Netanyahu Speech: 2 States, for 2 Peoples – Limited Palestinian Autonomy (Links Update)

Netanyahu calls for 2 states

Will the Americans finally be satisfied? Netanyahu called for a 2 state solution for 2 peoples, the chief American demand of Israel – But stressed that critical limits must be placed on Palestinian autonomy, that it cannot be business as usual as with other states in the world. Limits to borders and security, demilitarized, etc. Stressing the need to recognize Israel as A Jewish state before progress can be made.

PM Netanyahu at the Begin Sadat Center of Peace

PM Netanyahu at the Begin Sadat Center at Bar Ilan

Netanyahu also stressed in the most applauded section of the speech that Israel, the land of Israel is our birthright & spent time laying out history in stark contrast to Obama’s speech in Cairo which was filled with whimsical poetry, but dangerously disregarded reality & history. He went directly at & challenged Obama’s message stressing the Holocaust as cause for the birth of Israel, stressing instead our longing and ties to the land for the length of Jewish history.


Regarding settlements, Bibi stressed that Israel will not expand borders of settlements or impinge on Palestinian lands but did not call for halts to construction within Israeli settlements. Our rights cannot be simply steamrolled thankfully, and initial statements from the right wing & settler movement have been somewhat supportive (keep in mind this is within a few minutes of the speech), there might be other voices and opinions raised shortly. Despite that, it was a solid speech.

Impressive, and moving - But will the Likud come on board, and will Obama & his very hostile administration to date ease off its harsh words

Impressive, and moving - But will the Likud come on board, and will Obama & his very hostile administration to date ease off its harsh words

Jersusalem, Refugees off the table

No negotiation of Israel’s unified capital, no refugees to return to Israel in the  pursuit of peace. He did call for the Arab world to join in the task of building peace, especially to build a joint economic foundation for peace. He similarly to other PMs (most famously Golda Meir) stated his willingness to travel to any Arab country, any Arab capital in the pursuit of peace and invited Arab leaders to Jerusalem for talks with Israel any time.

On the whole, he presented like Obama a vision for peace, but one which unlike the American vision takes into account Israel’s views & needs and not only the Arab demands. This was not a work plan, but a statement of Israeli principles. On the whole it was a good speech, I felt emotion when Netanyahu spoke of Israeli history & sacrifice and by the same token he stressed we are willing to make more sacrifices for peace, things that no other nation would do or expect for peace.. Such is the Jewish people’s desire to live in peace & security with the Arab world.

The Palestinians as normal, as usual for the last 60 years time & again (another detail not acknowledged by the Obama administration to date) have already rejected Netanyahu’s words & call for peace to move forward.. Stating we will have to wait 1000 years for peace negotiations if their demands are not met. Typical.

Initial Links & updates
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Fox News: Israel’s Netanyahu Calls for Creation Palestinian State for First Time

Obama or Carter?: “I have been in love with the Palestinian people for many years” (Videos)

Two peas in a pod?

President Obama is often compared to former president Jimmy Carter. A Google search of the words Obama & Carter in fact turns up over 13 MILLION results. Considering the fact that one of those two keywords (Obama) is fairly unique, that’s a heck of a lot of returns.

Regarding American domestic policy, especially looking at economics & parallels one could probably write an interesting book on the topic. In the domain of foreign policy things become even more striking. As an example, Newt Gingrich about a week ago appearing on Fox News was asked directly by Greta Van Susteran whether such a comparison was valid?

Israel & the Palestinians?

Gingrich makes some solid points, I’ll gladly leave it to the reader to decide whether or not one agrees. On the topic of Israel & the Palestinians however I think there’s much less room for debate. Former President Carter openly holds contempt for Israel, his most recent book implies Israel is an apartheid state for heaven’s sake. His open admiration of the Palestinian people & their cause is certainly no secret.

Turning to President Obama, his own past associations are replete with examples of Palestinian sympathy. His most recent speech in Cairo calling the Palestinian situation quote “intolerable” is only one of many, it painted an odd contrast to Mahmoud Abbas himself who recently told the Washington Post that life for the Palestinians was great!

