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For the Win: ‘Pro-Israel’ J Street Feeling the Pain (Link Update)

Newsflash: Criticism is par for the course when you are “Pro-Israel” – pseudo or not so get used to it.

What a week for the far left progressive democratic organization posing as a Pro-Israel lobby. The group has finally arrived, from obscurity to irrelevance that is.

Instead of furthering the J Street Agenda their upcoming conference has effectively pulled back the shades. Is suspect the lead up to the event has been even better than the conference! In sum, what has been confirmed is what many of us involved already knew.

This outfit is a pro-Obama far left organ that relies mostly on distortion to achieve its aims. It’s got very little to do with being Pro-Israel. Here in Israel the views it lobbies for (to the left of the Meretz party yet!) are not supported by Israelis, we’re talking not even 5%.

By default, this should make them totally irrelevant. Far be it for me to criticize American Jews, though as a product of both North America & Israel I do so liberally.. But one has to ask oneself. If you are pushing views as a concerned pro-Israel Jew in the diaspora, shouldn’t these views at least mesh up with say someone somewhere ACTUALLY in Israel? Not even the majority, but say a minimum 5% threshold? So far that is simply not the case.

Supporting Israel does not mean telling it or its electorate what to do, that’s called undermining Israel.

Frankly, the fact that J Street views have near zero representation here makes the whole thing rather insulting to us Israelis. Worse, the outfits make up is mostly composed of former Olso Israeli rejects, people actively booted out of Israeli politics because they have near zero support here. They picked up & setup shop in America instead, where the money & ignorance hopefully flow.. (Mrs. Avital neglects to mention in that Op Ed piece she’s an adviser / affiliated with J Street – because this is their modus operandi – Distortion)

Sadly, Obama made a similar mistake when he figured he in all his uneducated wisdom knew better than Israelis themselves about Israel or what the country’s policy should be. He was rewarded with the actual statistics – 4% of Israelis agreeing with him & a crisis of confidence from a chief ally. It is no shocker that a front group created by Obama’s biggest far left wing Jewish American supporters to provide cover for unpopular anti-Israel positions, should commit the same cardinal sin - or be rewarded by the WH for that matter..

When you align yourself with Israel’s enemies, when you equate Israel to Hamas, when you try to kneecap the INTL sanctions effort regarding Iran’s nuclear program, you are neither “Pro-Peace” nor “Pro-Israel”. What you are is a member of the most far left fringe in American politics, radicals. So don’t be so surprised when you are called out as such. These are the facts.

All credit to Daled Amos, Soccerdad & doubly especially Goldfarb at the Standard for these & many other links, and a fantastically amusing / enlightening week. Many links above in the text have further detailed sourcing which tell the story far better than I can.

J Street's Big Win at the Memeo

J Street's Big Win at the Memeo

 This image was shamefully ripped right from the standard blog, but it nicely documents the Big Win!

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