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Cruising down J-Street: Obama Attacks Likud, Biden Attacks AIPAC!? (UPDATED Biden threatened AID cut)

‘Biden won’t take a back seat to no one’.. Except maybe to Iran
(Updated damagingly below)

In a strange supportive mixed-message play at American Jews & Media in the US Biden re-inforced his strong support of Israel, stating that Israeli decisions should be made in Jerusalem, that’s certainly sound and appreciated. Oddly, he then went on to trash AIPAC which is not..

[...] The Vice Presidential nominee vowed that the United States will “always standby Israel, without telling Israelis what they can and cannot do.”

Biden dismissed the prominent role played by the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC, saying the group “doesn’t speak for the entire Jewish community,” and it “doesn’t speak for the state of Israel, no matter what it insists on any occasion.”

The Delaware senator also attacked critics who have questioned his support of Israel saying, “I will take a back seat to no one, and again, no one, in AIPAC or any other organization, in terms of questioning my support of the State of Israel.” [...]

Obama Biden Call Shotgun in J-Street front seat?

The new hard left ‘Progressive Lobby Group’ J-Street seems to have deep ties to the Democrat ticket. Despite being nearly totally unknown, clearly not in Israel’s best interest policy wise, and not having anywhere near the support of Jewish Americans compared to AIPAC, if any. But J-Street does have something quite clutch – Obama & Biden fans it seems. It’s no wonder why, when you look at the ticket’s foreign policy spiel..

[...] Biden also questioned the wisdom of a pre-emptive U.S.-led attack on Iran, at a time when the U.S. is “bogged-down in Iraq,” adding that he has been “stunned by the incompetence” of the Bush administration in its handling of the war in Iraq.

Biden also defended his opposition to the The Kyl-Lieberman Iran amendment which called for labeling Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization and passed by a vote of 76 – 22, saying that he didn’t want to help the government find a “pretext for war with Iran”, especially in light of what he described as the Bush administration’s inept handling of the war in Iraq. [...]

One clearly begins to understand, that there will never be pre-text for striking Iran according to Biden, as taking any sort of action whatsoever even if benign might be interpreted as yet another step towards such a strike, heaven’s forbid this is anathema to this ticket and that’s fine. American policy should be decided in America. But even the threat of a strike – The single piece of real leverage America has is clearly not in the cards.

Easy come, easy go Israel policy?

It brings in to question how strongly Biden or Obama would really support allied Israel if IT felt it needed to strike in the end, support Israel would need badly. Clearly these two take a backseat in their own words to no one, American Jews or AIPAC included, and certainly not Israel legitimately, which is a foreign sovereign country. But somehow I get the feeling allies will not be riding along in the backseat with these guys, more like in the trunk.

Obama himself has already made his views on The Likud quite clear. Apparently as long as we here in ‘Jerusalem’ choose to drive on J-Street, choose appeasement, or surrender, and the Meretz Peace platform ‘to endanger the state’ supported by 1% of our own population, we should be just fine in the buddy department under the New Democrats. Phew!

But what happens if that’s not what we decide?

In that case it is very comforting knowing that this ticket disparages AIPAC, the closest American organizational friend Israel has in America, its number one ally in the world. Why did Obama pander to AIPAC in the first place if it’s not important? Who was he trying to impress, clearly not Joe Biden. It is also comforting that Obama disparages the Likud, the largest political party representing the largest slice of the Israeli electorate for the last decade in Israel, where Israelis themselves get to ‘decide’.

AIPAC responds:

[...] Joe Biden is a strong supporter of the US-Israel relationship,” said AIPAC spokesman Josh Block in response to Biden’s statements. “He’s been a staunch supporter of US aid to Israel, a leader in the fight against Palestinian terrorism and is a vocal advocate of the special relationship between the two democracies,” he continued. “We look forward to continuing to work with him in the Senate or the White House,” should he win.

“Barack Obama and Joe Biden have both enjoyed close and effective cooperation with AIPAC over many years, grounded in their respect for its important mission to support Israel’s security and a strong US-Israel relationship,” Obama spokeswoman Wendy Morigi said in a statement released later Wednesday. “That is a mission they share, and they look forward to continuing to work closely with AIPAC on their common goals.” [...]

Biden’s Big Mouth & Obama’s Big Talk

These guys & their 300 policy advisers are baffled as to why they can’t secure more of the Jewish vote stateside, is it any wonder? What with them attacking the Likud, AIPAC and preaching the virtues of J-Street? The bigger question might be how they have secured any of the American Jewish vote at all! Both these men are Pro-Israel, but the more they talk the more one wonders which Israel it is they are supporting in this election, the one that is an American ally and depends on the good people of the USA, or the one that will win them the most votes?

