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Powerless: Labor Party leader Ehud Barak has become fat & weak

Once mighty Labor humbled by two sad leaders in a row

The coalition talks to form a new government in Israel have been dragging for 25 days now, this week is supposed to be the last one available to Kadima to form a new government, barring any extraneous extensions (which Livni is already famous for).

For 48 hours now marathon night time talks have been held between Labor & Kadima to try and form their deal. For Livni, so far so unimpressive. She has secured only Meretz the radical left wing party, to her coalition as of yet. But an important for Livni Labor collapse is coming according to JPOST

[...] “Tonight’s the night,” Hanegbi had told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday. “If there is no agreement tonight, there won’t be a deal at all.” Hanegbi said it was possible that Livni and Barak would meet early Monday morning to finalize the agreement

According to a draft proposal submitted by Kadima to Labor on Sunday, Barak will not receive any of what he demanded when the coalition-building process began three weeks ago.

Barak will not receive nearly equal footing with Livni at the head of the government, he won’t head Israel’s negotiating team with Syria, Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann will keep his position, and the framework of the 2009 state budget won’t be expanded.

Instead, Barak will be promoted from deputy prime minister to the new title of “senior deputy prime minister.” He will be involved in the negotiations with Damascus and will be able to prevent issues from being raised in the security cabinet. Labor will be able to prevent the advancement of Friedmann’s judicial reforms and a limited sum will be allocated to two of Labor’s pet causes, raising senior citizens’ benefits and lowering college tuition.

Nevertheless, Barak instructed the members of his coalition-negotiating team to reach a deal with Kadima on Sunday night before he leaves on Monday for a three-day vacation in the Galilee. [...]

Setting aside Livni’s wholly unimpressive coalition feats to date, Barak bests her handily in the pity department. This powerful man, head of the Defence Ministry is a shadow of his former self. Under him, Labor has abandoned much of its platform, seen its seat potential diminish slightly (if that is possible, with Labor already at historical lows in support) while the Kadima party itself has swung left & overtaken all of Labor’s positions displacing the party.

Big Talker

Barak made big noises trying to make it seem like he politically outplayed everyone this past year, forcing Olmert out. In reality he did no such thing and these were mostly his own delusions. Today, Less than 10% of Israel believes he should return to the PM chair, he’s a walking disaster. In the 10 years since he last occupied the post and was unceremoniously booted out for capitulating to nearly every one of the terrorist Arafat’s demands at Camp David II, Barak has become a multi-millionaire. His condo in Tel Aviv is on sale for some 40 Million shekels to add to his vast wealth, in short he has become complacent, fat & weak. A stark contrast to the might commando that is legendary in Israeli annals.

Mr Capitulation

  • On top of the capitulation to Clinton that drove him right from office, Barak has exhibited a number of signs pointing to weakness despite his outward bravado. Rumors swirl that Barak is set on disregarding an existential threat from Iran and is prepared to accept living with the Iranian nuclear weapons program, an opinion that is considered inside the Ministry he helms as a fringe minority one.

  • Rumors also swirl that he was personally opposed to striking the Syrian nuclear reactor program facility last September which was carried out weeks after he assumed the Defense Ministry, meaning the mission, intelligence, planning, and operational requirements were all set well before he even arrived or got clearance. He took great credit for the success, but had almost no hand whatsoever in its accomplishment.

  • In Gaza, despite tough talk for months on end by Barak, with weekly warnings that a huge Israeli invasion was near.. Not a single thing was done to stem the Hamas growing power and rocket arsenals in the terrorist governed territory. In Israeli media and the public it was clear to all Barak sought to negotiate with the Hamas on a cease fire, just like he sought to negotiate with the terrorist Arafat which ended in his own shame & failure, and caused the 2nd Intifada which cost Israel dearly in blood. Even now Barak acknowledges in the lull that Hamas will need to be toppled no matter what the future holds, yet he allows them to steadily smuggle and arm, and train & boobytrap Gaza which wil surely cost even more blood in the future.

  • Israel itself has seen a number of successes of late in covert missions, alas these again are attributed to the Mossad and Meir Dagan. While Barak smiles with yet more bravado over this recent success to claim credit from the secret Mossad, as evidenced by his abysmal numbers no one is impressed.

Curtain Call

Now with news that not a single Barak demand has been realized in negotiations with kadima in the forthcoming coalition, while Barak heads off for yet more vacation time after the summer and endless holidays, I’m left wondering what exactly Barak brings to the table besides coalition spoiler? From deputy prime minister to the new title of “senior deputy prime minister”, this is like something you might see on an SNL skit. It’s a mockery.

It seems clear enough that as things stand Barak will not again be PM of Israel, Labor will not be a major player in any new government coalition beyond a few pitiful saving face measures, and Barak despite ample opportunity has chosen passivity in nearly every major security & critical issue facing the state during his tenure so far..

So the question remains. What is this enriched & fat, clearly weak man doing exactly, and when do we get to see his 2nd resignation as Labor party leader? Don’t get me wrong, I love the guy. I also love my cat Jerry, it doesn’t mean I think he should be the next Prime Minister of Israel.

Well soon see if Livni can laugh at Shas as well next week, and strip them of their own demands & prop up this sad example of corrupt democracy. Don’t hold out for any Barak comment however, he’s on vacation stuffing himself at the expense of the State of Israel.


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