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Hope & ShortChange: Obama’s Entire Foreign Policy Reset Fails to Boot (Video)

American Policy Still ‘Stuck On Stupid’

In Lebanon Hezbollah is set to return to full status-quo, and will soon be given control of at least 1/3rd of Lebanon’s government. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the US Administration to tout the glories of Obama’s Cairo speech in achieving this ‘amazing’ result however, as it is too early to celebrate because Hezbollah figures it can get even MORE!

In Syria, a flurry of diplomatic American concessions have resulted in no hope and even less change. In Israel massive pressure has failed to move the Israeli government or public toward Obama’s initiatives, if anything relations have soured. Upcoming settlement deals leave out Jerusalem entirely and look very similar from what we can see so far.. to the deal negotiated with Former President Bush, the one that Clinton & Obama claimed never existed.

There’s some success here somewhere, we just have to dig & find it

On the Palestinian side, positions thanks to Obama have hardened. The Palestinians have delusionally decided to wait for the US President to deliver Israel to them.. Good luck with that. In latin America the US has thrown a former small ally Honduras to the curb, while propping up the commie strongman Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. In Asia the North Koreans have tested a nuclear weapon, missiles, and have only just begun to test the new American president himself.

In Europe, there has been no additional support for the Afghan mission whatsoever. The Czechs & Polish are feeling slighted over Obama’s appeasement of Russia in relation to missile defense, and in return for the American appeasement the Russians have delivered zilch. Despite the bow seen round the world, the Saudis sent Mr. Obama packing and rejected Obama’s peace process reset out of hand. They followed that up by doing so on TV for all to see, at the White House yet!

The War on Terror has been erased from the American lexicon. It is now known as “overseas contingency operations”, lest someone who is Muslim be offended by the fact that 99.95% of all terrorism is carried out by.. fellow Muslims.

As for Iran? They have pulled their nuclear program off the table of any negotiation past present or future. Instead they have offered to have televised debates between President Obama & Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, one imagines in order to milk America for even more legitimacy than Obama has already bestowed on the rogue regime. Woohoo!

President or Avon Lady?

When one considers all this foreign policy success, the words train wreck come to mind. It may be time to Reset the Reset, as Obama’s operating system is now failing to boot completely. Jackson Diehl writes in the WP..

[...] In fact, one of the emerging lessons of the Obama administration’s foreign policy might be summed up as follows: The idea that presidential “direct diplomacy” with actors such as Chávez, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong Il or Fidel Castro is feasible or likely to produce results is, well, naive.

It’s not that Obama hasn’t tried. According to reports in the Iranian media he has dispatched two letters to Iran’s supreme cleric, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. He has sent multiple high-level envoys to meet Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus. Shortly after the administration took office, a new special representative for North Korea publicly offered bilateral negotiations to Pyongyang; former president Bill Clinton later met dictator Kim with the administration’s sanction. Obama graciously accepted Chávez’s gift of a stridently anti-American book and later dispatched a new ambassador to Caracas. He lifted some sanctions on Cuba. The problem is that none of this has brought any results.

Remember When? Obama’s foreign policy in a nutshell (Video)

Back in reality, Ralph Peters writes in the NY Post: Bam Vs Democracy

[...] if Obama thinks that handing over a “little” country he couldn’t find on a map is going to win him enduring applause and cooperative friends in Latin America, he’s crazy. What he’s actually doing is frightening our friends. If democratic governments south of the border can’t rely on US support, to whom can they turn?

The increasingly left-wing tone from the White House may be satisfying to ideological activists, but it’s doing tremendous damage to the cause of freedom in our hemisphere.

Not to worry though because the cheerleaders are still out in force despite the fact the home team is getting shellacked. The NY Times, the LA Times, the major networks, most of cable news – American media is still touting the great One! You rarely hear anything about these massive failures. Domestically these media outlets are too busy providing cover for the disastrous health-care, stimulus, and soaring deficits Obama has racked up.

