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David vs Goliath: The Hashmonean on BlogTalkRadio talking Bibi vs Obama (Audio)

Crossing Audio oceans Live from Tel Aviv

Kit Lange graciously invited me back to her show ‘The Front Line‘ to talk serious turkey regarding the new administrations in Washington & Jerusalem, and the much discussed ‘Clash of the Titans’ possibly developing between two key allies, the US & Israel under Obama / Netanyahu.

This was an awesome show (per the usual fare for Kit) and we hit on all the lightning rod topics: Iran, military confrontations, the Obama Quid Pro Quo regarding the Palestinians, the Peace Process, and more..

Be sure to tune into the archive from last week at the Front Line and get the audio skinny!

Already just yesterday, topics discussed have borne fruit and are being reported in the news (JPOST) involving IAF Arrow 2 Anti-Ballistic Missile batteries and reports on Juniper Cobra, joint US / IDF exercises Kit & I discussed on her show.. See what you might have missed, and catch Kit weekly on blogtalkradio!