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HH 216: Old Jewish Man Goes to Carnival Edition

Jack over at the shack has the latest Jewish blogging roundup from the past week, ready to go for you.

He’s celebrating a 40th birthday and in fine form already kvetching like an 80 year old lol. Clearly Jack has mastered the art of the Jewish old man at the tender age of 40! Even kabbalah experts don’t attain this sort of wisdom normally during their entire lifetimes! Expect both his testes to dry up into little raisins any decade now..

Until then here’s to wishing the young gun a happy birthday! Let’s all hope he eats plenty of bran & tasty fibre and keeps his colon clean.. otherwise he may have a dirty colon, I don’t know what that might entail, but it sounds bad..

Detoxed: I came home to find the planet, and my cat still alive

No, I wasn’t in any form of rehab as is popular these days, my detoxification alludes to a week without internet..

And oh what a joyful week it has been. My brother hastily threw together a visit from Cali to spend some time with me here in Israel. It has been almost a year since we were last together so we opted to forgo sleep and cram as much face time in as humanely possible.. This was an excellent strategy for the 1st few days. Now however I look like I went 10 rounds with George Foreman.

Somewhere along the way we floated in the rapidly evaporating Dead Sea, spent shabbat at the Wall, ventured deep into Arab Jerusalem under the guise of tourists, criss crossed Tel Aviv endlessly (along with the rest of the tiny country), and generally spent enough money to bailout a substantial portion of the US financial system. Aside from the occasional tell tale beeps of radio Kol Israel delivering 2 minute bursts of news while in the car, I was almost totally decoupled from the planet - there simply was no time.

It’s Alive!

Thankfully, my cat who I had visited only with once in between all the action for a brief 5 minute interlude, is alive and well.. Aside of course from the occasional cat puke pile he left me from gorging in his overflowing food bowls. Apparently he had a little fiesta of his own while I was gone, enjoying the all you can eat ‘mechanically separated canned meat parts’ buffet I left him.

Aside from cat puke, I return to an American federal election tonight and the likely dread of an Obama victory. That’s enough right there to make me want to rip the broadband lan cable right out of the router and stay ‘dark’ for a while longer truthfully. That’s not going to happen, but the likelihood of me being inebriated and maybe doing a little pukey pukey myself by the time 7 Eastern poll closings roll along is currently possible, with a lean to high on the color coded threat meter..

Looks like I wasn’t the only guy doing ‘carnival’

Despite my AWOL status, Esser Agoroth kindly included me in this week’s Haveil Havalim carnival - One of the largest I’ve ever seen and the theme is fittingly elections, nice job there Yaqov! So aside from the fact that I am a week behind in work, have aged a year, and a socialist pali loving mystery man is about to be President of the United States.. I feel great!! : )