I’m also reminded of statements by Jesse Jackson (another famous ‘Israel fan’) during the presidential campaign, when he referred to Obama as the ‘Palestinian Deliverer’.. Further, Obama’s literal crusade against Israel of late is well reported & well known, prompting the Washington Post editorial page (no huge friend of Israel) to question whether the President needed to temper his anti-Israel zeal.

It’s all a bit disconcerting really

Especially when one looks at the fact that Jimmy Carter just finished meeting in Syria with Hamas terrorists and being honored by the Palestinians, who have awarded him the “Palestine International Award for Excellence and Creativity” whatever that means. Here’s President Carter’s response..

“I have been in love with the Palestinian people for many years,” he said Saturday, adding that this is a feeling shared by members of his family. “I have two great-grandsons that are rapidly learning about the people here and the anguish and suffering and deprivation of human rights that you have experienced ever since 1948,” he said.

Notice that Carter scales all the way back to 1948, blaming Israel for ‘oppressing’ the Palestinians while Jordan ruled the West Bank & Egypt ruled Gaza, thus basically delegitimatizing Israel’s right to exist entirely. This is quite similar to President Obama, who famously did the exact same thing in Cairo when he denied the Jewish people’s 2000 year long true historical claim & longing to return to the land of Israel. This is the basis of Judaism - the Jews covenant with Gd.

Instead, Obama swallowed the Arab narrative whole and basically stated that Israel was created because of the Holocaust, mirroring Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s view of the situation to the letter, a man who questions Israel’s right to exist because he claims Europe should pay the price for the Holocaust, not the Arabs or the Palestinians – Therefore according to his and Israel hater’s logic the Jews don’t deserve a homeland in Israel.

Indeed, here’s a bit more Carter today, and his view of Obama policy..

Referring to President Barack Obama’s call for an Israeli settlement freeze, Carter said thatin the future, I am sure, he will call for the dismantling of the settlements that exist.” But he noted that Obama also called for an end to violence against Israelis and for Arab acceptance of Israelis’ right to their own nation. [...] Carter, 85, pledged his “assistance, as long as I live, to win your freedom, your independence, your sovereignty and a good life.”

Lovely. First freeze, then deport all the Jews entirely! I myself am rapidly coming to the conclusion that Carter is probably right about Obama in this case. I think President Obama is an Israel hater just like Carter – Perhaps he too has ‘been in love with the Palestinian people for many years.’

Some Images of Obama meeting with Abbas at the White House recently.

Love is in the air..

Love is in the air..

Best Friends Forever?

Best Friends Forever?

And one of Obama Professing his ‘love of Israel’ with Netanyahu at the White House..

Kind of says it all dont it?

Kind of says it all don’t it?

(Abbas images h/t the astute blogger)

No More Concessions: Majority Back Refusing Obama’s Artificial Demands (Link Update)

Push-back: 6 out of 10 Israelis oppose halts to our natural growth

How much domestic support does Bibi Netanyahu have to resist these absurd American demands with little to nothing in return? Plenty..

56% of those polled support continued building & growth in our settlement blocks, as opposed to 37% whom are prepared to cave to Obama, that’s a nearly 20% gap which is enough and more for Netanyahu domestically.

If we look at dismantling the major blocks around Jerusalem, or other areas for the purpose of signing a paper peace? The numbers are very high in oppositiona full 2/3rds with 36% opposing ANY evacuation whatsoever and 30% supporting dismantling a ‘small number’ of settlements.

Football Sunday!

The speech outlining Israeli policy will be delivered this Sunday by PM Netanyahu. Bibi, Ehud Barak, Olmert, even Livni due to realities in the Kadima party - All without exception are opposed to any form of halt to our natural growth in towns & communities making up our settlement blocks.

My Opinion? Buyer Beware

A Peace deal currently lacks partners, we all know it. Further peace must be ratified by our electorate. Mitchell, Obama, Axelrod, Rahm, Power all these officials need to start coming back to earth in regards to their ‘vision’ of peace. The One imagines massive settlement dismantling, dividing Jerusalem, handing off the Temple Mount.. This is all pie in the sky. These are the whims of dreamers these are the Arabs demands – If he continues on this path the realities of Israeli Democracy will deliver a humbling blow the likes of which will shock his Presidency to the core… We will REJECT such a paper peace deal.

