Frozen Out: Israel Looking to Drop F-35 tender, buy Advanced F15-SE

Non Access to Advanced F35 Systems I wrote about the cost spiral and the possibility of the IAF looking elsewhere previously, as I’ve followed the F-35 story here at the Hashmonean, a soaring price tag now double initial estimates and more critically the lack of willingness for Israel to customize the aircraft seems to spell […]

Totally Tankered? : Let me add some fuel to the 767 fire

Daled Amos posted recently about the tanker kerkuffle, touching on a haaretz article which tied recent denied Israeli weapons procurement requests to re-fueling tankers and a possible Iran strike. In reaction to an article in Haaretz that the US has refused to give Israel the kind of refueling aircraft that Israel might use as part […]

Mission Critical: Gaza must reset the bar for the IDF

Israel must go ‘all in’ & restore deterrence It is now accepted as inevitable, a large scale operation in the Gaza strip to end the terror threat emanating from Gazastan 24/7. Even internationally little can be said, we are a democratic country with a terror operated mini state lobbing missiles at our civilian populace with […]

Arms Race III: Israel rolling out the heavies

This past month Israel has beenĀ in the midst of major future procurement decisions. The generals, experts & industries consultedĀ & the results are in. We’re going hardcore in 4 prongs hardware wise, but much more importantly these procurements spell a decisive switch philosophically for Israel, the renewed realization that despite all the kumbaya singing Israel needs […]