No More Dough: Obama Has Spent His Political Capital As Approvals Plummet (Video)

Double Digit Drops For American Messiah..
See you next Honeymoon!

I try not to wade too deeply into the American domestic situation beyond politics, but seeing as the President openly interferes in Israeli domestic affairs; including instructing us to ‘Engage in Self-Reflection’ (what an insult this was) as well as instructs us to stop living, not attack Iran, and equally determines from Washington it seems where we can & cannot build within Jerusalem itself.. It is clearly according to the American administration itself  ‘open season’.

Plummeting Confidence in the US President’s Leadership

So let’s open with the fact that more Americans now disapprove than approve of the job the US president is doing on the economy, on deficits, on health care. In fact it is now clear more Americans disapprove of every single major initiative the President has going. He’s got a ways to go yet thankfully for him until he reaches the magic 6% approvals he has registered with Israelis. Of course that polling was done before the President’s advisers seemingly declared Jerusalem Judenrhein – So I expect his numbers here to dip below 6% & hit oblivion now with his ‘stalwart ally’.

In the mean time the American numbers are of great interest for me as a poll flunky.. If you are a literary fellow, Jennifer Rubin looks at additional numbers and it doesn’t look any better in print than on TV!

Here’s ABC video of the most excellent overall, Jack Tapper on El Presidente’s US Numbers.

RCP describes the Prez’s numbers as “Tanking”.
Heh! Quick, somebody schedule a speech in Germany or something!
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President Chutzpah: Obama’s Demand Israel Strangle Capital Jerusalem REJECTED (UPDATE: Kadima Blasts US State Dept; US Left Wing Jewish Groups)

Obama continues to win Israeli ‘Hearts & Minds’

Can you believe these Americans?
Are they smoking Crack in the White House?

Now they are going to tell Israel where inside the Capital we can build, in this case a location in the heart of Jerusalem – Spitting distance from the Old City, a few hundred meters from Israel’s major University, short walking distance from the Hadassah Medical center, across the street from an Israeli government complex behind the ‘American Colony’..  to add further insult & irony to injury!

JPOST: PM flatly rejects US demand to halt J’lem housing project

Jerusalem is the “unified capital of Israel and the capital of the Jewish people, and sovereignty over it is indisputable,” Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Sunday …

“Hundreds of apartments in the west of the city were purchased by Arabs and we didn’t get involved. There is no prohibition against Arab residents buying apartments in the west of the city and there is no prohibition barring the city’s Jewish residents from buying or building in the east of the city,” Netanyahu added at the weekly cabinet meeting. “That is the policy of an open city that is not divided.

“We cannot accept the notion that Jews will not have the right to buy apartments specifically in Jerusalem. I can only imagine what would happen if they were forbidden from purchasing apartments in New York or London; there would be an international outcry. This has always been Israel’s policy and this is the policy of the current government,” the prime minister added.

Netanyahu’s remarks came after Ambassador to Washington Michael Oren was summoned to the US State Department over the week-end and was told that the Obama administration wanted Israel to put an end to construction work at the site of the historic Shepherd’s Hotel in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah. [...]

The article goes on to list further statements by Israeli govt officials, calling the Americans ‘confused’ in essence. Indeed, that is what we have seen so far from Obama, mass confusion planet wide. Here’s a zoom in sat view of the area, which is a half mile from the Western Wall itself.

What jokers these Americans are! The Palestinians now demand anything they want, they think Saladin himself is in the White House.. Can you blame them?

Obama Administration tells Israel where we can build.. Israel tells Obama Administration to take a hike; a short one at that from the Jarah area location to the heart of Israel & Judaism.. It's all 'settlements' to them, for Obama we Israeli Jews are Holocaust rejects, 'occupiers' in these 'Muslim' lands.

Obama Administration tells Israel where we can build.. Israel tells Obama Administration to take a hike; a short one at that from the Jarah area location to the heart of Israel & Judaism.. It's clearly all 'settlements' to them, for Obama we Israeli Jews are Holocaust rejects, 'occupiers' in these 'Muslim' lands.

President & Advisors like Mitchell live in an ‘Alternate Universe’

The Obama Administration is so out of touch with reality it has become dangerous to the planet as a whole. When the world’s superpower is living in neverland with the ghost of Michael Jackson it sends shockwaves of worry across the world, undermines stability everywhere. From Iran, to Jerusalem, to Honduras, across the Latin world, to the Capitals of Europe, to the free peoples of Asia – Nothing but alarm bells ringing from troubled concerned allies in hush hush tones over the Obama administrations strange removed from reality policies and his weakness.

Totally irrelevant.