National Security

Lately, a dangerous political ploy has been making the rounds in statements from America to the media etc. The notion that securing Palestinian aspirations and making a peace is part of ‘American national security interests’. This is a distortion and something new, it is a pressure tactic drummed up to lend legitimacy to squeezing Israel with less political fallout, it is in short cover for Obama’s more personal wishes.

Stop quietly issuing threats to Israel

Obama has shown according to the feelings here in Israel a surprising lack of understanding & mutual respect to Israelis while kissing all our enemies’ asses. We are being backed into a corner on multiple fronts, history has shown the State of Israel lashes out violently in such situations irrespective of American will.

The Obama admin seems to be taking a lot onto its plate, domestically and around the world with muted success so far. It should keep in mind that we can add a heaping pile of mash potatoes & gravy to that plate in pursuit of our own national security.. This is a dangerous game Rahm & Axelrod are playing, they should keep it in mind they may not only get burned, but come out extra crispy.

Quid Quo Pro you say?

It is time to start talking LOUD & CLEAR about Palestinian concessions regarding their demands for peace, on Arab concessions regarding demands for peace. Of course, they have already rejected Obama’s plans but we are not allowed to talk about that..

May I remind that we control the land – in the land for peace concept. The Israeli electorate is in the driver’s seat regarding peace in the Middle East, not the Chicago based American far leftist Jews whispering in Obama’s ear and plotted by J-Street. If he puts this concept to the test, he may be sorry. We are looking to cooperate, we seek peace, but the seeming will to impose solutions on us are totally unacceptable in our democracy.

Daled Amos has the full numbers on the poll
As per the norm on dividing Jerusalem the number in opposition is around 70%.. Usually that number fluctuates between 70-80% depending on circumstance and the polls.

Link Update:
Damn she’s good.. Glick sums up what I was sort of getting at here regarding imposition on Israel and the feeling in the region. SD’s look at formulation of recent policy, as well as some interesting backlash that may occur is worthy. My last 10 posts are all about Obama, anyone think there’s some backlash developing in Israel? (Heh!)

Missile Threat: Pentagon Confirms Iranian ICBMs May Target America by 2015 (Plus – Shameless Self-Promotion!!)

Confirmation: Iranian Sejil-2 Ballistic Missile.

About two weeks ago I wrote that in-depth post above, it was a pretty good. Yesterday via Drudge I saw that the Pentagon confirmed much of what was written (as per the norm for the Analysis category at the Hashmonean I might add in glorious self-promotion lol). As such I’m updating with some of the latest information courtesy of Al-Reuters just below..

I’m also thanking and reminding my much appreciated regular readers who are slowly returning since my break that as in other cases, including the Lebanon War, the Iranian Nuclear Reactor strike in Syria etc, if you happened to have read analysis at the Hashmonean - you probably read it with a substantial jump on the rest of the planet! (Yes, it’s too bad I can’t do this for the stock market.. We’d all be rich!! ; )

Ahem, with that traffic inducing self aggrandizement out of the way
(*link to the Hashmonean*… *you are getting very sleepy*)
here are some up updates from the MSM.

Pentagon confirms:

  • Initial estimates on Ballistic Missile threat to America way off.
  • 2 Stage Solid Fuel Missiles a major advancement
  • Nuclear tipped ICBMs from Noko & Iran a distinct possibility soon enough

Money Quotes from the head of the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency..

“It really is an international effort going on out there to develop ballistic missile capability between these countries,” Army Lieutenant General Patrick O’Reilly told a forum on Capitol Hill.

They are sharing know-how on avionics, propulsion and materials, among other things, O’Reilly said. “We’ve seen it for years and it continues,” he said of such cooperation between North Korea and Iran, whose Shahab missiles are widely reported to be based on North Korean designs.

Their ability to fire missiles with a stable ignition and launch a second stage represents “a significant step forward” for both of them.. Asked which country was further ahead in missile development, he said it could be described as a “horse race” with no clear leader. [...]

