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Israeli Insurgency: Dear Mr President, We Will Not Go Quietly Into the Wind

Consider the Honeymoon in Israel Over

Much has been made stateside over the Obama honeymoon period, the short few months after an election where the public is enthralled with their choice. The new administration has certainly tried to capitalize, a bit odd for a socialist don’t you think? Not when it comes to spending it seems, ramming trillions of dollars in spending down the American pipe, aggressively trying to rig up a new America before the magic wears off and people start asking questions..

You know things like where’s my job, and where’s all my cash, and how come life isn’t the total bliss MSNBC promised me!? Sadly, we’ve seen this ‘New America’ before, it was called the Carter Administration and is fondly remembered as being pretty disastrous.. Of course Obama’s biggest fans were too young to remember these ‘good ole days!’

For Obama, surrounded by 14 Time Magazine covers in a year, a glowing media that turns his every passing of gas into a national event that needs to celebrate Presidential greatness, this period will probably extend a bit longer than normal. After all, his wife planted an herb garden so Oprah has already declared her the greatest First Lady in the history of the USA! So clearly, the bar for the new President and everyone around him is set awfully low. Too bad the President in the realm of foreign policy has already bitten off more than he can chew.

Ill conceived..

His ‘play foosball with dictators approach’ is going to end badly, spectacularly so. His reliance on chumming up to the Muslim world will lead to disappointment, the Arabs don’t deliver and he will learn that the hard way as most of his predecessors have. The Taliban won’t be cooperating any time soon either, and his pre-election Pakistan strategy is already a massive failure. It was his and all his pals insistence of removing Musharaf & threatening aid cuts that left Pakistan in the weak situation it is in.

His go to war in Pakistan statements seem absurd today, the US is already looking to limit Predator strikes in the region. On the surface, it looks like this admin is trying to downplay what is clearly a crisis to perhaps avoid general panic or probing questions. But why would you worry about nukes ending up with the Taliban or Al Qaeda, I thought everyone wanted to be friends with Obama’s America?

Sadly we have taken the President’s temperature internationally and the results are in, he seems like a lightweight in a heavyweight world. When the mush hits the fan and it is already starting, he will be badly boxed in. His base wants to sing Kumbaya, and his media fandom will turn fickle should he need to take a hard line approach just about anywhere, save of course Israel.

Carrot & Stick

So far his administration appears intent on bending over backward to appease the Muslim world, if you want to make a killing in the US market I advise going long & heavy on Carrot futures. The only forestry futures for sticks seem reserved for Israel – Where it has become clear President Obama intends to pass off his dangerous policies as ‘tough love’. Here’s the thing about tough love, it helps the strategy when the recipient isn’t tougher than you. I have news for the new Democrats, here in Israel we are more than prepared to take a lickin & keep on tickin so to speak.

Israelis are stubborn people, being taken for a ‘friar’ or sucker in Israel is considered tantamount to the sin of the Golden Calf here. There’s a sucker born every minute, unfortunately he is not born here. We will likely not be the sacrificial lamb for this President’s badly conceived policies and absurd world view. That’s why we elected Mr. Netanyahu and not Tzipi Livni, hindsight is 20 / 20 and we knew what was in store for us in Washington when we went to the polls. Obama has a presidential legacy to worry about, here we have more weighty issues on our minds, we are not going to budge very far.

We do well with our backs against the wall

The alternative for us is destruction, if not via a nuclear weapon than by Iranian proxies surrounding us with whom the USA seems intent on appeasing at our expense. We will be polite, we will even try to cooperate. But, these grand bargains, these appeasement policies, they are going to need another creditor besides the State of Israel in my opinion. So far the ideas floated don’t look like very good deals for us.

One thing is for certain, the USA is stronger with Israel as an ally, just as Israel is infinitely stronger with the USA as one. But we will not fall on the sword so Obama can build a bigger presidential library, or so he can sweep the Iranian problem under a rug and claim victory when nothing is won, much like the USA tried to do with North Korea to ‘glorious success’ so far. Nor will we stand by idly and cozy up to negotiating with terrorists & killers like Hamas & Hezbollah in Lebanon, in order to make laughable ‘peace deals’. We’ve been to the White House lawn for the ‘peace photo op’, as much as Obama relishes these it seems, in our experience it isn’t what it is all cracked up to be. Sorry, no sale.

Steel Spine Mr. Biden? We know, we probably invented the alloy..

The Arabs & Muslims have been resisting the USA for what seems like eternity now to temperate success, but we routinely kick their asses. It won’t be pretty if inane American policies force us to resist, for anyone including the President. The last thing the USA needs right now is to start losing key allies while it tries to build very weak bridges to new ones, especially when they consist of the worst sludge around. Opinion is turning here, it has already started.