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Ship of Fools: The Obama Administration’s Stunning Israel Incompetence

Anti Israel – Start to Finish.

Capping off a year of stunning Obama incompetence, Joe Biden has come to Israel to re-enforce the Obama administration’s friendship with our country. To err it seems is human, to be stunningly incompetent however is all Obama. Domestically, internationally, any way you slice or dice it so far this President is failing and doing so on an epic scale.

“Solid B+” he cockily intoned while self grading himself on TV. Oh what a sheltered life we lead over there at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue. On the foreign affairs front, nowhere has the failure been more evident than in the US / Israel relationship. The State of Israel is currently more popular with Americans than the President himself! We’re polling better than him according to Gallup figures, near record highs! How embarrassing for the Appeaser in Chief.

Smiles all around

Obama smiles, Joe Biden smiles, Netanyahu smiles. It’s all wonderful but it can’t cover up the latent animosity. Its an animus generated by the US President himself, and a cadre of advisers who let’s not mince words – Don’t like Israel and never have. They identify with the Palestinians. The White House calls it Muslim outreach, in the real world we like to call it yet another grandiose heaping pile of steaming failure.

Let’s Examine the Record

  • No one in Israel has forgotten how the President in Cairo delegitmized our entire being here in Israel. A massive affront, felt across every Israeli political stripe. Mr. Obama with his teleprompters single handedly managed to rally 80% of the Israeli public around our right wing Prime Minister, an event until now seen only in times of WAR! Shockwaves rippled across Israel, President clueless was oblivious.
  • Instead of bridging the gaps he himself had created, perhaps by reaching out to the Israeli public now clearly distrustful of him, the President instead pursued his course of folly.  He opted to lord the existential Iranian sword hanging over us to force Israel into a building freeze across the West Bank. So instead of pressuring Iran where the real action was at, he issued threats to Israel, ingenious really! Priority number one was his pet project, the Palestinians. Quid Pro Quo it was called. Well we quidded, quidded building in the West Bank that is. Where’s the Quo? Failed engagement, stalled sanctions, and a chorus of advisers & veiled threats against Israel should we choose to defend ourselves. Incidentally – The Palestinians rejected our unprecedented concessions, and refused to talk about anything, let alone peace.. While the Iranians suffered a coup d’etat.
  • When Israeli polling showed only 4% of Israelis felt the President was a friend and pro-Israel ally, (shocking numbers similarly simply unheard of in the annals of Israeli history.) The President still forged onward, sailing his ship of fools. He sent Hillary to lecture us on where we can or cannot build in our own Capital! His promises to Jewish American ears in order to get elected were left simply by the way side – Just words.
  • When it had become clear to everyone including both the right & left in American media that the pressure gambits on Israel regarding settlements were a dismal failure; When it dawned that engagement follies were ill conceived, planned & implemented in every way. When it dawned the real source of intransigence preventing peace talks were the Palestinians themselves, who simply point blank refused to engage. Did the President assign blame? Of course not. Instead he chose to save that card, preferring to play it against Israel at the nearest opportunity we now learn.
  • When American Jewish Democrats became disillusioned with their own Messiah, flanked by Israeli leftists begging the President to come to Israel & explain his folly. Months later whom did he send? Joe Biden. While we are honored to receive the US VP, it sent the message loud & clear. Muslims are priority #1 for President Obama. The Jews? Not so much. Worse, Biden was clearly sent here not to clean up Obama’s messes with Israel, but to warn us yet again against striking Iran. Endearing really.
  • When we excluded Jerusalem from our building freeze, openly – matter of factly. Did Obama get the message? Or was his giant ego utterly incapable of absorbing even basic realities?  The answer seems clear enough, Joe Biden has thrown a hissy fit here WHILE in Israel over our declared building plans in Jerusalem, last night he made Bibi wait 90 minutes with dinner on the table. Apparently we’ve endangered the mockery that is Obama’s greatest achievement. Non existent INDIRECT talks with the Palestinians. Frankly, Bush could achieve more in a night’s sleep than this President can in a year of failures, next time tell Biden the Kitchen is closed, send him out for a slice of Pizza instead.