American policy may be stuck on stupid, but not the American people. Obama’s polling has taken a leap off the side of Mt Rushmore. He’s falling faster in polling than any US President in history. How many more times will he be able to hit the reset button on the way down before the big splat is the big question now?

Update: I fixed the H in Jackson Diehl’s name, I keep putting it in the wrong place. This is at least the 4th time I’ve had to fix the guy’s name here in posts the last few months. Credit to him for writing good stuff worth linking. Sorry Jackson, I’d say it won’t happen again but heck it’s habit already ; )

Honest Broker: Solana Comes Clean, Reveals Deep Love of Israel & Peace (Updated)

Hashmonean Confession: I don’t like you either.

Mr. EU, multilateral King of uselessness Javier Solana has decided that it is nearing the time for the UN to ‘impose’ on Israel & the Palestinians, stressing the Israel part..

“After a fixed deadline, a UN Security Council resolution should proclaim the adoption of the two-state solution,” Solana was quoted as saying, adding that such a move should include resolutions regarding borders, the refugee problem, the issue of Jerusalem and security arrangements.

“It would accept the Palestinian state as a full member of the UN, and set a calendar for implementation. It would mandate the resolution of other remaining territorial disputes and legitimize the end of claims,” Solana was quoted by Reuters as saying.

“If the parties are not able to stick to [the timetable], then a solution backed by the international community should be put on the table,” he said.

I’m particularly enamored by the way Javier has taken it upon himself to determine issues involving Israel’s Capital Jerusalem. By simply declaring a Palestinian State at the UN and imposing UN determined ‘solutions’  for all final status issues, one gets the impression the entire peace process is no longer legitimate. After all, if the goal is land for peace but we remove the peace part entirely from the equation as seemingly suggested by Solana, what are we left with? A multi billion dollar foreign aid supported nanny terror state with UN legitimacy as far as I can tell.. Wonderful, I say we establish that Palestinian entity in Belgium, preferably as close to Solana’s apartment there as possible.

Mr EU, the unelected foreign policy dictator of the Union has a long history of malevolence toward Israel. Ariel Sharon initially refused to meet with him while he was PM. Curiously enough, Solana has had a major hand in the formulation of the Quartet & the Road Map to Peace.. Now he apparently seems to want to scrap that entirely, as his suggestions are contrary to the plan’s own texts with these calls for imposed ‘solutions’.

Meanwhile, the Syrians sensing the overall welling of hatred of Israel now pervasive in general at the EU are piling on.. Calling for the EU too also ‘impose’ their will on Israel for being an obstacle to peace with Syria, conveniently leaving out their support for Hamas, terror groups and Hezbollah. Why not? It’s working for the Palestinians. When inciters of violence, supporters of terrorism, dictators, and despots play the victim card to a more than willing EU by lambasting the one party actually making efforts for peace – You know the world has truly turned upside down on its head.

October 2009, the month Solana will finally hang up his crown as Mr EU. I for one can’t wait to celebrate his retirement..

Meanwhile, Tony Blair former UK PM and now special envoy the to Middle East in charge of Palestinian economic development, feels somewhat differently it seems. He has been a supporter of Bibi’s plan to develop a basis for peace through economic development, and seems to think that us big bad Israelis are not getting enough credit for all the peace building moves we have initiated thus far to improve the Palestinians lives.

Careful Tony, this doesn’t fit the meme the Palestinians, Syrians, Mr. EU or the White House have been trying to spread until now. We wouldn’t want to rupture the space time continuum, who knows what might happen. It could result in *gasp* – Peace.

CrazyTown: Leveretts Make the Wrong Policy Calls.. Again.

The weirdly singular duo better known as Flynt Leverett and his wife Hillary Mann Leverett have co-authored another gem for the world to enjoy, and as per the norm the course of action they suggest and their reading of reality leaves one lacking.

A few weeks ago Flynt told everyone Ahmadinejad had legitimately won the Iranian election, and bonus.. Now more than ever this was the time to engage with Iran’s discredited leadership and make an offer! That’s a real doosie now huh? I can hear John Madden.. Boy, I sure made the wrong call on that one! I won’t start pounding out the links worth of credible criticism his little delusion garnered because frankly it isn’t necessary, the position is absurd.