That’s the only way to describe the Americans in the foreign policy realm these days. Keep on writing speeches, bless us with a bit more teleprompted oratory – In the mean time we will build housing in the heart of our Capital. Just like Ehud Barak, just like Ehud Olmert, just like Rabin, just like Sharon – Only one thing has changed here, President Clueless & his band of merry men in Sherwood Forest.

Recall Obama’s speeches to AIPAC, the ones where he stressed a fully ‘Undivided Jerusalem’ and a Jewish State of Israel when speaking to liberal American Jewish supporters to win their votes & applause for the news sound-byte, then denied it all and claims to have misspoken the very next day..

REUTERS – Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama said on Sunday he used “poor phrasing” in a speech supporting Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel.

“You know, the truth is that this was an example where we had some poor phrasing in the speech. And we immediately tried to correct the interpretation that was given,” he said in an interview aired on Sunday on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria — GPS.” “The point we were simply making was, is that we don’t want barbed wire running through Jerusalem, similar to the way it was prior to the ’67 war, that it is possible for us to create a Jerusalem that is cohesive and coherent,” Obama said.

Obama’s campaign has issued similar clarifications since the candidate’s speech to pro-Israel lobby group after he clinched the Democratic presidential nomination early last month. In the speech, Obama told the American Israel Public Affairs Committee that if elected president in November, he would work for peace with a Palestinian state alongside Israel.

“Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided,” the Illinois senator said. Palestinian leaders reacted with anger and dismay.[...]

Or the time he ‘misspoke’ about his Uncle liberating Auschwitz..

UPDATE – United Israeli Front:
Even Kadima left of center party has had enough..

Knesset member for Kadima Otniel Schneller double barrels away in Hebrew; Slamming US Dept of State, Slamming American far left liberal so called ‘Pro-Israel’ groups like J-Street.

ראוי שמזכירת המדינה האמריקאית, הגברת קלינטון, תהיה בקשר עם ממשלת ישראל ותכבד את רצון רוב יהדות העולם, הרואה בירושלים את בירת העם היהודי כולו, ולא תסתמך על קבוצת מיעוט רדיקלית של מספר יהודים המקורבים לממשל והמבקשים ביקרו

Here is a translation of his comments..
‘It is expected that the Sec of State Mrs. Clinton be in contact with the Government of Israel and respect the will of the vast majority of Jews globally, everywhere, that Jerusalem is the Capital of the State of Israel – And will not rely on the opinions through recent meetings of a small sector of radical American Jewish groups with close & intimate ties to the Obama administration..’

Heh! – Take a second to ‘Reload’ there Otniel, and my thanks to the opposition for actually speaking out. Where is Tzipi Livni?..

Yoel Hasson, Kadima’s Chair adds (paraphrase from Hebrew):
The American request is totally illegitimate. Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel, not a settlement - it is important that the American administration come to terms with these realities..

UPD: Kadima now has these statements up as an official press release on their website, the website & statements are of course in Hebrew, the translation is above.

Update II – The CNN pretzel

I was amused by this CNN addition to the debate..

The project is being developed by American millionaire Irving Moskowitz on land that he purchased in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. Moskowitz, an avid supporter of Jewish building in East Jerusalem, purchased the land in 1985.

The neighborhood, near Jerusalem’s Old City, is highly desired by Jewish nationalists. The land for the project includes the Shepherd Hotel, built in the 1930s for a leader of the Arab Palestinian movement. The property is abandoned.

Clearly the uproar in Israel is not that of  ‘Jewish Nationalists’, but across all major party lines, making up over 80% of the population. While it may be coveted by Jewish, Palestinian, or Swedish ‘nationalists’ for all we care it is OWNED as per CNN’s own words privately by the developer, one Mr. Moskovitz.

You have a permit? You have bought land? You can build whether you are Jewish, Arab, Hindu or otherwise.. This whole Obama policy fixation and crazy talk about ‘Jewish Nationalists’ is really becoming absurd. These lands are bought and owned in all cases, restricting construction is nothing more than declaring “Jews are Not Allowed to Live Here”, period.

Update III: Bibi’s advisers.. Obama crossed a Red Line.
Indeed, all sorts of lines being crossed here, green lines, red lines.. No statement from either the White House or State Department so far, but I CAN’T WAIT for tomorrow’s State Dept briefing. Meanwhile the PA has confirmed the statement above of demanding anything & everything..

JPOST’s Khaled Abu Toameh does the strong legwork:

During the era of former US president George W. Bush, the Palestinians rarely complained about construction projects in the eastern sector of Jerusalem.

So why the PA’s sudden appeal to the new US administration to stop the construction project in Sheikh Jarrah?