Just like the UK, Honduras, France, The Czechs and a litany of other nations it boils down to one thing. None of us trust the President of the United States. Incidentally Chris Matthews – It’s not because he’s black. It’s because for all his academic prowess he seems to have a learning disability. Yes ladies & gentlemen, the President is an ideologue, an educated moron cum laude.

Harvard spits them out like Big Macs these days apparently.

Inconvenient Truth: Dividing Jerusalem Subject to Israeli Public Approval (Updated)

EU, World will be shocked to learn Israel is a Democracy

The Peace Process is being endangered by appeasement. The Palestinians have rejected every peace deal to ever grace their plate, now they refuse to even negotiate. Putting aside for a moment the fact they clearly don’t desire a state so much as the destruction of ours, one begins to wonder why some are so eager to appease them endlessly?

The list is long..

  • Israeli Governments of the right & left
  • The EU
  • American Presidents
  • Donor countries pumping in billions per annum in cash
  • The UN
  • Liberals, NGOs..

It’s practically a party! There are however two entities that are decidedly less keen on appeasing Palestinians. They consist of the Arab world & the Israeli public.

Picking up the Peaces

The Arabs refuse to appease the Palestinians because they’ve been employing them as pawns to bludgeon Israel for over 40 years now. Why ruin the gravy train? No one gives the Palestinians less money, less rights, less land or lesser dreams for a better future then their own Arab brethren, Lebanon is a prime example.

The Israeli public on the other hand, which has given the Palestinians more money, more rights, more land & more hopes for a better future than any Arab nation on earth now refuses to do much more. Out of patience, because this same public has inevitably paid the price of being the pawns sacrificed by the rest of the appeasing world in the name of Palestinian violence, terror, and intransigence. Here in Israel much of that public has simply had enough. That includes incidentally Arab residents of East Jerusalem whom themselves want no part of a PA state it seems.

The dangerous cycle of appeasement has now come to the point where the PA is not even negotiating for Peace. They want all their demands met, they want a state, they want the billions in aid, they want to be courted as players – and in return they offer nothing. Peace is not even on their table.

It’s not land for peace, its now land for appeasement.

The attempt by Sweden, the UK & others this week to pre-determine final status issues when the Palestinians themselves refuse even to negotiate smacks of the most sickening appeasement we’ve seen to date.  These moves rejected by Israel, rejected by the US, and opposed by EU member states including new Europe, Italy & France smack of a form of psychosis removed from all reality. Well reality will come crashing in soon enough.

1st IDF Paratroopers arrive at Western Wall after liberating the old city from Jordan in 1967

1st IDF Paratroopers arrive at Western Wall after liberating the old city from Jordan in 1967

The Referendum Bill

The bill 1st tabled under the Olmert Kadima government, passed 1st reading then but was put aside due to elections. It is now tabled again & headed to 2nd & 3rd reading & probable passage. The rest of world may choose to play pretend, but Israel annexed East Jerusalem & the Golan Heights after the defensive 67 war. International actors may think they can pre-determine reality, but they will come up against an inconvenient truth – Israeli democracy & Israeli law, both of which trump pitiful international declarations.

As early as Wednesday, the Golan Heights and Jerusalem Referendum Bill could return to the Knesset plenum for a key vote, after a late-night decision Tuesday by the Ministerial Committee for Legislation ensured coalition support for the controversial bill. [...]

“We must safeguard the Land of Israel and accelerate the legislative process, in order to prevent a future possibility of retreat against the will of the people,” said Science and Technology Minister Daniel Herschkowitz, shortly after the committee’s vote.