I think I read this book..

Of course Flynt probably engaged in his civilized form of academic insanity for two reasons. One being he’s consistently wrong on the Middle East, and two because along with his similarly deluded co-authoring wife he’s the grand-daddy of the engagement policy with Iran, so like President Obama he is heavily invested in Iranian fantasy.

This whole concept was already pretty pie in the sky before, and everyone knew it from Hillary Clinton on down the list when Obama best exemplified it with his ‘I would meet with dictators without pre-conditions’ nonsense during the campaigns. His goal was squarely in line with the Leverett’s agenda for the Grand Bargain with radical Theocratic, Iran. Recent events have only confirmed what more realistic non-realists already knew, and made clowns of the whole lot of ‘em seemingly.

Incidentally, much of Obama’s harsh Israeli policy is mirrored in the Leverett’s own world view. The latest chef-d’oeuvre is on settlements & the peace process, a topic which Flynt despite his winning track record on being wrong, is still an expert in I gather.

Can we be more wrong? Of course we can.

Mann, who did some work stints at AIPAC in her past seems to take on the leading voice here in this weird creep me out symbiosis format they have going of shared authorship with one voice, she chastises Obama for not going even more strongly against Israel, declaring the need to call Israel’s settlements not just frozen, but illegal..

By shrinking from declaring Israeli settlement activity illegal, Obama has guaranteed that, in substance, his Middle East policy cannot depart significantly from that of George W. Bush. Obama’s insipidly favorable response to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s conditional “acceptance” of the two-state formula underscores an unfortunate continuity in America’s Middle East policy. In the end, Obama’s Middle East policy is rooted in his predecessor’s profoundly flawed 2003 road map for a two-state solution and the feckless process that Bush’s secretary of state, Condoleeza Rice launched at Annapolis in 2007. Worse, in contrast to other policy mistakes made early in his presidential tenure, Obama will be hard put to reverse the damage done by his lack of clarity and courage on the settlements issue by coming back at a later date and arguing that Israeli settlements in occupied territory are, in fact, illegal.

It’s hard to tell where she is coming from other than the fact that she clearly wants to smack Israel around a bit, the feeling after reading this trash is mutual. She discards the road map for peace agreed upon by the parties and the INTL community via the Quartet entirely, replacing it with a fantasy construct that if the USA should ‘make it so’ (declare Israel’s settlements illegal & somehow enforce this) that will magically lead to peace or something like that, from what I could decipher. It’s such wacky foreign policy I have a hard time absorbing because it isn’t reality based or logical. It’s all very Walt / Mearsheimer, I think they should get together and do a show – Maybe a Vegas act or something.

She also takes issue with the parallel nature of peace moves in the road map, effectively excusing the Palestinians of the need to halt terrorism & violence, or incitement as a requisite step to peace. In reality this is excusing them of the need to actually make peace as part of her proposed ‘peace process’. Someone needs to remind people that the concept which is flawed enough already is known as ‘land for peace’, not ‘land for padding the leftwing resume’ or ‘land for testing out insane theories at your allies expense’.

Of course it all makes more sense a few more paragraphs into this 3 page delusion festival, when she makes the case for simply imposing the peace on the parties, including imposing US determined terms for all the key final status issues which US longstanding policy advocates is to be negotiated between the parties themselves. It’s all ok though since one gathers the US no longer stands by US policy commitments in the age of Obama as evidenced in dealings with Israel over settlements.

Piling On..

Mann also rationalizes these delusions by stating that Ariel Sharon’s friendly tenure along with GW Bush did not result in anything advancing the cause of peace!? Instead it is better to slap Israel around I take it and put some hostility into the relationship by pressuring Israel to make concessions its electorate rejects. This is a delusion so deep one needs to depressurize one’s ears coming out of it. It illustrates nicely why ground breaking massive concessions like withdrawal from Gaza and razing our settlements bought us nothing from those hostile to Israel. Not even acknowledgment of our monstrous sacrifice and efforts for peace contrasted with the Palestinians total failure in every realm imaginable as a people.

