Mr. Rogers: American President Downplays America Winning Cold War!? (Video)

Excuse me Sir, but you are not a Community Organizer any longer..



Cause & Effect?

Sitting in the pews listening to this for 20 years..
Apparently some of this GD DAMN AMERICA filth sunk in.
Unreal. It has been 6 Months, Where is the American President?
Where is the Leader of The Free World!?

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Irresistible: F-22s Would Send a REAL Signal to Israel & Iran

Get Your Bona-Fides Obama

A lot is made of the fact that President Obama & his administration is considered somewhat unfriendly to Israel. Ya, sure Jewish Democrats deny it but they are certainly not fooling us Israelites very much. But there are ways to show the love..

 I have a bunch of posts on the F-22 here at the hash going back a while, mostly detailing our unsuccessful attempts to get some of the sexy beasts into the IAF stable before my brief period of mourning when the F-22 was canceled.

A Quartet of USAF Raptors  - Back in Blac.. er matte silver?

A Quartet of USAF Raptors - Back in Blac.. er matte silver?

I Have a Dream..

No, I’m not a famous civil rights icon but I nonetheless dream about the F-22 doing air superiority antics with a blue & white star painted on its wings. Which is why when I hear that the US Congress has not given up on the Lockheed stealthy wonder I start to get excited and my periscope goes up. JPOST’s resident military affairs journalist (and one of the best I might add) Yaakov Katz mentioned the plane this weekend, it would be hard to resist..

The Israel Air Force will review the possibility of purchasing the advanced American F-22 fifth-generation stealth fighter jet if a congressional ban is lifted, enabling it to be sold abroad, defense officials told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday.

Referring to recent reports in the US that Congress had asked the Air Force to submit a report on the possibility of exporting the jet to Japan, Israel and other allies, a senior defense official said if this happened, “we will have to consider the option.”

“This is an advanced fighter jet of superior capabilities,” the Defense Ministry official said. “It will depend, though, on the price, availability and time frame.” Congress’s interest in continuing funding for the F-22 runs counter to US Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ decision to stop production of the aircrafts.

Israel is already in advanced talks with the Pentagon regarding the possible sale of the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) – also known as the F-35 – to Israel. Both planes are manufactured by Lockheed Martin, but Israeli defense officials said the F-22 was capable of flying at higher altitudes and could carry more weapons internally.

“A lot will depend on the outcome of the ongoing talks regarding the JSF,” the defense official said. “If the export ban on the F-22 is lifted, things may change.”

To Quote Van-Damme: “It doesn’t look too good, Lyle..”

Gates has already nixed us a potential suitor for the plane, and he’s also as mentioned already nixed the whole program. So a Congressional inquiry into exporting the aircraft to Japan & Israel is likely to be met with terse and stiff recommendations, removing us Zionists from being contenders. There’s only one way I see Israel ever getting near the F-22, the President would have to get on board. That would loosen up Gate’s recommendations and it would also please the Congress who would surely muster support to export the aircraft in my opinion.

Even better, the deployed nature of the aircraft & slow wind down pace of the lines would mean that we would be seeing it more quickly than usual as there’s not much pent up pressure for deliveries currently.

Pro-Israel or Pro-Platitudes?

If the President who maintains how great our alliance is wants to show off some of those Pro-Israel bonafides, I can’t think of a better way than this as proof of mutual affection. Currently, we can’t get access to much of anything weapons wise, the Administration and Gates himself seem to be limiting us stretching back to the Bush admin as leverage regarding Iran & strikes.

That being said, I don’t think Obama is very pro-Israel at all, and I don’t think he would approve of the F-22 going to Israel in the least. If the US wanted to send its allies a real signal, send Iran a real signal, it would embrace creating jobs and securing American interests in the region by exporting the F-22 and keeping the option open to stock up on more for US purposes as needed.

Right now, judging by the pacifist and appeasing nature we’ve seen. Judging by the hostility to Israel we’ve seen, and seeing as Obama is afraid of Iran.. We won’t be flying F-22s any time soon imho. I’d be pleased to eat my words.

Ace looks at the bird and shreds the latest junk science calling for it to be scrapped over at the HQ. The comments are excellent as well. And what about the F-35 you say? The half decade long negotiations, insulting export terms, and near tripling of purchase costs have tempered my zeal for the as of now totally untested craft. Lockheed & the Pentagon have been screwing us around – We ought to plonk the near 20 billion dollars buying something else..

UK Commander – Afghanistan: The IDF Did More to Safeguard Civilians Than Any Other Army (Video)

The Jihad Against Israel Continues

With the UN sham Human Rights Council Gaza probe wrapping up today, we can shortly expect conclusions to be vomiting up from numerous ‘human rights’ organizations and eventually the grand daddy of perversions itself, the UN council will present its findings in September. Israel refused to participate officially in light of the absurd hatreds represented by the UN Human Rights Council in general, which ignores actual genocides & human rights abuses occurring as we speak worldwide, and contents itself to simply passing resolution after resolution condemning Israel..