Indeed, Jerusalem & the Golan belong to the people of Israel, annexed. We control the land - This also is an ‘inconvenient truth’. Our governments, our allies, our ‘Palestinians friends’ can huff & they can puff but when push comes to shove reality can prove to be a cruel mistress. Our current Prime Minister as opposed to previous clowns in the post knows this well..

Netanyahu backs referendum bill, wants public’s support for withdrawals

Knesset expected to pass ‘continuity law’ that allows body to continue legislative discussions on bill obligating national referendum on withdrawals. ‘Any historic peace agreement I bring will be based on support from majority of public,’ PM says. [...]

We hold all the cards.

Any deal must be based in reality, palatable to the Israeli electorate. We are much more crucial to the process than Abbas or his crooked thieving cronies. EU officials would be wise to embrace reality instead of living in an unelected tax payer funded dream consisting of caviar, limos, jets, and unbackable feel good pronouncements designed to tickle Abbas’ testicles. Here in Israel we live in the real world. The threats are grave, the will of the people here is strong & the Democracy will have its say – Whether the EU likes it, or not.

Update:  Booyah! –
Knesset votes in favor at JPOST

The Knesset voted Wednesday afternoon in favor of continuing legislative work on the Golan Heights and Jerusalem Referendum Bill, by an overwhelming majority of 68 to 22, with one abstention. [...] The vote crossed coalition-opposition lines, with over one-third of Kadima MKs supporting the bill, but with the majority of Labor ministers conspicuously absent from the vote.

Livni voted NAY <– After negotiating in total secrecy with PA, nearly selling the farm.. Leader of Kadima doesn’t feel its necessary to consult the public on issues that will affect Israelis for generations. Epic fail.

Big Talker: Obama’s Pandering Achieved Nothing

Just as pandering to him will achieve pretty much the same..

In Honduras a new President has been elected, he’s a conservative. You know things are going real well when a tiny latin nation tells the leader of the free world to take a hike, and then a few months later he’s lacing up his hiking boots.

In Iran, illicit nuclear enrichment & plutonium work continues unabated & is even expanding while America is seemingly on the retreat. The Russians have given Obama no quarter, and the Arab world from Lebanon to Syria right down to the Palestinians themselves seemingly thumb their noses at Obama on an almost daily basis now.

What has all this talk from the podium achieved? Nothing.

One could argue that these efforts in foreign countries of re-writing history, tarnishing America’s great exceptionalism, embracing Arab narratives, and bowing deep have not delivered tangible concrete results – But that the goal was to engender a ‘feeling’, a wave of good will or hope which itself would deliver..

Such tripe may actually speak to Obama adherents, after all they staked it all on Hope & Change. However sadly for them most of all, reality has fallen flat. The old saying goes ‘talk is cheap’, yet when the President talks someone somewhere inevitably ends up paying a price. Thus far it’s been America and her allies paying with no possible hope of return on the investment.

Feeding the Crocodile

Fouad Ajami writes in the WSJ on Obama’s signature big talk program – Pandering to the Muslim World & the results as recorded by Pew intl surveys..

In the Palestinian territories, 15% have a favorable view of the U.S. while 82% have an unfavorable view. The Obama speech in Ankara didn’t seem to help in Turkey, where the favorables are 14% and those unreconciled, 69%. In Egypt, a country that’s reaped nearly 40 years of American aid, things stayed roughly the same: 27% have a favorable view of the U.S. while 70% do not. In Pakistan, a place of great consequence for American power, our standing has deteriorated: The unfavorables rose from 63% in 2008 to 68% this year.

Mr. Obama’s election has not drained the swamps of anti-Americanism. That anti-Americanism is endemic to this region, an alibi and a scapegoat for nations, and their rulers, unwilling to break out of the grip of political autocracy and economic failure. It predated the presidency of George W. Bush and rages on during the Obama presidency.

In other words, nothing has changed.

