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Jbloggers Convention: Hashmonean Pilgrimage to Jerusalem Today

Might be a few Jews there..

I’m heading up to Jerusalem today. Normally such a 35 minute trip from sunny South Tel-Aviv involves Old Citiage, a little Wall fun (Pink Floyd not included). Perhaps a few slices of Apple Pizza. However today this particular Hashmonean pilgrimage is for another worthy cause (not that pizza scoffing isn’t worthy).

I’m going to the 2nd International NBN Jbloggers conference. Last year I had a wedding to attend – But this year I’ve finally hit it big in the scheduling department, meaning I’ve got a wedding tomorrow night instead.

There are two things we can take away from this.

  • A) I must be a really great wedding guest seeing as I am perpetually invited to one, though still single.
  • B) Clearly either Gd himself, or perhaps Barack Obama.. has made the waters recede to allow me to attend pilgrimage personally this year.

Don’t you worry, you are also favored in the eyes of the big guy and can attend virtually through some online video at the link above. Big thanks to all the sponsors and bloggers, see you there. If not, there’s always Twitter @Jbloggers where you can also take part – Albeit in 140 characters or less and minus a few knishes.