Let’s talk about the fact that the World’s leading human rights abusers like our pals the Saudis, the Iranians, the Chavezs of this world and other assorted Obama allies are the ones who get to sit and pass judgment in this farce. While at the same time provide funding to the ‘Human Rights’ groups we are always reading about, who’s sole purpose in life is seemingly to demonize Israel. That’s quite a little scam they have going.

What is the mission of the inquiry?
Reuters sums it up nicely via YNET..

‘Extent of physical damage shook all of us,’ says head of investigation into recent Israeli offensive in Strip, adding ‘ aim is to show the human side of suffering and give a voice to victims’

Yeah, let’s give voice to the victims!

We can start by voicing our collective outrage as to how the real victim here Israel, is assaulted by terrorists launching thousands of rockets against civilian populations for over 7 years (war crimes) and is then crucified by the world for acting in its own self defense. We can talk about the libelous accusations the lying & manipulative propaganda experts known more formally as Hamas terrorists, gleefully spread to an eager media machine obsessed with judging Jews & Israel by the biggest double standard known to man. How else of course to satisfy world wide bloodlust and hatred of Joooooz?

We can talk about how Hamas seized the Gaza strip by force and violence and killings, persecutes Christians, instituted Sharia Laws, mutilated and murdered fellow Palestinians who resist them, stockpiled & launched thousands of rockets, stole humanitarian aid for their own use.. Then claimed they were being persecuted by Israel and were starving while the BBC and Jeremy ‘Bozo’ Bowen wept. We can talk about how we supply this population who swears our destruction with food, water, electricity, money and goods out of our kindness and sympathy for humanity’s sake day in & out.

Col. Richard Kemp, Former Commander British Forces in Afghanistan on the matters at hand.

Super Standard

China kills 150 people in the span of a few hours a day or so ago, hardly makes the headlines. Israel defends itself in a military operation spanning nearly a month to stop rocketing of its populace, 1400 people are killed - Most of them Hamas terrorists and the Earth stops rotating on its axis.

Free Palestine!

If the West is ‘so concerned’ about ‘suffering on both sides’, maybe it is time to topple the illegitimate terrorist government in Gaza which is causing it? If I were in charge the operation would have been called ‘Cast Dread’ and Gaza would look like a parking lot today. I’m not nearly as evolved as Israeli & British Colonels apparently ; )

Hat tip to Melanie Phillips for the good commander’s video.

Totally Awesome: Bush Wants to Display Saddam’s Personal Handgun at Presidential Library

I love this guy..

The Telegraph - Saddam Hussein’s gun may become centrepiece of George W Bush library. The gun found in Saddam Hussein’s foxhole when he was seized by Delta Force special troops in 2003 could become the centrepiece of an exhibition in George W Bush’s presidential library.

The 9mm Glock 18C, presented to then-president Bush by Delta Force agents after their triumphant arrest of the Iraqi dictator, has become one of Mr Bush’s most prized possessions. He would show it off in the Oval Office to visiting military dignitaries, with the boast “The Delta guys pulled it off Saddam”.

Now the New York Times has discovered that *he intends to make it a centrepiece of his presidential library that is being built, at a cost of $200m (£123m), on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

The Reagan library out in Simi valley in SoCal is such a great spot & visit. Now I’m clearly going to have to make it to Texas (my 1st time barring a short stopover a few years ago) in the next few years! I have GOT to visit the Bush Presidential library, my affinity for the man knows no bounds.

I can’t wait to see Saddam’s gun..

‘Smoke ‘em out of their holes’,  Bush you’re such a champ! Please come back to visit Israel again soon.

President rallies the American nation at Ground Zero, Sep. 14th, 2001.

CounterMeasures: Israeli Airlines Getting Laser Based Missile Defense

Better safe than sorry..

It seems like nearly a decade has gone by since Israel decided to outfit international airliners with missile defense systems, in actuality it has only been about 7 years. The initial spur was the widely reported attempt by Al Qaeda to knock an Israeli commercial jet out of the sky on takeoff from Mombasa Kenya, during a simultaneous attack which sadly killed 10 people in a suicide bombing. The missiles targeting the Israeli aircraft thankfully did not connect.

Israel shortly thereafter announced it was prepped to mandate missile defense systems for all Israeli commercial carriers, however the flare based system proposed at the time known as Flight Guard drew harsh reactions from international airport operators who threatened to ban Israeli carriers from landing if the system were deployed because they deemed the flares a danger to aircraft..

Defense Update has details on the new laser based effort called C-Music developed by Elbit, and the 76 million dollar tender to get Israeli carriers some effective missile counter measures.

Israel’s Ministry of Transportation awarded Elbit Systems a $76 million contract for the supply of directional infra-red countermeasure systems (DIRCM) developed and produced by Elbit Systems’ wholly owned subsidiary, Elbit Systems Electro-optics El-Op Ltd. The systems will be installed aboard a variety of commercial passenger airplanes operated by Israeli airlines El-Al, Arkia and Israir as part of the comprehensive ‘Sky Shield’ air transport defense plan [...]