Here in Israel however plenty has changed. A nation which reveres America & her leaders has turned decidedly sour on Obama across the board. Through it all we’ve tossed concession after concession to feed the appeasement monster that is Obama’s failed policies, all in the hopes that he will have our back in regards to Iran. That’s what this is about, no one here believes the Palestinians want peace, we know what they want – Pieces of Israel one after the other until nothing is left.

Sadly, this notion that we can feed the Obama beast chunks of appeasement meat in return for his good graces is just as flawed as Obama’s own failed philosophies. We can freeze settlements, hand off Jerusalem, prostrate ourselves to failed international policies till the sun comes up. It won’t deliver peace, not with an Arab world which still hasn’t reconciled itself to Israel. Nor will it deliver American carrier groups & B-2 strike bombers to flatten those enemies which threaten us & the region as a whole.

I can’t say I blame my Prime Minister, appeasement is in fashion these days. I just hope he’s got a backup plan for when the day dawns on all of us here in Israel, that just like the Palestinians, Obama is incapable of delivering the goods.

Honest Broker: Solana Comes Clean, Reveals Deep Love of Israel & Peace (Updated)

Hashmonean Confession: I don’t like you either.

Mr. EU, multilateral King of uselessness Javier Solana has decided that it is nearing the time for the UN to ‘impose’ on Israel & the Palestinians, stressing the Israel part..

“After a fixed deadline, a UN Security Council resolution should proclaim the adoption of the two-state solution,” Solana was quoted as saying, adding that such a move should include resolutions regarding borders, the refugee problem, the issue of Jerusalem and security arrangements.

“It would accept the Palestinian state as a full member of the UN, and set a calendar for implementation. It would mandate the resolution of other remaining territorial disputes and legitimize the end of claims,” Solana was quoted by Reuters as saying.

“If the parties are not able to stick to [the timetable], then a solution backed by the international community should be put on the table,” he said.

I’m particularly enamored by the way Javier has taken it upon himself to determine issues involving Israel’s Capital Jerusalem. By simply declaring a Palestinian State at the UN and imposing UN determined ‘solutions’  for all final status issues, one gets the impression the entire peace process is no longer legitimate. After all, if the goal is land for peace but we remove the peace part entirely from the equation as seemingly suggested by Solana, what are we left with? A multi billion dollar foreign aid supported nanny terror state with UN legitimacy as far as I can tell.. Wonderful, I say we establish that Palestinian entity in Belgium, preferably as close to Solana’s apartment there as possible.

Mr EU, the unelected foreign policy dictator of the Union has a long history of malevolence toward Israel. Ariel Sharon initially refused to meet with him while he was PM. Curiously enough, Solana has had a major hand in the formulation of the Quartet & the Road Map to Peace.. Now he apparently seems to want to scrap that entirely, as his suggestions are contrary to the plan’s own texts with these calls for imposed ‘solutions’.

Meanwhile, the Syrians sensing the overall welling of hatred of Israel now pervasive in general at the EU are piling on.. Calling for the EU too also ‘impose’ their will on Israel for being an obstacle to peace with Syria, conveniently leaving out their support for Hamas, terror groups and Hezbollah. Why not? It’s working for the Palestinians. When inciters of violence, supporters of terrorism, dictators, and despots play the victim card to a more than willing EU by lambasting the one party actually making efforts for peace – You know the world has truly turned upside down on its head.

October 2009, the month Solana will finally hang up his crown as Mr EU. I for one can’t wait to celebrate his retirement..

Meanwhile, Tony Blair former UK PM and now special envoy the to Middle East in charge of Palestinian economic development, feels somewhat differently it seems. He has been a supporter of Bibi’s plan to develop a basis for peace through economic development, and seems to think that us big bad Israelis are not getting enough credit for all the peace building moves we have initiated thus far to improve the Palestinians lives.

