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Water Levy: Kadima Opts for Irresponsible Populism; Endangers Nation

Could Dalia Itzik & Tzipi Livni be MORE Out of Touch? Doubtful.

This week Kadima made a grand affair of repealing the Drought Levy going into effect this month. Personally I can’t believe it. Israel’s Kinneret water source is a full 5 meters below its waterline.

It is hovering at a critical level - Meaning any further water tap below these levels can permanently damage the entire source. In Israel they are already talking about a dead lake soon (meaning not enough water to sustain the Lake’s balance which can lead to oxygen depletion & the death of all the fish & wildlife) not too mention the depletion of our fresh water source.

Aquifers Also Tapped Out

The same can be said for Israel’s natural below ground aquifers, they are in danger of permanent damage from salination due to excess pumping. Israel is in a severe drought and it will take a few years to build desalinization capacity to equal current consumption. Thankfully, the water levy encourages conservation in the mean time until that can happen. And let’s be clear, without a lowering of consumption the forecast is that turning on the faucet will soon result in NO WATER COMING OUT!

Drought Levy

Under the levy now in effect as of November, every household member is allocated a certain monthly amount of water, which incidentally is quite cheap overall and sufficient. Excessive use beyond the allocation is charged at a higher level, pretty reasonable stuff considering the national challenge.

Bonus, since the plan was announced a dramatic lowering of consumption has resulted – During the peak summer months yet! Clearly, when faced with a levy for excess use people perk up & pay attention, water consumption goes down. This isn’t rocket science, nor is the levy unmanageable fiscally by any stretch.


Kadima’s press conference this week complete with signage & catch phrases was the latest irresponsible play by the party. They are calling it the water tax & want it repealed. Do they have alternatives to suggest? Not really. Are they being irresponsible in the extreme? Most certainly, and what’s the payoff? Sheer Populism. Livni stripped of her titles, Dalia Itzik stripped of her Knesset speaker’s chair are both rather desperate it seems to gain cheap political points any way they can in a most pitiful manner.

Mofaz, Livni & Itzik take political opportunism to new heights while reaching for new lows - Water table included.

Mofaz, Livni & Itzik take political opportunism to new heights while reaching for new lows - Water table included.

Kadima in Opposition.. With the World.

At a time when the whole world has moved to reduced largess, conservation where possible, sustainable development and due to economics an effort toward some minimalism & enhanced personal responsibility - Kadima bucks the trend. The ‘drought tax’ according to Kadima is get this a “violent, unjust tax”.

If Kadima thinks that’s violence, wait till they see how people react when they don’t have any water in their taps. We need to conserve, many Israelis are sadly oblivious & I see copious water wastage often enough. Ok so some people are pigs, c’est la vie – No problem, let them pay to fill up the trough.

Link: Haaretz of all places savages Dalia Itzik, Livni & Kadima over this frankly absurd play..

Who can blame them? This is without a doubt the dumbest idea to pour out of Kadima in a while and there have been a few. Livni is proving to be a terrible leader & in lowly opposition yet. What a disaster if she were the Prime Minister of Israel, it is as simple as that. The Kadima motion will go before the Knesset to repeal the already voted on & passed water levy bill – That’s how stupid this is..