UPDATE (HT SD) – Biden should probably ease off, in light of this damaging exchange with Israel’s Peace negotiating Prime Minister Begin..

The quotes came out a few days ago but were unsubstantiated, my right word has done some fantastic digging to bring up the relevant facts.

The exchange is between Likud Prime Minister Menachem Begin of Israel, and a younger Senator Joe Biden in 1982 around the time of Operation Peace for the Galilee (Lebanon War I) in which Biden to get his way threatens TO CUT OFF AID TO ISRAEL and is chided in return by Begin for his fair weather friendship..

New York Times, June 24, 1982:

Reporting on his meetings with the members of Congress, Mr. Begin said one of the senators had threatened to cut off aid if Israel continued creating settlements in the West Bank. The senator is reported to have been Joseph R. Biden Jr., Democrat of Delaware,

Mr. Begin cited the incident to give voice to a feeling that is held in his entourage – that Israel has rendered military service to the United States in battle-testing American arms.

“Sir, do not threaten us with cutting aid,” Mr. Begin said, in recounting his reply. “First of all, you should know that this is not a one-way street. You help us, and we are very grateful for your help, but this is a two-way street. We do a lot for you.”

Indeed, Mr Biden a pro Israel senator may want to ease up on the AIPAC bashing and aid cutting, lest someone like me get the wrong idea and think an Obama/Biden ticket might be a disaster for Israel..

the memeo is on the story now, Rosner who seems to have left the comforts of Haaretz and spread his wings a bit ties into the J-Street theme, while the Huffington Post keeps desperately trying to get the Jews for Jesus meme going and smear Palin, too bad we’ve already been there and done that, with Obama turning out the loser.

Reality Check: It is not Palin BUT Obama who has a Jewish problem

Ben Smith at the politico tries to desperately get the Democrat house in order by pilling on..

Jewish voters may be wary of Palin

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Barack Obama has struggled for 18 months to lock down the support of a traditionally Democratic group, Jewish voters. In the past week, John McCain may have helped Obama with his Jewish problem by choosing Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate.

McCain and Obama are battling over a portion of the Jewish community: older, conservative Democrats, largely in South Florida, some of whom backed Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary. McCain’s secular, hawkish credentials appeal to many in that group, who are skeptical of Obama’s relatively short record and have been deluged with rumors about his pro-Palestinian leanings.

But Democrats hope Palin’s social conservatism, her paper-thin record on Israel, and – perhaps most importantly – her cultural roots in evangelical Christianity may be a major turnoff to Jewish voters, just as Republicans have tried to reach women disappointed that Obama didn’t choose Hillary Clinton,

Democrats have already begun to to capitalize on the choice of Palin – over Jewish Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman – in South Florida and elsewhere. A prominent Obama backer, Florida Rep. Robert Wexler, has attacked Palin for appearing at a 1999 event with Pat Buchanan – who has attacked the influence of the Israeli lobby in America. And the same factors that are rallying the evangelical base to Palin may push away the Jews.

What is astounding is that the Democrats think they have a winning issue here. One would have to be a moron to overlook the fact that Obama blows with whichever direction the wind is in, any statement he makes or has made on Israel, the Middle East, The Arab World, Iran is likely to change depending on the mood around him, he’s fickle and he’s weak. His advisers want to dramatically engage in the Palestinian process according to his chief foreign affairs surrogate Susan Rice, that can only mean one thing: Massive pressure for unwarranted concessions and an American FORCED fake peace that will bring all new heights of violence, and result in the slaughter of untold innocent Israelis to terrorists.

Obama & Biden are both weak on Iran, weak on Islamic Fundamentalism, Biden himself still holds to the concept that Shia & Sunni rivalries trump Israeli and Jewish hatreds in the Muslim Arab world, a uniquely unqualified view which in effect despite his so called experience is in direct contradiction to fact regarding Hezbollah, Hamas, Syrian & Iranian ties all around Israel and now Iraq as well. These two politicians prefer to appease Iran..

The Preacher in the Attic

Obama and his family spent the last 20 years in a Church with a rabble rousing Palestinian loving anti-semite as its lead preacher. A man who’s hatreds are not limited to Israel, but include America and White People with Jews elevated to a very secial platform of hate. Black Power as it is often called invariably involves scapegoating American Jews, I find it hard to believe that this kind of record enamors American Jews more than a hard working Governor mother from Alaska?

If this is the only issue for these voters, and it surely is not. Given the choice between Evangelical Church goers who are traditionally the strongest group for advocacy on Israel in America, versus a black nationalist anti-semitic preacher with a 20 year record of Jew hatred, the only person with a problem is Mr. Obama. Ben Smith can bandy the talking points about all he likes, it won’t change the facts.

