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Confirmation: US holding Israel back on Iranian Strikes

Haaretz confirms a number of previous posts here at the Hashmonean

Weapons requests denied, Aluf Benn has an article up about denial of air corridors (IFF Codes) and certain weapons platforms to hold Israel back from striking. Much speculation has been floating about on what those weapons were. I looked at the topics in these posts below;

Haaretz confirms advanced JDAM munitions (Bunker Busters) were rejected, and doesn’t specify which ‘advanced technology’ was denied but I covered both above sadly in this post: No F-22 For You: Gates squashed Israel’s big hopes

Benn also looks at the reported request for 767 mid air refueling tankers, noting that such a request would take several years to fill which is the reason I was skeptical about that piece of the puzzle here: Totally Tankered? : Let me add some fuel to the 767 fire

Brothers in Arms? Not so much when it comes to Arms requests lately

All in all, Secretary Gates can huff and he can puff, but in the end if we decide to blow the house down that is exactly what we will do. It is one thing to talk about pre-emption and preventing cataclysmic WMD events in the USA, another thing entirely to expect us in Israel to look at the matter any differently. Bush may have made pre-emption famous, but we kinda invented it. On this sad anniversary of the horrific mass murder attacks of 9/11 that message is even more poignant. We won’t be waiting around for the surprise Nuke to go off that’s for sure, I think Gates has overplayed his hand needlessly, instead of preventing Israel he has only made the chances of Israel’s failure should it strike higher.. Rummy, he is not.

It should be noted, some of those bombs denied are previously approved weapons purchases; Special delivery please: Israel requests ‘Iran Busters’