The system selected for the program is the C-MUSIC (commercial multi-spectral infrared countermeasure), employs a fiber-laser based directional infra-red countermeasure technology developed for military aircraft and helicopters. The laser beam generated by the system disrupts missiles fired at aircraft and causes them to veer off course.

Remarkably, the defense system weighs only about 50 kilos – About two pieces of luggage worth on a standard commercial carrier. I don’t know about you but this is a big draw for me to fly El Al in general. The thought of having defense against terrorist shoulder fired missiles which is going to be an ever growing international threat is no small comfort!

The CNN article linked above talks about the possibility of surviving such a strike and only losing an single engine, yeah except for the fact that the engine blaring out heat & attracting the missile is hanging directly below a wing packed with fuel, and the attempt we already saw featured multiple missiles targeting a lone aircraft.

I rather think being taken out by a small shoulder fired SAM on take off or landing pretty much means a total loss of the aircraft and the hundreds on board, there’s not going to be a recovery from that in my opinion. Especially if this is a takeoff with thousands upon thousands of pounds of fuel on board.

A tempting terrorist target in fields and locales outside airports where a lone scumbag can cause serious aviation horror. Depending on how successfully the newest deployment effort goes I would imagine other carriers not Israel related may show serious interest as well.

Obama vs The World: UK, France, Germany, Israel, Gulf States & Blogger Question Hope & Change

Good Odds: Israeli Intel forecasts ZERO Percent chance ‘Iranian Engagement’ will work

Thanks to ample distortion by an American media machine that is derelict in even the most basic journalistic duties of late in regards to their fawning like schoolgirls over Obama, there’s a cogent fact that perhaps many Americans are not very aware of. Sure we hear glowing reports of how popular Obama is around the world (save for in Israel where his policies are distinctly wildly unpopular), but criticism of the One is almost unseen in mainstream American media and that extends farther out to Europe as well.

But that wild popularity is perhaps more myth than substance in some cases, mirroring the President himself who is equally adept at style over substance with his never ending nuance designed to eloquently cover what can only be described as foreign policy weakness. Are Americans aware of the deeply held suspicions major & key allies of the USA now quietly but vigorously hold regarding what is considered folly in Presidential policy? I’m speaking of the weakness, seeming futility, and stubbornly erroneous ideology the administration holds regarding its ‘brilliant’ engage Iran strategy specifically..

Apparently, the American administration itself is fully aware, or at least parts of it are..

American officials involved in the Iranian issue have told their Israeli counterparts that they are aware of the frustration in Israel, Europe and the Gulf states over Washington’s insistence on going ahead with the dialogue with Iran, and that they also do not believe the chances of success are high.

Nevertheless, they said, were the U.S. to start laying the groundwork for stiffer sanctions now, this would signal to the Iranians that Obama is not serious about dialogue with Tehran, which would foil any chances of success that the dialogue might have.

So basically this is now a glorified Dog & Pony show

One that we all know is destined to fail, buys Iran months of pressure-less time to spin and develop an already advanced nuclear program and for what exactly? Unwillingness to admit the strategy is a failed one? Where’s the leadership? Where’s the substance? Where’s the plan should this folly fail as it now appears most of the world save for the One himself now realizes it will, including apparently Biden, Clinton, and Ross – What we can consider the small cadre of officials with deepest ties to traditional democratic party politics in contrast to Obama’s new liberal democratic progressive strain of KOS kids..

Ivory Tower

In some ways there is a slight toughening of the stance of late vs Iran by Obama’s administration, but as usual it is more style than substance. It gives little comfort that both Biden & Hillary, the only seemingly relatively sane individuals in an insane Hope & Change world appear totally marginalized in the administration thus far as it is. Hillary looks like she’s about to burst into tears she’s so marginalized, and poor Joe is locked up somewhere most days away from prying eyes (and microphones) as if he were a hunchback or something.

Israel is officially looking for what is being called a Plan-B, but heck right now I’d settle for hearing there’s actually a Plan-A!!! Because from the looks of it, Obama doesn’t have anything remotely resembling a plan, let alone a contingency plan should the first non evident plan itself fail. He seemingly doesn’t have a clue about what he’s doing, and the bulk of the planet with deep interests in these matters knows it. That includes dangerously, the Iranians themselves.

Maybe they can golf it out..

Frankly, one doesn’t need to be the head of the Mossad to figure out that it doesn’t look too good in the odds department for success. Obama’s kissed off leverage by stamping out talk of sanctions entirely, kissed off leverage by what is clearly seen as the removal of the threat of force, and weakened the US position to the point of visible alarm in allies across the spectrum.. I’m wondering what exactly is left in the toolbox to convince the illegitimate regime in Iran to ‘engage’ as opposed to simply laughing all the way home until we bomb the crap out of them?

Perhaps Michelle can invite Mahmoud and the family to the White House garden to pick peas & fresh lettuce, or maybe one of the rounds of weekly golf Obama indulges in.