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33 Minutes to Impact: Obama Bails on Missile Defense (Video)

Why would we in Israel, be at all concerned about this US administration’s commitments on Iran or anything else for that matter?

The suggestion is down right silly! After all it isn’t as if..

  • Obama reneged on the Bush / Sharon settlement agreements.
  • Obama reneged on the Eastern European Missile Defense Shield.
  • Obama reneged on barring Iranian Uranium Enrichment as a pre-condition for Iranian talks
  • Obama reneged on supporting Iranian democracy protesters in lieu of the Supreme Leader.
  • Obama reneged on isolating Syria and shielding Lebanon from Syrian re-occupation
  • Obama reneged on supporting Latin American allies like Honduras or Colombia

So now it’s the Poles and Czechs.. No big deal, it’s not as if Iran is even a threat. Who needs Missile Defense any how. It’s not as if the Iranians are developing nuclear weapons or have threatened to destroy Israel on numerous occasions either.

Don’t you worry. Not in Israel or even in America now that US appeasement has reached stratospheric heights, because it’s not as if President Obama is an appeaser either. Man o man, this guy can LEAD!

Video: 33 Minutes – The time required for a nuclear armed missile to reach American Shores

Precisely the system versus Iran now scrapped in Europe to defend America & allies, by President Obama today.

It’s being ‘re-designed’. Given a little bit of the ‘ole Hope & Change mojo’ which has been working out so well lately..