There are probably two reasons.

First, the row between the Obama administration and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s government over construction in Jewish settlements in the West Bank is seen by the PA leadership in Ramallah as a “positive development.” Since Obama appears to share this leadership’s view that the settlements are the major obstacle to peace in the Middle East, why not demand that he also halt the construction of new “settlements” in Jerusalem?

“Why not try? It might work,” remarked a PA official in Ramallah. [...]

WOW – The President has succeeded in actually slowing down & distancing the chances for peace in the ‘Peace Process’; by bolstering the Palestinians & making them even bolder with new unbridgeable demands at the expense of allied Israel. Nice Work Mr. President, looks like you got this one covered.. First the US Economy and now this! The President is clearly on a roll, maybe he should retire right now 3 years early? (Was worth a shot - As a famous Palestinian philosopher once said: Why not try? It might work.)

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Legendary: Former Mossad Head, National Hero Meir Amit Passes On (Fixed Pulled Videos)

Responsible for Some of Israel’s Most Spectacular Mossad Successes
Update July 23 -
Replaced the pulled videos with fresh links for readers as this post is still getting many visits.

From Haaretz.

General (res.) Meir Amit, the former head of the Mossad who is credited with modernizing Israel’s feared intelligence agency, died on Friday due to a serious illness. He was 88 years old. Amit, who headed the organization from 1963 to 1968, also served as the head of the Israel Defense Forces intelligence branch. [...]

Some highlights of his long dedication to the State of Israel & career from the Knesset website.


Date of Birth: 17/03/1921
Place of Birth: Tiberias, Israel


He attended Primary School in Borochov neighborhood; Regional School at Givat HaShlosha; and Balfor Gymnasium in Tel Aviv. He studied Business Administration at Columbia in New York.

Military Service

Joined the “Hagana” in 1936

Served in “The Watchmen Corps” 1940-45

Platoon Commander in Field Corps

Regional Company Commander

Fought in the battles of Mishmar HaEmek and Emek Yisrael (1947)

Participated in the liberation of the lower Galilee

Participated in the “Hiram” Campaign (as Junior Commander of Regiment)

Participated in the “Horev” Campaign (as Regimental Commander) as well as in the “Ovda” Campaign.

Commander of the “Golani” Brigade (1950)

Commander of the Training Command (1951)

Head of Operations Department of the General Staff

Head of Military Intelligence (1954)

General of Southern Command (1955)

Head of Military Intelligence (1956)

General of Northern Command (1958)

Head of Military Intelligence (1961)

Thank You Meir Amit

That military career in itself is astounding, when one considers the intelligence heights this man reached it somewhat boggles the mind. Some of Israel’s more famous successes including his agent Eli Cohen in Syria, who’s intelligence proved vital to the security of the State of Israel before his capture & execution by the Syrians.

Many of the successes of the lightning Six Day ’67 Campaign, including the total destruction of Egypt’s air bases, defenses & Air Force can be traced to the intelligence gathering under Meir Amit. It is said Israel knew more about the Egyptian forces, their terrain and strengths / weaknesses than the Egyptians themselves. In his last public interviews Amit reversed a previous personal policy belief, and called for Israel to ferociously strike Iran’s Nuclear Programs to safeguard Israel’s future.. Declaring that the Global Islamic Jihad was tantamount to World War III.

A three part YouTube video documentary tribute on Meir Amit

Includes Meir Amit himself in lengthy interviews, many of these intelligence achievements..

Part I

Part II

Part III

Israel has sadly said goodbye to another of her founding fathers and legends.

Tea Leaves: 11 Weeks Left On My Latest Kadima Predictions of Imminent Disaster


Last Friday, in my domestic analysis of Bibi’s first 100 days I made a prediction regarding Likud strategy & Kadima. You can read the whole post if it is of interest on the hows & whys, but I chased it with bold statements like these..

[...] Bibi is a masterful political operator. He has pulled the rug out from under Livni, and if Mofaz is smart he will make his move to push for coalition. If Netanyahu is equally smart and he is, I expect it in the next 10-12 weeks as posted above.

Resistance is futile..

Should Kadima resist.. We may see it fracture with Mofaz leaving. The challenge for Bibi is mustering some portfolios for the senior defense Kadima man. The best case scenario for Netanyahu is such a fracture, for now he is surely content to allow Livni to wallow in obscurity otherwise, as the coalition play would be a pressure gambit only. Should he succeed in splitting Kadima (no small feat), the ground is clear for an opposition-less path for years ahead & a Likud power reign of the right.

