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Totally Awesome: Bush Wants to Display Saddam’s Personal Handgun at Presidential Library

I love this guy..

The Telegraph - Saddam Hussein’s gun may become centrepiece of George W Bush library. The gun found in Saddam Hussein’s foxhole when he was seized by Delta Force special troops in 2003 could become the centrepiece of an exhibition in George W Bush’s presidential library.

The 9mm Glock 18C, presented to then-president Bush by Delta Force agents after their triumphant arrest of the Iraqi dictator, has become one of Mr Bush’s most prized possessions. He would show it off in the Oval Office to visiting military dignitaries, with the boast “The Delta guys pulled it off Saddam”.

Now the New York Times has discovered that *he intends to make it a centrepiece of his presidential library that is being built, at a cost of $200m (£123m), on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

The Reagan library out in Simi valley in SoCal is such a great spot & visit. Now I’m clearly going to have to make it to Texas (my 1st time barring a short stopover a few years ago) in the next few years! I have GOT to visit the Bush Presidential library, my affinity for the man knows no bounds.

I can’t wait to see Saddam’s gun..

‘Smoke ‘em out of their holes’,  Bush you’re such a champ! Please come back to visit Israel again soon.

President rallies the American nation at Ground Zero, Sep. 14th, 2001.