Hard to reconcile her outlandish views. If not for the confidence Israel had in the American Israel relationship under those leaders we would never have entertained Gaza withdrawal. Without some serious confidence building by Obama in regards to the US administration (never mind the Palestinian Israel relationship) there is only going to be ever growing mass resistance to American policy & blatant interference in our country. Overall, Mann dishes out here foreign policy totally removed from reality, but in line with the J-Street ultra left wing view currently pervasive in Obama’s administration to which one assumes the duo are now even more left of (after serving under the Bush terms). The Leveretts have been consistently mistaken, their policy ideas discredited by events themselves and history, I don’t see much changing in light of their recent articles.

Our PM Netanyahu may say rosie words about the relationship because he’s our elected politician and that’s his job, but there can be little doubt that the hostility toward Israel has been felt by the public here and their willingness to make concessions or take risks for peace are diminished by Obama’s policies thus far, I can’t see how strangling Israel even further brings the prospect for peace closer.. Maybe she is trying to deflect the criticism of Obama as anti-Israel by cajoling for him to take an even more extreme harsh line but if anything, the delusions she puts forth and the extreme nature of these views hardly accomplishes that task. It only highlights how extreme you need to actually get in order to ‘outflank Obama on Obama policy’ these days..

Jewish Support: Only 6% of Israelis Polled Now View Obama As Pro-Israel

President’s Standing in Israel PLUMMETS

Good news for Axelrod, Rham, Obama and the anti-Israel administration, sure to tickle Hillary too..

Only 6 percent of Jewish Israelis consider the views of American President Barack Obama’s administration pro-Israel, according to a new Jerusalem Post-sponsored Smith Research poll.

The poll, which has a margin of error of 4.5%, was conducted among a representative sample of 500 Israeli Jewish adults this week, following Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s speech in which he expressed his support for a demilitarized Palestinian state.

Another 50% of those sampled consider the policies of Obama’s administration more pro-Palestinian than pro-Israeli, and 36% said the policies were neutral. The remaining 8% did not express an opinion. [...]

Hey, you know who’s a better judge of how Pro-Israel a President is than American Jews? Israelis.

The Obama administration may have charmed American Jewry, but here in Israel his charming self has hit rock bottom in support from an ally that normally holds US presidents in extremely high esteem, because we hold America in extremely high esteem. The article mentions polling on Bush, who got an 88% pro-Israel support rate here in the holy land.

Hmmm, I’ve stated before that the US Administration is playing a dangerous game here in Israel seemingly trying to impose outrageous demands, and its own artificial peace settlement with terms that are simply unacceptable to the vast majority of Israelis. With a solid 6% support rate here in Israel, any Obama peace plan presented to Israelis for a vote will leave President Obama with the distinct honor of being the 1st American President in HISTORY to present a peace plan that is REJECTED by the vast majority of Israelis by vote!

That will also go nicely with his encyclopedia entries as the President under whose watch Iran developed Nuclear Weapons, and the other entry regarding the man who plummeted the United States of America into it worst deficits ever and bankrupted the capitalist system to the tune of trillions of dollars. A trillion dollars by the way is 1 million, millions!

Hope & Change baby

Thanks for destroying the US – Israel alliance and totally undermining Israelis confidence in the one solid ally we ever had. Nice work. Mr Obama, you are officially according to Israelis the “Worst American President Ever”. We really appreciate you shafting us in order to appease the Arab & Muslim world. Incidentally, the number of Americans polled by Rasmussen who think US / Muslim relations will stay the same or worsen next year? 63%..

Only 32% of Americans polled think US / Muslim relations will actually improve thanks to Obama’s big efforts to distort History, and apologize to the Muslim world for lord knows what any more, he’s done it so many times. (ht hotair for the Rasmussen numbers).