Careful Tony, this doesn’t fit the meme the Palestinians, Syrians, Mr. EU or the White House have been trying to spread until now. We wouldn’t want to rupture the space time continuum, who knows what might happen. It could result in *gasp* – Peace.

Netanyahu Speech: 2 States, for 2 Peoples – Limited Palestinian Autonomy (Links Update)

Netanyahu calls for 2 states

Will the Americans finally be satisfied? Netanyahu called for a 2 state solution for 2 peoples, the chief American demand of Israel – But stressed that critical limits must be placed on Palestinian autonomy, that it cannot be business as usual as with other states in the world. Limits to borders and security, demilitarized, etc. Stressing the need to recognize Israel as A Jewish state before progress can be made.

PM Netanyahu at the Begin Sadat Center of Peace

PM Netanyahu at the Begin Sadat Center at Bar Ilan

Netanyahu also stressed in the most applauded section of the speech that Israel, the land of Israel is our birthright & spent time laying out history in stark contrast to Obama’s speech in Cairo which was filled with whimsical poetry, but dangerously disregarded reality & history. He went directly at & challenged Obama’s message stressing the Holocaust as cause for the birth of Israel, stressing instead our longing and ties to the land for the length of Jewish history.


Regarding settlements, Bibi stressed that Israel will not expand borders of settlements or impinge on Palestinian lands but did not call for halts to construction within Israeli settlements. Our rights cannot be simply steamrolled thankfully, and initial statements from the right wing & settler movement have been somewhat supportive (keep in mind this is within a few minutes of the speech), there might be other voices and opinions raised shortly. Despite that, it was a solid speech.

Impressive, and moving - But will the Likud come on board, and will Obama & his very hostile administration to date ease off its harsh words

Impressive, and moving - But will the Likud come on board, and will Obama & his very hostile administration to date ease off its harsh words

Jersusalem, Refugees off the table

No negotiation of Israel’s unified capital, no refugees to return to Israel in the  pursuit of peace. He did call for the Arab world to join in the task of building peace, especially to build a joint economic foundation for peace. He similarly to other PMs (most famously Golda Meir) stated his willingness to travel to any Arab country, any Arab capital in the pursuit of peace and invited Arab leaders to Jerusalem for talks with Israel any time.

On the whole, he presented like Obama a vision for peace, but one which unlike the American vision takes into account Israel’s views & needs and not only the Arab demands. This was not a work plan, but a statement of Israeli principles. On the whole it was a good speech, I felt emotion when Netanyahu spoke of Israeli history & sacrifice and by the same token he stressed we are willing to make more sacrifices for peace, things that no other nation would do or expect for peace.. Such is the Jewish people’s desire to live in peace & security with the Arab world.

The Palestinians as normal, as usual for the last 60 years time & again (another detail not acknowledged by the Obama administration to date) have already rejected Netanyahu’s words & call for peace to move forward.. Stating we will have to wait 1000 years for peace negotiations if their demands are not met. Typical.

Initial Links & updates
PM lays out Israeli positions for Palestinian State
Haaretz: On Netanyahu, Palestinian rejection.

CNN: Israel PM calls for demilitarized Palestinian state
Fox News: Israel’s Netanyahu Calls for Creation Palestinian State for First Time

Dhimmi in Chief: President Speaks ‘Troof to Power’ at Cairo University (Updated, Video)

The big billing Obama is selling with his ‘new relationships’ is truth. Yesterday he set it up with a softball interview courtesy of Thomas Friedman. The theme was ‘truth’..

But, in his major address which is platformed on truths to address the rift in Muslim & Western ties - There weren’t many. The whole conflict is predicated on a Jihad, a violent holy war which seeks to have a primitive world view based on radical Islam dominate the west. This world view is characterized by terrorism, religious hatred, intolerance, anti semitism, violence, lack of human rights, a lack of value for human life, a lack freedom & education. It is an entirely Islamic owned enterprise, it feeds and breeds in the Arab world which on the whole generally shares many of the same characteristics; Terrorism, lack of freedoms, religious intolerance, subjugation of women, no human rights, poor education.

