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Jewish Support Craters: Now 4% of Israelis View Obama as “Pro-Israel” (Update: Left Laments)

J-Street crowd called last poll lies.. (*Updated Below*)

In June, Smith Research polling found that only 6% of Israelis thought Obama was Pro-Israel. Reaction from American left wing Jewish groups whom are doing their own ‘ junk polling’ in order to sway issues and policy through their close ties to the Obama administration was fierce. From Ira Forman at the NJDC to J-Street to DNC operatives, they reacted bitterly at the time..

Matt Dorf, who did Jewish outreach for the Democratic National Committee during the presidential campaign, was more blunt when it came to the survey results. “I don’t trust the poll,” he said, calling the Post a newspaper that has “not been friendly toward Obama.”

Personally, I lashed out at the administration and American Jewry for their dereliction of duty maintaining the historic American-Israeli alliance. When the Administration absurdly ordered Israel to halt construction in the Sheik Jarrah area of Jerusalem I predicted Obama’s numbers in Israel would hit 2% support. Seems like both American left wing groups & I were wrong, because the latest polling confirms the previous brutal numbers for Obama in Israel making the J-Street crew the most likely liars..

But, he hasn’t hit 2% as I predicted - He’s doing much better at a whopping 4%.

My bad.


Update: This time the Left is in Lament Mode!

As stated above last time it was all ‘lies’, but now the Obama realities are a little too ‘real’ to simply deny for the left, both in Israel & in America. It is time instead to rip our clothing, throw some ashes in the air and begin a long drawn out period of lament lol. Hoffman who’s been the point man on these issues for the Post gives it to us and it’s a dooosie!

The Israeli Left reacted with dismay over the weekend to the results of a Jerusalem Post-sponsored Smith Research poll published on Friday that found only 4 percent of Jewish Israelis believe that US President Barack Obama’s policies are more pro-Israel than pro-Palestinian. [...]

Meretz and Peace Now said the survey indicated that Israelis did not yet realize the potential benefits of the regional peace initiative that Obama was advocating, but they expressed confidence that they eventually would. “It is terrific for Israel that there is an American president with vision, and it is a pity that most Israelis don’t realize that,” Meretz faction chairman MK Ilan Gilon said. “Israelis think that Christian evangelists who rubber-stamp everything Israel does are the only Americans who are pro-Israel. But what is really good for Israel is a solution to the conflict, and Obama is doing what it takes to bring it about.”

Hey, he said it not me. Damn straight it’s nice to have friends in the Christian community, Gd bless them. We need our friends despite all this talk about Obama the Seer & his great visions. So far he’s fallen flat on his face as a visionary because reality is a much crueler mistress than dreamland. Neither Israelis, Palestinians or the Arab world is bitting. Go fish Mr. President.

The ‘Scary Christians’ threat alert level is now Yellow..

At least we can note a shift here, the dynamic in Israel has swung so violently away from the far left that the usual slurs will no longer fly. Notice that all of a sudden Evangelicals are not the scary boogieman as has been the usual chorus from the radical left? All of a sudden a different tune emerges and the left is on the defensive - ‘Israelis love our Christian Allies & their support – But it’s not good for us!’ I guess that makes Evangelicals something akin to Pizza or Steak as opposed to previously.. Radiation!? What yokels these leftists are.

It gets better, Peace Now chimes in too..

Peace Now secretary-general Yariv Oppenheimer said what mattered more at this stage of the peace process was Obama’s reputation in the Arab world, and not in Israel.

“Despite the results of the poll, the Israeli interest is that Obama will be popular in the Arab world, so he could bring about a peace agreement with Israel,” Oppenheimer said. “Bush was popular in Israel and hated around the world, and his policies did not help Israel end the Palestinian conflict or quell the Iranian threat. If he succeeds in his goals of advancing Middle East peace, I am sure he will become much more popular with Israelis.” [...]

Peace Now is cheering on the anti-Israel Obama actions, can you believe this? It is in our ‘best interests’ to be placed on the altar of appeasement he says! As if this will actually lead to anything but wasted concessions, pressure, and ever growing Israel animosity around the world. How convenient, Obama appeases the Muslim world at Israel’s expense and we get the blame for not seeing how altruistic & wonderful he is. It’s no wonder Oppenheimer is about as popular in Israel as Obama is..

Meanwhile the Zionist Organization of America is on the warpath..

Zionist Organization of America President Morton Klein, who was excluded from a recent meeting of US Jewish leaders with Obama, issued a press release saying that the poll confirmed a high degree of Israeli concern with and disapproval of the US leader’s policies.

“It is clear that the Obama administration’s relentless pressure upon America’s ally Israel to not permit even one additional Jew to move into eastern Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, demanding virtually the unilateral establishment of a Palestinian state that will certainly be a terrorist state antagonistic to Israel, while putting no serious pressure on the Palestinians to arrest terrorists or end incitement against Jews and Israelis, has led most Israelis to now believe that Barack Obama is friend of Arabs and not of the Israelis,” Klein said.

Damn straight. Which theory is most applicable here - A, B or C? You decide. Either way props to Gil Hoffman, this story has twice now made international waves & headlines and he’s all over it like Obama on Islam.