Let me show my personal appreciation

Incidentally, all you left-wing American Jews who gave Obama your support to the tune of 78%? Thanks a lot for undermining America, undermining Israel, and undermining the American Israel alliance, we really appreciate it. We’re especially pleased with the TOTAL silence on your part thus far as the American President tries to pressure us out of existence. Thankfully the NJDC & J-Street are mass emailing everyone to tell them how great Obama is for Israel, too bad only 6% of Israelis agree with them. You know what that makes J-Street & the NJDC? Liars.

Missile Threat: Pentagon Confirms Iranian ICBMs May Target America by 2015 (Plus – Shameless Self-Promotion!!)

Confirmation: Iranian Sejil-2 Ballistic Missile.

About two weeks ago I wrote that in-depth post above, it was a pretty good. Yesterday via Drudge I saw that the Pentagon confirmed much of what was written (as per the norm for the Analysis category at the Hashmonean I might add in glorious self-promotion lol). As such I’m updating with some of the latest information courtesy of Al-Reuters just below..

I’m also thanking and reminding my much appreciated regular readers who are slowly returning since my break that as in other cases, including the Lebanon War, the Iranian Nuclear Reactor strike in Syria etc, if you happened to have read analysis at the Hashmonean - you probably read it with a substantial jump on the rest of the planet! (Yes, it’s too bad I can’t do this for the stock market.. We’d all be rich!! ; )

Ahem, with that traffic inducing self aggrandizement out of the way
(*link to the Hashmonean*… *you are getting very sleepy*)
here are some up updates from the MSM.

Pentagon confirms:

  • Initial estimates on Ballistic Missile threat to America way off.
  • 2 Stage Solid Fuel Missiles a major advancement
  • Nuclear tipped ICBMs from Noko & Iran a distinct possibility soon enough

Money Quotes from the head of the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency..

“It really is an international effort going on out there to develop ballistic missile capability between these countries,” Army Lieutenant General Patrick O’Reilly told a forum on Capitol Hill.

They are sharing know-how on avionics, propulsion and materials, among other things, O’Reilly said. “We’ve seen it for years and it continues,” he said of such cooperation between North Korea and Iran, whose Shahab missiles are widely reported to be based on North Korean designs.

Their ability to fire missiles with a stable ignition and launch a second stage represents “a significant step forward” for both of them.. Asked which country was further ahead in missile development, he said it could be described as a “horse race” with no clear leader. [...]

The Israeli view outlined in the article by Israel’s former head of Missile Defense also jives with what I’ve written, that the Iranian program has catapulted ahead alarmingly. In my post I highlighted that these rapid advancements will challenge existing missile shields and looked at the advantages of solid fuel rockets now within Iranian capabilities..

Solid-propellant missiles offer many advantages over those with liquid fuel. They are easier to store, harder to detect and may be launched without a fueling process readily observable by spy satellites.

Iran’s use of solid-fuel missiles demonstrated “a quantum leap in capabilities” over those shown by North Korea, Uzi Rubin, the former head of Israel’s Missile Defense Organization, told Reuters in an interview. “Basically, this is big-power league,” he said, adding that the jury was still out, as far he was concerned, on whether the two had integrated their ballistic missile programs. [...]

Lastly, more ugliness and part of the main event of my post 2 weeks ago – Confirmation of the nuclear threat to America & the World from The U.S. Air Force’s National Air and Space Intelligence Center:

“Iran has ambitious ballistic missile and space launch development programs and, with sufficient foreign assistance, Iran could develop and test an ICBM capable of reaching the United States by 2015,”

The report, made available by the Federation of American Scientists, said North Korea was continuing work on its Taepodong 2 “that could reach the United States with a nuclear payload” if developed as an intercontinental ballistic missile. [...]

Nothing to see here, move along.

Iran is voting today on a new puppet President, the White House is quiet but leftists who salivate over making buddy buddy with the Mullahs are playing up the notion of the ‘big reformer’ candidate’s chances and how Obama’s outreach is making huge strides. Of course this reformer is nothing of the sort and these nuclear & ballistic programs are full steam ahead regardless of who wins.