Missing Link

President Obama fails to see these basic truths, and as a result he placates the Arab & Muslim world to ignore them as well. He sugar coats the ugly realities, terrorism is a concept totally removed from his speech. Democracy, human rights, freedoms, the ideals of American thought and values are totally lacking in the Arab / Muslim world, yet the President never chastises or truly implores for them. He tries to sell the notion that a new relationship can be forged while simply turning a blind eye to the ugliness and basic existence of the very root causes of the original rift itself, an unwillingness to come to terms with truth, apparently by either party. This is the strategy of a coward, an appeaser.

On Israel – Surrounded by troof


Rahm Emanuel pretty much summarizes the Israel Palestinian components of the speech, which are also sold yet again as a ‘bill of truth’, ‘a moment of truth’. Sadly, every time another scheme is hatched up to cover up the ‘truths’, Israel is the one that suffers most while peace, the one truth we seek remains elusive. Instead of facing up to the real truths that the Palestinians have time & again simply rejected peace, statehood, and have instead embraced the unspoken virtues of Jihad against Israel, which finds common cause equally with the Arab World, & radical Islam as above - We play the game.

Every land concession has been met by violence & extremism, by rejection. Non of this was in Obama’s speech, instead he frames the Palestinians as innocent victims. They are not innocent, like Condi Rice before him Obama seemingly seeks to project his own racial experience on the Palestinians. These are not black slaves oppressed by a colonial master, they are willing participants in their lot. This is not truth Mr. President. They have rejected peace, rejected a state, rejected the UNs overtures time and again, they do not reject billions of dollars in aid however or Arab world intransigence, a basic truth to their and the causes continued existence in perpetuity..

Inconvenient Truth

The Gaza handover was also a ‘moment of truth’, it was billed & sold as precisely that. Yes, it was indeed a moment of truth for the Palestinians and the Arab world, look what the real truths wrought. It should have also been a moment of truth for Europe and the American left, to take a good long hard look at reality. Even when every demand they had was filled, when every aspiration acknowledged, when every appeasement was granted – Look at the truth, and what the Palestinians they themselves chose, Hamas. Violent struggle, Jihad.

In both cases, whether it be globally or specifically regarding the Palestinians in his speech Obama fails to force the Arab & Muslim world to look in the mirror and seek the real truths. In both cases, the root causes which co-exist in radical Islam & the Arab World, terrorism, violence, religious hatred & intolerance, ignorance, lack of human rights, abuse of women, homosexuals, minorities.. These are glossed over or simply ignored.

President ‘Poser’

Instead the President sacrifices American ideals & values (by the mere act of this omission) and perpetuates Arab truths, or the infamous Arab / Muslim myths which also share co-existence in the Arab World & Jihad. That is, it is always someone else’s fault. The Christians, The Jews, The Americans, The Israelis, The Saudi’s, what have you. The burnt in effigy figure changes routinely depending on the circumstance or the bit players, but the fundamental truths do not. No conflict between the West & radical Islam, between Israelis and Arabs, or between Americans & the world, or anywhere else can ever truly be solved without facing basic truths..

For Obama to sell something different while calling it ‘troof’ is emblematic of his Presidency, policies, and beliefs so far. His main problem is like his Arab audience which he addresses – He’s full of crap, and everybody from the Christians, to the Muslims, to the Jews right down to the Atheists knows it.

Link Updates:
Hugh Hewitt hammers the speech on honesty too
Malkin also finds it odd the word Jihad is not mentioned..
Ed at HotAir is sleeping through the whole thing, metaphorically & physically ; )

Allahpundit however hits the mark squarely imho, both in terms of what is missing and the cotton candy delivery of those things that are actually said. A delicious bonus also courtesy of HotAir? Liz Cheney video on the speech, most excellent..