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Unmentionables: 4 Star General Writes “There Is a Military Option on Iran”

Hide the Women & Children, run for the hills..

The Obama administration and the entire American hard left may have a full conniption, General Wald – You are NOT ALLOWED to talk about these things. The talking points all state clearly that any military option will fail even though it won’t. The official line is a softening on Iran, a legitimization of the illegitimate Iranian regime and appeasement of the Mullahs. All leading to accepting what has been termed by US administrations both past & present as unacceptable: A nuclear bomb armed Iran.

As such the views of this enlightened US Air Force Four Star General need to be totally discounted immediately, everything he says is absolutely true but someone needs to tear him up a little, get some character assassination revved up or something. Eeegads I mean look at some of this stuff printed in the WSJ..

In a policy address at the Council on Foreign Relations last month, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said of Iran, “We cannot be afraid or unwilling to engage.” But the Iranian government has yet to accept President Obama’s outstretched hand. Even if Tehran suddenly acceded to talks, U.S. policy makers must prepare for the eventuality that diplomacy fails. While there has been much discussion of economic sanctions, we cannot neglect the military’s role in a Plan B.

There has been a lack of serious public discussion of the military tools available to us. Any mention of them is either met with accusations of warmongering or hushed with concerns over sharing sensitive information. It is important to discuss, within legal limits, such a serious issue as openly as possible. Discussion strengthens our democracy and dispels misinformation.

The military can play an important role in solving this complex problem without firing a single shot. Publicly signaling serious preparation for a military strike might obviate the need for one if deployments force Tehran to recognize the costs of its nuclear defiance. Mr. Obama might consider, for example, the deployment of additional carrier battle groups and minesweepers to the waters off Iran, and the conduct of military exercises with allies.

If such pressure fails to impress Iranian leadership, the U.S. Navy could move to blockade Iranian ports. A blockade—which is an act of war—would effectively cut off Iran’s gasoline imports, which constitute about one-third of its consumption. Especially in the aftermath of post-election protests, the Iranian leadership must worry about the economic dislocations and political impact of such action.

Should these measures not compel Tehran to reverse course on its nuclear program, and only after all other diplomatic avenues and economic pressures have been exhausted, the U.S. military is capable of launching a devastating attack on Iranian nuclear and military facilities.

Many policy makers and journalists dismiss the military option on the basis of a false sense of futility. They assume that the U.S. military is already overstretched, that we lack adequate intelligence about the location of covert nuclear sites, and that known sites are too heavily fortified.

Such assumptions are false. [...]

Mein Got! I say again, Shhhhhh!

There is no military option. None for Israel, none for the USA. We need to appease Iran at all costs anything less is simply uncivilized. Read the whole thing, it is frankly alarming that there are Generals retired or not still willing to speak of defending American interests with every tool in the arsenal available, diplomatic, economic or military. Off to the gallows with him. You simply are not allowed to be more Presidential than the President himself – It’s heresy.

This calls for a few goons..

Someone call Organized American Labor, rough him up a bit or something otherwise it may lead to ‘Mobs’ & ‘Townhalls’ and concerned American citizens drinking ‘Tea’ or something. Can’t have ANY of that in the era of American Hope & Short Change.

Gd Bless America, or what’s left of her for now.

Hat Tip to RealClearWorld