voters may be wary of Palin

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Barack Obama has struggled for 18 months to lock down the support of a traditionally Democratic group, Jewish voters. In the past week, John McCain may have helped Obama with his Jewish problem by choosing Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate.

McCain and Obama are battling over a portion of the Jewish community: older, conservative Democrats, largely in South Florida, some of whom backed Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary. McCain’s secular, hawkish credentials appeal to many in that group, who are skeptical of Obama’s relatively short record and have been deluged with rumors about his pro-Palestinian leanings.

But Democrats hope Palin’s social conservatism, her paper-thin record on Israel, and – perhaps most importantly – her cultural roots in evangelical Christianity may be a major turnoff to Jewish voters, just as Republicans have tried to reach women disappointed that Obama didn’t choose Hillary Clinton,

Democrats have already begun to to capitalize on the choice of Palin – over Jewish Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman – in South Florida and elsewhere. A prominent Obama backer, Florida Rep. Robert Wexler, has attacked Palin for appearing at a 1999 event with Pat Buchanan – who has attacked the influence of the Israeli lobby in America. And the same factors that are rallying the evangelical base to Palin may push away the Jews.

What is astounding is that the Democrats think they have a winning issue here. One would have to be a moron to overlook the fact that Obama blows with whichever direction the wind is in, any statement he makes or has made on Israel, the Middle East, The Arab World, Iran is likely to change depending on the mood around him, he’s fickle and he’s weak. His advisers want to dramatically engage in the Palestinian process according to his chief foreign affairs surrogate Susan Rice, that can only mean one thing: Massive pressure for unwarranted concessions and an American FORCED fake peace that will bring all new heights of violence, and result in the slaughter of untold innocent Israelis to terrorists.

Obama & Biden are both weak on Iran, weak on Islamic Fundamentalism, Biden himself still holds to the concept that Shia & Sunni rivalries trump Israeli and Jewish hatreds in the Muslim Arab world, a uniquely unqualified view which in effect despite his so called experience is in direct contradiction to fact regarding Hezbollah, Hamas, Syrian & Iranian ties all around Israel and now Iraq as well. These two politicians prefer to appease Iran..

The Preacher in the Attic

Obama and his family spent the last 20 years in a Church with a rabble rousing Palestinian loving anti-semite as its lead preacher. A man who’s hatreds are not limited to Israel, but include America and White People with Jews elevated to a very secial platform of hate. Black Power as it is often called invariably involves scapegoating American Jews, I find it hard to believe that this kind of record enamors American Jews more than a hard working Governor mother from Alaska?

If this is the only issue for these voters, and it surely is not. Given the choice between Evangelical Church goers who are traditionally the strongest group for advocacy on Israel in America, versus a black nationalist anti-semitic preacher with a 20 year record of Jew hatred, the only person with a problem is Mr. Obama. Ben Smith can bandy the talking points about all he likes, it won’t change the facts.

Comedy Central

As for capitalizing on the choice of Palin over Lieberman, who quested to dump Lieberman the Orthodox Jew from his seat, who threw Lieberman out of the party and laced his previous campaign with anti-jewish hatreds? Why that was the Democrats. Who has stated for months that on Jewish issues concerning Israel the choice is clearly McCain over Obama, why that was Lieberman himself.. Who spoke last night at the GOP convention, it was not a Jews for Jesus preacher, it was not the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, it was not even the until now never heard of Rep. from Florida Mr. Wexler.. But Joe Lieberman.

If this is a battle of character, a battle for Jewish voters, those Democrats and their tuchus licking press sure have a funny view of capitalizing because their candidate is pulling the lowest amount of those voters in recent history, I wonder why that is?


LINK UPDATE: Gateway Pundit / Founding Bloggers destroy the question entirely with a list of painful highlights for the Obama camp, along with some good advice.. Don’t go there.

Joe Knows Israel: Lieberman joins Palin for AIPAC Thumbs Up

NBC’s First Read has the story (hatip hotair)

From NBC/NJ’s Matthew E. Berger
MINNEAPOLIS — Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin today met with the board of directors of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, NBC/NJ has confirmed.

The meeting took place inside Palin’s hotel, sources said. A campaign official would not say who asked for the meeting, but said it was geared towards putting the American Jewish community at ease over her understanding of US-Middle East relations.

