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Comedy Gold: Al Jazeera Reporter – “We’re Under Attack” by IDF (Video)

“It’s OK, It’s Not Fatal”

While ranting & raving and perhaps giving the most blatantly bias one sided version of long ongoing events I have ever seen on TV, this Al-Jazeera english reporter comes under what can only be described as a monstrous offensive push by the IDF. You can’t see the 25 tanks & dozens of helicopters circling for the kill but if you close your eyes & imagine real hard they are there!!!!

Loaded Weapon

Her report armed up with loaded words, ‘criminal’, ‘illegal’, ‘land seizures’ etc lauds the weekly and often violent Palestinian demonstrations at Bil’in as a  ‘resistance symbol’. The whole thing is rather pitiful.

These weekly demonstrations often resort to violence with rocks, molotov cocktails etc.. Not too mention Palestinians trying to and sometimes breaching the border illegally by attacking or storming the security fence. Which as one can see is far from very menacing overall, a stark contrast to the image normally portrayed in international media of hulking concrete walls & barriers..

In reality over 95% of the barrier as it is often called is fencing exactly like this, less than 5% is made of concrete walls. But why let reality or anything else get in the way of good propaganda (er..) I mean good TV. A number of IDF soldiers have been injured at the site previously by these sanguine and friendly Palestinians ‘freedom fighters’, this is also one of the spots where Boash the Skunk – Israel’s non lethal ‘dead animal excrement smelling’ spray is often deployed.

Too bad we couldn’t get that on camera this day. Then this would have really been a keeper! The whole thing wraps with a whine over the massive concession of halting new settlement construction by Israel which is apparently not good enough for our ‘peace partners’.. Who can go to hell as far as I’m concerned personally.

Pepe Le Putrid Returns: ‘Boash The Skunk’ Deployed Against Fence Protesters

Since my previous post was all about the security fence, it is fitting that I put up a quick one regarding Boash – the Israeli non violent weapon which is used ironically against violent fence protesters. Boash is the non lethal ‘spray’ which, and I quote now has the “smell of a rotting, dead animal”..

Here’s JPOST on the news that Boash has returned to ‘active duty’ following a long hiatus,

The IDF stepped up efforts to quell violent anti-security fence demonstrations in the West Bank over the weekend using, for the first time in six months, the “skunk bomb.”

You won’t want to miss the initial post here at the hash where I 1st took a look at the weapon, which the Palestinians themselves have simply named, and again I quote: ‘Shit’. Hose ‘em down, then do me a favor & spray ‘em again for posterity please. Heck, If US Envoy George Mitchell keeps messing with us, I say giving him a good hoseing too! ; )

Go Boash Go!.. You little loveable stinker you.

Israel Fields New Weapon: “A terrible stench – the smell of a rotting, dead animal”

Yes, its been at least 48 hours since I wrote about weapons, so this is like manna from the gods of war.. A weapon against pesky ‘protesters’ who keep coming up to our security fence and causing problems so wonderful it can only be made in Israel : )

“A terrible stench – the smell of a rotting, dead animal,” says left-wing activist Dr. David Nir in disgust. For over three years he has been participating in protests against the separation fence, but he wasn’t prepared for this: Three weeks ago, at a demonstration in the West Bank village of Na’alin, he personally experiencedthe debut of Boash – the Skunk – a new method of dispersing demonstrations, developed by the Israel Police.

“We are very experienced, very familiar with the rubber bullets, the tear-gas grenades and the water hoses, but suddenly two Border Policemen arrived with strange packs on their backs and began to spray demonstrators with a liquid,” says Nir. “It was terrible. Some people got completely drenched. Fortunately, I managed to stay out of range and did not get too much of it, but the smell stuck to me, too. It was absorbed into my skin. It was really unpleasant. I couldn’t stand the stench; you deserve a gold medal for putting up with that smell.

“A week after the demonstration in Na’alin, a white truck arrived at a demonstration in Bil’in,” Nir continues. “It began approaching and we tried to keep our distance.” The truck stopped near the fence, “and then we heard the motor working harder in order to create condensed air for operating the Skunk cannon. And then it came: Strong bursts of a foul-smelling spray were showered on us, directly hitting those who didn’t move away, at up to a 30- to 50-meter radius. Because the wind was with the cannon, most of us were enveloped in vapors of stench that penetrated our lungs. On the way to Tel Aviv we drove with open windows, but we were unable to get rid of the smell even when we sprayed ourselves with deodorant. There are no words to describe it; it’s the worst odor imaginable. It’s an experience equal to jumping headfirst into a sewer. The Palestinians simply call it ‘shit.’ [...]

Ohhh, I love it!

In fact instead of electricity or water supplies we should pump this skunk action right into the faucets of troublemakers & terrorists’ homes! It’s totally non violent, somewhat vile but non lethal depending on whom you ask, heck read it all. If you are walking around Tel Aviv and run into someone who smells like ‘a rotting, dead animal’ he’s probably a left wing pro-pali peace protester, do me a favor.. Give him a good smack for me.

Boash the Skunk! I’m quickly falling in love with you my friend..

We’ve got the secret formula it seems, give ‘em a good hosing boys, hose ‘em down reeeeeeeeal nice. I want to see fleets of these white trucks, raise my taxes if you must – but spray this ‘shit‘ as they call it all over my Palestinian protesting friends day & night.

HECK – we should carpet bomb Damascus with tanks of the stuff, just like fighting fires aerially - Give us the Golan or Else! Sadly this may not work so well in Gaza where they run sewage out in the open down the street, but I am willing to try!!