Comedy Central

As for capitalizing on the choice of Palin over Lieberman, who quested to dump Lieberman the Orthodox Jew from his seat, who threw Lieberman out of the party and laced his previous campaign with anti-jewish hatreds? Why that was the Democrats. Who has stated for months that on Jewish issues concerning Israel the choice is clearly McCain over Obama, why that was Lieberman himself.. Who spoke last night at the GOP convention, it was not a Jews for Jesus preacher, it was not the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, it was not even the until now never heard of Rep. from Florida Mr. Wexler.. But Joe Lieberman.

If this is a battle of character, a battle for Jewish voters, those Democrats and their tuchus licking press sure have a funny view of capitalizing because their candidate is pulling the lowest amount of those voters in recent history, I wonder why that is?


LINK UPDATE: Gateway Pundit / Founding Bloggers destroy the question entirely with a list of painful highlights for the Obama camp, along with some good advice.. Don’t go there.

Palin & Israel: Looking for Love in All The Wrong Places

If you are blogging and you have the word Israel in all your tags, and over the weekend added Palin posts you know that there is quite a bit of search frenzy going on around the net. I’ve served up quite a few Palin images from Google & Live this weekend, and the Palin searches are still coming in strong. The internet’s citizens are looking for images of the attractive relatively unknown Alaskan Governor, but there is also a lot of Israel Palin related searching going down as well..

Biden is Pro Israel

That’s the refrain from US Democrats, and it’s true. What is also true is that Biden ascribes to the weaker Obama Iranian position of endless appeasing dialog, and what is inconveniently true for Jewish Liberal brethren torn in the US perhaps between their democratic usual vote, and the State of Israel’s own historic modern day peril – Is that Biden thinks we can, push come to shove live here with the Iranian Bomb.

Let’s clear that up right quick. We will do no such thing. That story is called dying at the hands of the Iranian bomb. This is not the cold war, Radical Islamists cut people’s heads off. Iran abuses it’s own populace & ascribes to the Islamic Fundamentalist views of Martyrdom, has prepared 50,000 suicide bombers, supports and created the Hezbollah and is the world’s foremost sponsor of Terror. There will be no living with the bomb here and no cold war.

What about Palin? The search is on.

The left is praying to dig up some nasty Jooo bashing, Palin & Buchanan was the 1st talking point harped on MSNBC after all. The right is searching for some affirmation. They are all searching it seems but in the wrong places. Governor Palin is an Evangelical, here in Israel we know who our friends are and they consist of the US Evangelical movement. The Liberal Jews like to talk in the US of how scary the Evangelicals are, they bash Hagee, they tout conversion conspiracies, but here in Israel we are not scared of Jesus – Jesus was an Israeli and a nice Jewish boy from the Kinneret. Here we don’t fear the unborn, our traditional observant families crank out kids like Japanese auto factories and with joy. When we talk conversion it is about Gentiles seeking to come to the Jewish faith and live in the Jewish State, not whole communities assimilating out.

Obam/Biden vs McCain/Palin

McCain is a strong supporter of Israel, Palin is an Evangelical governor who has welcomed warm ties with Alaska’s small Jewish community. Surely of course no one expected there to be long speeches and sponsored resolutions from the 2 year Governor on foreign issues like Israel, so these things don’t faze us..

[...] But Palin’s obscurity, her lack of any record on Israel, or even statements on Israel issues, has not changed the overall sentiment in Jerusalem toward the race, and a lack of public endorsement of a ticket doesn’t mean a lack of preference. Privately, the prevalent feeling in Jerusalem’s corridors of power is that in the Obama-McCain race, “more of the same,” the epithet Obama is throwing at McCain, is not that bad.

When it comes to the Middle East, Jerusalem – or at least the current government – is not only unafraid of more of the same, but would actually embrace it from the next White House. The government likes what has come from the Bush administration over the last number of years and is in no hurry to see any change there.

Almost nothing of Palin is known in Jerusalem beyond what has been written in the press over the last few days. But at least in the initial blush following the stunning announcement, that unfamiliarity has not changed Jerusalem’s overall comfort level with the man who has deemed that Palin is indeed of vice-presidential caliber.


Daled Amos look at video of the Governor, including a cute Israeli flag on her window sill. The lady is an Evangelical, they don’t call these values & morals Judeo / Christian for nothing! Nice find.

He links to Carl who holds common views but is looking at Jews for Jesus speeches and classifying this as a potential hot button. Nonsense I say, here in Israel the perils are clear and the choices of preference regarding the US ticket even clearer, the threat is not Jews for Jesus.