The Israeli view outlined in the article by Israel’s former head of Missile Defense also jives with what I’ve written, that the Iranian program has catapulted ahead alarmingly. In my post I highlighted that these rapid advancements will challenge existing missile shields and looked at the advantages of solid fuel rockets now within Iranian capabilities..

Solid-propellant missiles offer many advantages over those with liquid fuel. They are easier to store, harder to detect and may be launched without a fueling process readily observable by spy satellites.

Iran’s use of solid-fuel missiles demonstrated “a quantum leap in capabilities” over those shown by North Korea, Uzi Rubin, the former head of Israel’s Missile Defense Organization, told Reuters in an interview. “Basically, this is big-power league,” he said, adding that the jury was still out, as far he was concerned, on whether the two had integrated their ballistic missile programs. [...]

Lastly, more ugliness and part of the main event of my post 2 weeks ago – Confirmation of the nuclear threat to America & the World from The U.S. Air Force’s National Air and Space Intelligence Center:

“Iran has ambitious ballistic missile and space launch development programs and, with sufficient foreign assistance, Iran could develop and test an ICBM capable of reaching the United States by 2015,”

The report, made available by the Federation of American Scientists, said North Korea was continuing work on its Taepodong 2 “that could reach the United States with a nuclear payload” if developed as an intercontinental ballistic missile. [...]

Nothing to see here, move along.

Iran is voting today on a new puppet President, the White House is quiet but leftists who salivate over making buddy buddy with the Mullahs are playing up the notion of the ‘big reformer’ candidate’s chances and how Obama’s outreach is making huge strides. Of course this reformer is nothing of the sort and these nuclear & ballistic programs are full steam ahead regardless of who wins.

More endearing self-promotion ahead..

The original post has more analysis, images & video as well if you are interested. It will undoubtedly show up in the auto related links generated just below these words when I hit the publish button.

Mockery: Egypt Rejects Obama’s Calls For Arab Confidence Building With Israel

Country at PEACE with Israel Will Not Even Support Arab Normalization!

Can the Obama administration look any more foolish?

That’s the question I am asking myself. The US-Israel alliance has been damaged badly for political purposes over an artificially created conflict involving natural growth, and for what? The Palestinians reject calls to live up their commitments, content to simply wait for Israel to be bashed by Obama. The Saudis reject even the slightest step of normalization & the Egyptians AT PEACE with Israel agree..

Obama thinks he’s going to change the world, so he’s bludgeoning us, pandering to Muslims left right & center, weakening American policy, going nowhere on Iranian nuclear threats, all the while not advancing even an inch on the Arab world side toward peace??

Arab / Palestinian Demands?

Even more classic, the quest for peace is actually REVERSING thanks to this incompetent amateur display of American leadership, examine this exchange between Mitchell and the Egyptian Foreign Minister..

Mitchell US Peace Envoy

“As President (Barack) Obama said here in Cairo just last week, the Arab states have an important role to play … We regard the Arab peace initiative as an important proposal that we are trying to integrate into our effort.

“Proposing the initiative was just the beginning. It brings with it responsibilities to join in taking meaningful steps and important actions that will help us move toward our objective.” [...]

The Egyptian FM’s response?

“Any Arab act must be matched by an act,” Aboul Gheit said in answer to a question on what exactly was meant by “meaningful Arab steps.”

There must be a substantial Israeli act which consists of a complete end to settlement activity and the withdrawal of the Israeli army from all (West Bank) towns and the end of the (Gaza) blockade.

“If we see serious and real Israeli steps we think that Arab parties will also be ready to return to the situation existing before 2000,” he said.

“If the peace process moves forward, Egypt will not be against Arab acts to encourage the Israeli side to advance still further on the path of peace.” [...]


  • In return for a full withdrawal opening Israel up to Terrorists
  • Legitimizing Hamas the Terrorist group & allowing them to freely build a terror state
  • Plus abusing our population through natural growth prohibition..

the Arabs are prepared to:

What a mockery. I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly feeling more confident already. Confident in the fact that the Obama Administration, led by Israel haters internally has screwed the pooch so badly with this inane idiotic strategy of putting all the onus on Israel when reality dictates the exact opposite - That his FP may never recover.

