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Obama’s Ivory Tower: Professor’s Lecture to Israel Reaffirms ‘Stalwart Alliance’ (Link Update IV)

Self-reflection or deflection?
(Important updates below)

Meetings with prominent US Jewish leaders at the White House have resulted in little to nothing for the Jewish State but more of the same. The meeting initiated by some of Obama’s strongest supporters, moneymen and good pal Mr. Solow (who now heads up AIPAC the Conference of Presidents, sorry the other Obama yes man Lee Rosenberg now heads up AIPAC, it’s hard to keep track these days with so many O cheerleaders in every position of power – edit) was clearly designed to accomplish one goal. Deflection.

  • Yes, with approximately 6% of Israelis polled now viewing the American President as Pro-Israel
  • No doubt a few US Jews feeling a little shystered by the President who fed them candy coated sweet nothings while campaigning, only to later deliver threats.
  • Prominent Obama campaigners like representative Wexler in Forida suffering ugly credibility problems, and worse routinely being chewed out publicly by American Jews for leading them astray.

Clearly, both the White House itself and its power playing progressive Jewish apologists need a little deflection these days and they need it bad..

Radical Ideologue / Child President advises us to seriously ‘Self Reflect’.

Yeah, that’s rich. You know Mr President, Israelis have spent an inordinate amount of time the last 2 to 3 years in bomb shelters for days & weeks. Sheltering from the attacks, missiles, mortars, and ball bearing screw packed rockets our proposed ‘Peace Partners’ bestow upon us. We have had plenty of time to ‘self- reflect’ while you preach to us the merits of your now world recognized as foolish appeasement policies, and profound weakness.

We’ve reflected while you put your feet up on the White House desk, and lecture our leaders on the merits of your Wright Khalidi inspired prattle and world philosophy. We no doubt seriously reflect while you curtsy to Saudi Kings, and express how ‘troubled you are’ over Women being beaten to death by our enemies in Iran. There’s the occasional self reflection while you waffle on North Korean Nuclear Weapons and Iranian delivery systems.

We seemingly self-reflect for decades now? While our leaders consistently time & again offer the Palestinians everything they have asked for only to be rejected. Yet somehow at the end of the day the blame is ours, the onus is on us, and liberal elitist fools dig a little deeper and deflect from these realities by counseling us to perhaps ‘reflect a little deeper’. You’ve got some serious Jewish Chutzpah there El Presidente, matched only apparently by a monstrous Ego and a delusional ‘power to heal’.

Family Debate? Good, Let me Chime in.

I don’t know how it works in rich mixed Indonesian Chicagoan Hawaiian families, but I can tell you in Jewish families generally we don’t single out our family members for undeserved public ridicule & scorn over artificial issues. We don’t tarnish the family name apologizing for invented slights, or rewrite history in far off places to suit our whims. We don’t bury past agreements and play pretend with national commitments & former Presidential assurances. We don’t threaten and withhold weapons or arms from each other, and we don’t setup straw men at the family’s expense in order to cozy up to dictators & despots, or establish our chops as an honest broker with Radical Islamists.

In light of your now plummeting approval ratings, the trillions in dollars of debt you are amassing on behalf of your other ‘family members’ in America. In light of the fact that your engagement strategies are falling flat on their face and your world view is a bad joke.. Upon some reflection of mine here, I say you might want to consider a stoppage in the deflection plays your pirouetting piranha Rahm Emanuel is always playing.. and maybe take a good long look in the mirror.

I’ll Buy That For a Dollar!

Shhhh.. I'm really an appeasing Pan-Arabist Marxist (Photo Reuters)

Shhhh.. I'm really an appeasing Pan-Arabist Marxist (Photo Reuters)

Here in Israel even the far leftists in line with your agenda are suggesting you begin a massive ‘sales job’ to win over Israeli public opinion. Unfortunately unlike the J-Street sycophants who have your ear in America, few Israelis are impressed by your gift for gab, or think that a token PR visit will suddenly make the planet sprout roses however. Better start boning up now, it’s going to have to be your biggest foreign-soil speech / con yet because I have news..

When you re-wrote Arab Israeli history in Cairo and stated in effect that Israel was a result of the Holocaust you didn’t touch the third rail of Israeli politics. You touched the third rail of Israeli society in a country where everyone in the family has experienced part of the genocide. You de-legitimized our very existence as Jews, the only reason we actually survived in order to score some cheap political points with the Muslim world.

When our Prime Minister responded in an internationally televised speech to grant concessions you have been lording over us where were you? You were golfing. You couldn’t even bother to tune in, that’s how duplicitous you are about your ‘deep concern & friendship’ with Israel. More ‘Words’, you know I’m just saying one family member to another..

Respect is a two way street

Maybe if the American administration stops slapping us around & respects Israel a little we’ll return the favor. Maybe we’ll change our tone when you do, I’ll gladly do the same. We are after all committed to our friends & family, our American brothers & sisters and of course the cause of peace.. But not to the American Progressive movement or its foolish philosophies, no matter how much deflection is employed – Our security & way of life is much too precious.

Hat Tip to the memeorandum for a number of links.

JPOST Editorial wondering why the President didn’t get to hear much resistance from US Jewish Leaders.
Haaretz Editorial beseeching the President to come to Israel in order to explain himself more clearly..

“Now the U.S. administration must convince the Israeli public that it has a friend in the White House, and that the administration’s positions correspond with Israel’s national interests.” 

When you read that in the left wing Israeli daily which practically wants to wash Obama’s feet you know the situation has gotten beyond bad. Incidentally Mr. President, when you formulated your Israel policy based on polling in Israel your pals at J-Street, the NJDC, and leftists Israeli organizations prepared for you? They were lying. Unless you have something radically different to say please stay home because you’re far from a rockstar here.

Update II – The American Orthodox Union (Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America) in attendance of the meeting, pulls few punches and slams the moral equivalency arguments put forth by the President. Let’s hope the Union’s Rabbis speak to congregants this Sabbath and raise awareness in our diaspora communities about feelings over these issues and the importance of a strong vibrant American / Israel alliance. Let’s hope in fact this occurs in congregations of all denominations within the US. (HT Jen Rubin, Contentions.)

**Update III**In today’s Jerusalem Post Isi Liebler does it all much more eloquently than I can.
You’ll find all the important notions I tried to articulate in my previous few posts on these topics packaged up quite perfectly, minus my more raw hormonal rage lol. Thanks Mr. Liebler! As usual the Wise Zionist shines through..

Candidly Speaking: The case against Obama – Isi Liebler.