“That’s obviously going to be an issue,” the aide said. “It’s not like being the senator from New York, obviously. But these aren’t issues that are off her radar.” Palin, joined by Sen. Joe Lieberman, expressed her “heartfelt support for Israel” and spoke of the threats it faces from Iran and others, the campaign official said.

We had a good productive discussion on the importance of the U.S.-Israel relationship, and we were pleased that Gov. Palin expressed her deep, personal, and lifelong commitment to the safety and well-being of Israel,” AIPAC spokesman Josh Block said. “Like Sen. McCain, the vice presidential nominee understands and believes in the special friendship between the two democracies and would work to expand and deepen the strategic partnership in a McCain/Palin Administration.”

If Joe’s ok with it, I’m, ok with it.. But seriously (actually that’s true), it looks like glowing words from all parties and that’s a hearty thumbs up from our American friends at AIPAC, good news as now both campaigns are committed to maintaining a strong relationship.

Biden was out in Florida stumping to Jewish voters today shoring up Obama support in the swing vote.  As an Israeli these two have a long way to go to convince me they’d be a better fit with Israel overall in the US foreign policy department. Things like cuts to US Missile Defense (I live in a missile war zone, so I know how tasty missile defense is) and Iran leave something to be desired in the Democratic ticket. Joe Lieberman will be appearing tonight at the GOP convention to make a bi-partisan case for John McCain’s Presidency, no wonder Biden was in Florida today.. Fox says Joe may be a favorite for a McCain cabinet position, unlikely in an Obama administration I’d say.. Another glowing endorsement of Obama on foreign policy, Israel, and Bi-Partisanship.

Update: Obama took the day off today according to FNC, to receive his 1st comprehensive intelligence briefing from FBI headquarters, a special privilege for both nominees vaulting their security class up and getting them up to speed if needed.

MoveOn Invades: Israeli Leftists Cannot Even Corral the Left?

Big Push: In the last three weeks Israel’s left has tried and seemingly failed to move two issues of public opinion; US Elections & Iran

Followers of the radically progressive American MoveOn.org movement have been very active of late, albeit with little success. In the last few weeks they have tried to move two mountains of public opinion here in Israel, resulting in what appears to be a massive hernia.


A few weeks ago various intellectuals and groups which invariably means leftist academics and media elites seized on the notion that public, government, and military opinion in Israel was nearly unanimously in support of the ‘whatever it takes’ concept regarding stopping Iran and this of course alarmed them. They prefer the pacifist approach even if it means failure, as evidenced by the nearly 20 year long peace process of pain.

As a result they vowed to organize, and various opinion articles starting appearing for the 1st time with common themes in Israeli press, Iran is too far, strikes will fail, the program is too big, the meme was always the same - Discredit any option save for capitulation. So far the results are lackluster for them to say the least, they are getting the ink all right but going nowhere fast.

Messianic Complex: Palin targeted in US Elections

Now news of a second push, via the ever lovable Sever Plocker, who’s mix of Zionist ideals and modern economic savvy usually make for a great lefty mix and read over at YNET. Sever is after all a great gage of the left, in his latest article he exhibits some of the reasoning for the left’s total collapse in Israel of late. There’s simply not enough meat on the left’s ‘issue bones’ to feed anyone but a vegan..

Plocker at YNET
A distinguished group of Israeli lecturers and their colleagues at US universities sent me an email against “McCain’s dangerous choice.” They were referring to Sarah Palin, Alaska’s governor, who McCain chose as his running mate. The email is being distributed online by followers of the MoveOn movement, a leftist American intellectual organization whose attitude to Israel is rather hostile.

Palin’s candidacy has irritated many among the American leftist camp, and they have been responding like a child who has seen an expensive toy being taken away from him (the toy in question being “change.”) Yet the response is understandable. By choosing Palin, McCain exposed the deep fundamental problems associated with Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama. [...]

Plocker goes on to detail the now somewhat familiar line of response in the US from the center & right, highlighting Palin’s shortcomings only serves to exacerbate the American Messiah’s own thin resume.

[...] I advise those who sent me the email against McCain’s choice for vice president to read Obama’s latest speech at the stadium. Isn’t it ridiculous? Isn’t it embarrassing? No media outlet in Israel would agree to publish it. [...]

heh! That sums it up nicely, there’s a distinct quality seemingly lacking here in Israel compared to the Americans these days and it is thwarting the left in a big way, patience. After decades now of our own form of  ‘just words’ and the left’s failure to deliver here, the tolerance on the old BS meter is rather low it seems. Plocker a well known and respected member of the left in Israel who himself would ‘never vote conservative’ if afforded the opportunity, is no longer prepared to tow the line. We see this also in the seeming electoral collapse of Labor & the Meretz parties in Israel, they are not looking good.