More endearing self-promotion ahead..

The original post has more analysis, images & video as well if you are interested. It will undoubtedly show up in the auto related links generated just below these words when I hit the publish button.

Great Humanist: Obama’s War Against Israeli Children (Updated)

King of public image should have some light shone on his ‘Great Humanism’

Why is Obama on a crusade against Israeli children? American media so busy lauding their ‘change-maker’ speak often of natural growth these days, and why not? The President has decreed from his thrown that he is going to ‘change the world’, and the means to changing this world apparently begin and end by needlessly pandering to dictatorships at the expense of our children here.

Mabat Channel 1 reports on the natrual growth crisis and its effect on Israeli children & families

Mabat Channel 1 reports on the natural growth crisis and its effect on Israeli children & families

Paying the price for an ignorant President’s policies




Growth from 350 children to 500, but there's no room..

Growth from 350 children to 500, but there's no room..

After witnessing 8 year long ribs of Mr. Bush and his intellect, maybe it is time to start looking more closely at Mr. Obama. His ideologies, sheltered academic background and 24 hour a day ‘professional handling’ have produced a surprisingly ignorant and removed from reality leader when it comes to America and her effects on the World. Isolated in his echo chamber of liberal thought & advice, one wonders if the President is aware of the fact that young children in the ‘settlements’ as he calls them, are packed into overflowing hallways and basements the last few months because there are no class rooms or any building going on. There’s no room for day care, kindergarten, schools, or learning because the President has seen fit to decree that life itself must be stopped to further his goals, forcing Israel into a vice to struggle to find solutions to the draconian measures with nary a ‘peace partner’ in sight.

Natural growth

Unauthorized classrooms being forced to clear out

Unauthorized classrooms being forced to clear out

That is the one thing we seemingly never see or hear reported by American media, the human cost of this President’s policies regarding Israel. To do so might tarnish his carefully crafted media image. Let us be clear, as Channel 1 Israel reported yesterday the so called settlements are in reality towns and cities, thriving communities with families, children and ongoing life. By decreeing no building in existing areas and threatening Israel at the same time, America is attempting to choke the life out of these communities. Daycares with 350 children already jammed, are now forced to deal with 500 children because of natural growth, but there are no permits to expand the schools or build classrooms.

Children are waiting on building permits, without them there will be no seats for them to learn this coming school year. Ministries involved are not issuing permissions because of the sensitive political pressures. Kids are literally being crammed into bomb shelters and storage areas at ‘school’ because there is no room and the classrooms are overflowing. They are being crammed into shanties in the stifling Israeli heat, denied opportunity to learn, grow & thrive by the President of the United States, the great ‘Humanist’ of our time.

Hope & Change - Thanks for caring President Obama

Hope & Change - Thanks for caring President Obama

The same can be said for clinics, health care and any number of other other supposed issues so ‘dear’ to the President’s heart. None of this land in these communities is Palestinian, these are Israeli towns that need services. Unfortunately, it is ever more clear thus far that this President’s heart bleeds primarily for our Arab brothers, but not so much for us it seems, or our children. It is easier to demonize us from the podium, so take a good look Mr. President at the fruits of your labor – Israeli children’s suffering, expected to wait indefinitely one muses for elusive peace and pay the price for American appeasement. This is change we can believe in I guess.. A stark contrast to the lavish private education President Obama has elected to provide his own daughters.

Link Update:
Sensing the weakness, Hamas head Mashal calls on Obama to ‘drop all preconditions’ of renouning violence or recognizing Israel, and proceed directly to Hamas / US talks. Obama did it for Iran & Syria, listed as state sponsors of terror by the USA and currently under sanctions, so why not according to the logic of Hamas add a few more terrorists to the list? Goes nicely with Erekat’s comments that the Palestinians for the 1st time have the ‘upper hand’ on Israel thanks to the President – SHOCKING.

Israel to reject all calls for natural growth freeze in speech to be presented Sunday by PM Netanyahu in response to Obama’s pandering and pressure tactics.