Welcome to the real World & the Middle East. I hope all the Liberals are right & this guy really is such a genius & quick learner because the Muslims just sent the Professor back to school a mere week after he prostrated America on global television for all the world to see.

Let me guess the White House response.. ‘Diplomacy takes time’.
Indeed. Being played for a fool however, that happens rather quickly it seems.

Great Humanist: Obama’s War Against Israeli Children (Updated)

King of public image should have some light shone on his ‘Great Humanism’

Why is Obama on a crusade against Israeli children? American media so busy lauding their ‘change-maker’ speak often of natural growth these days, and why not? The President has decreed from his thrown that he is going to ‘change the world’, and the means to changing this world apparently begin and end by needlessly pandering to dictatorships at the expense of our children here.

Mabat Channel 1 reports on the natrual growth crisis and its effect on Israeli children & families

Mabat Channel 1 reports on the natural growth crisis and its effect on Israeli children & families

Paying the price for an ignorant President’s policies




Growth from 350 children to 500, but there's no room..

Growth from 350 children to 500, but there's no room..

After witnessing 8 year long ribs of Mr. Bush and his intellect, maybe it is time to start looking more closely at Mr. Obama. His ideologies, sheltered academic background and 24 hour a day ‘professional handling’ have produced a surprisingly ignorant and removed from reality leader when it comes to America and her effects on the World. Isolated in his echo chamber of liberal thought & advice, one wonders if the President is aware of the fact that young children in the ‘settlements’ as he calls them, are packed into overflowing hallways and basements the last few months because there are no class rooms or any building going on. There’s no room for day care, kindergarten, schools, or learning because the President has seen fit to decree that life itself must be stopped to further his goals, forcing Israel into a vice to struggle to find solutions to the draconian measures with nary a ‘peace partner’ in sight.

Natural growth

Unauthorized classrooms being forced to clear out

Unauthorized classrooms being forced to clear out

That is the one thing we seemingly never see or hear reported by American media, the human cost of this President’s policies regarding Israel. To do so might tarnish his carefully crafted media image. Let us be clear, as Channel 1 Israel reported yesterday the so called settlements are in reality towns and cities, thriving communities with families, children and ongoing life. By decreeing no building in existing areas and threatening Israel at the same time, America is attempting to choke the life out of these communities. Daycares with 350 children already jammed, are now forced to deal with 500 children because of natural growth, but there are no permits to expand the schools or build classrooms.

Children are waiting on building permits, without them there will be no seats for them to learn this coming school year. Ministries involved are not issuing permissions because of the sensitive political pressures. Kids are literally being crammed into bomb shelters and storage areas at ‘school’ because there is no room and the classrooms are overflowing. They are being crammed into shanties in the stifling Israeli heat, denied opportunity to learn, grow & thrive by the President of the United States, the great ‘Humanist’ of our time.

Hope & Change - Thanks for caring President Obama

Hope & Change - Thanks for caring President Obama

The same can be said for clinics, health care and any number of other other supposed issues so ‘dear’ to the President’s heart. None of this land in these communities is Palestinian, these are Israeli towns that need services. Unfortunately, it is ever more clear thus far that this President’s heart bleeds primarily for our Arab brothers, but not so much for us it seems, or our children. It is easier to demonize us from the podium, so take a good look Mr. President at the fruits of your labor – Israeli children’s suffering, expected to wait indefinitely one muses for elusive peace and pay the price for American appeasement. This is change we can believe in I guess.. A stark contrast to the lavish private education President Obama has elected to provide his own daughters.

Link Update:
Sensing the weakness, Hamas head Mashal calls on Obama to ‘drop all preconditions’ of renouning violence or recognizing Israel, and proceed directly to Hamas / US talks. Obama did it for Iran & Syria, listed as state sponsors of terror by the USA and currently under sanctions, so why not according to the logic of Hamas add a few more terrorists to the list? Goes nicely with Erekat’s comments that the Palestinians for the 1st time have the ‘upper hand’ on Israel thanks to the President – SHOCKING.

Israel to reject all calls for natural growth freeze in speech to be presented Sunday by PM Netanyahu in response to Obama’s pandering and pressure tactics.