Despite the peace in our time meme and even the arrival of a new false Messiah, here in Israel the left and the MoveOns of this world cannot corral the troops. I feel for them and there is only one thing to do according to Sun Tzu, crush them totally. 1st hopefully in the upcoming US elections by ushering in McCain, and then here in Israel by ushering in a Bibi / Lieberman government. It’s only fair of us, you know.. to afford them the opportunity to rebuild from the ground up.

MoveOn may have invaded, but Genghis Khan they are not.

Palin & Israel: Looking for Love in All The Wrong Places

If you are blogging and you have the word Israel in all your tags, and over the weekend added Palin posts you know that there is quite a bit of search frenzy going on around the net. I’ve served up quite a few Palin images from Google & Live this weekend, and the Palin searches are still coming in strong. The internet’s citizens are looking for images of the attractive relatively unknown Alaskan Governor, but there is also a lot of Israel Palin related searching going down as well..

Biden is Pro Israel

That’s the refrain from US Democrats, and it’s true. What is also true is that Biden ascribes to the weaker Obama Iranian position of endless appeasing dialog, and what is inconveniently true for Jewish Liberal brethren torn in the US perhaps between their democratic usual vote, and the State of Israel’s own historic modern day peril – Is that Biden thinks we can, push come to shove live here with the Iranian Bomb.

Let’s clear that up right quick. We will do no such thing. That story is called dying at the hands of the Iranian bomb. This is not the cold war, Radical Islamists cut people’s heads off. Iran abuses it’s own populace & ascribes to the Islamic Fundamentalist views of Martyrdom, has prepared 50,000 suicide bombers, supports and created the Hezbollah and is the world’s foremost sponsor of Terror. There will be no living with the bomb here and no cold war.

What about Palin? The search is on.

The left is praying to dig up some nasty Jooo bashing, Palin & Buchanan was the 1st talking point harped on MSNBC after all. The right is searching for some affirmation. They are all searching it seems but in the wrong places. Governor Palin is an Evangelical, here in Israel we know who our friends are and they consist of the US Evangelical movement. The Liberal Jews like to talk in the US of how scary the Evangelicals are, they bash Hagee, they tout conversion conspiracies, but here in Israel we are not scared of Jesus – Jesus was an Israeli and a nice Jewish boy from the Kinneret. Here we don’t fear the unborn, our traditional observant families crank out kids like Japanese auto factories and with joy. When we talk conversion it is about Gentiles seeking to come to the Jewish faith and live in the Jewish State, not whole communities assimilating out.

Obam/Biden vs McCain/Palin

McCain is a strong supporter of Israel, Palin is an Evangelical governor who has welcomed warm ties with Alaska’s small Jewish community. Surely of course no one expected there to be long speeches and sponsored resolutions from the 2 year Governor on foreign issues like Israel, so these things don’t faze us..

[...] But Palin’s obscurity, her lack of any record on Israel, or even statements on Israel issues, has not changed the overall sentiment in Jerusalem toward the race, and a lack of public endorsement of a ticket doesn’t mean a lack of preference. Privately, the prevalent feeling in Jerusalem’s corridors of power is that in the Obama-McCain race, “more of the same,” the epithet Obama is throwing at McCain, is not that bad.

When it comes to the Middle East, Jerusalem – or at least the current government – is not only unafraid of more of the same, but would actually embrace it from the next White House. The government likes what has come from the Bush administration over the last number of years and is in no hurry to see any change there.

Almost nothing of Palin is known in Jerusalem beyond what has been written in the press over the last few days. But at least in the initial blush following the stunning announcement, that unfamiliarity has not changed Jerusalem’s overall comfort level with the man who has deemed that Palin is indeed of vice-presidential caliber.


Daled Amos look at video of the Governor, including a cute Israeli flag on her window sill. The lady is an Evangelical, they don’t call these values & morals Judeo / Christian for nothing! Nice find.

He links to Carl who holds common views but is looking at Jews for Jesus speeches and classifying this as a potential hot button. Nonsense I say, here in Israel the perils are clear and the choices of preference regarding the US ticket even clearer, the threat is not Jews for Jesus.