In order to keep myself entertained on the blog I do this fairly often, I’m pretty good at it too. Alas, it’s more finely honed polling trolling and a fairly religiously pursued tap on Israel’s political pulse than magic sadly.. Else I’d be a lot richer in general. Nonetheless, it has only been 6 days – but my seed is starting to sprout despite the oppressive Tel Aviv heat. In today’s YNET, senior Likud strategists confirm my thinking on what comes next..

PM’s associates: Next target – dismantling Kadima (Somfalvi)

In the wake of the State Budget’s approval Wednesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s close associates are setting their sights on the next target: Facilitating a split within the ranks of their main rival, Kadima.

The PM’s associates told Ynet that the so-called “Shaul Mofaz Bill,” which would allow 25% of the members of one Knesset faction to split and join another, is meant to prompt a Kadima split. “Should the Mofaz bill be passed, it will mark a significant strategic victory,” a senior official in Netanyahu’s office said.

The PM’s associates are claiming that at this time already, seven Kadima Knesset members will agree to leave their party and join Netanyahu’s coalition, even if Mofaz himself decides to shun the move for the time being. The prime minister’s associates said that in the near future they will be exerting intense pressure in a bid to approve the Mofaz Bill, in an effort to undermine the opposition. [...]

Approach to Danger

Livni, you are approaching the danger zone. It is no wonder that all of a sudden Livni’s tune is changing. Now we hear gems along the lines of ‘if Israel Beitenu leaves the coalition due to possible investigations of party head Avigdor Lieberman, Kadima would have no problem joining the coalition’.. More comedy gold.

Not looking good for Livni

Not looking good for Livni

Please don’t tell anyone that this ‘supposed aversion’ to Lieberman’s party is obviously the reason Livni spent the bulk of her own coalition efforts courting him, including such an invitation in her Victory Speech! to the nation on election night.

Oy! It’s not nice to laugh at your former party’s misfortunes, but I can’t help it. For a year+ I was posting post after post on Livni’s political fortunes, her handlers tall tales, and the fact that Bibi would eat her for breakfast. So far in my latest game of pick the political future I have scored big, with the Kadima implosion strategy now tabled as the next target for the Likud. We shall see if 11 weeks is enough time for me to sink a double bogey.. and watch Kadima split open like a melon.

Good Stuff..

Gil Hoffman at JPOST in a great article about Israel Beitenu’s legal woes and the possible fallout, mentions Mofaz as a dark horse for the Foreign Ministry should Avigdor Lieberman resign. But there’s the rub. Not enough English for Shaul in my opinion to make the position truly effective. What or how does Bibi shuffle the deck to make a tantalizing spot open for Mofaz to entice a full bail & bring a 1/3 of Kadima with him? The way the Kadima party& Livni treated him in the primary, it is difficult but doable as he & Livni seriously dislike each other. Will Mofaz try to oust Livni and take the party? Will he move to Israel Beitenu or more likely Likud?

No matter what there are fun times ahead for us Tea Leave readers everywhere.

Missile Zone: Stepped Up Israeli ABM Tests Target Iran (Analysis)

Cross-hairs: Iran

Yesterday Yaakov Katz reported the positive news that Israel’s 3rd tier missile defense system known as Iron Dome had past a milestone by being successfully tested against multiple targets.

The Iron Dome missile defense system successfully intercepted a number of rockets that mimicked Kassam and short-range Grad-model Katyusha rockets in a series of tests the Defense Ministry conducted this week.

Iron Dome, under development by Rafael Defense Systems, is slated to become operational sometime in 2010 and to be capable of intercepting short-range Kassam and Katyusha rockets fired by Hamas in the Gaza Strip and Hizbullah in southern Lebanon. The Iron Dome uses an advanced radar that locates and tracks the rocket, which is then intercepted by a kinetic missile interceptor.

“A multilevel defense system is a strategic goal for the State of Israel and will provide a layer of protection against short-range rockets,” Defense Minister Ehud Barak said. “This will allow the IDF to fulfill its obligation to protect Israel in the best way that it can.” [...]

Questions remain over the 3rd Tier

Despite the fact that Iron Dome itself has been speed developed and is being deployed in the next few months some caution is warranted. The system is not without numerous detractors, and for obvious reasons. The interceptors themselves are not cheap. A stark contrast to the sheer volume of relatively cheap unguided Qassam, Katusha & GRAD rockets it is designed to intercept, estimated to number in the tens of thousands in Lebanon alone.

That being said, Iron Dome may be headed for deployment and will surely be able to protect sensitive sites.. But this particular level of our unique in the world 3 tiered shield will likely be the most porous.

I captured this image of the Iron Dome interceptor last summer, it was the 1st public display of the system in Israel (Photo Haaretz)

I captured this image of the Iron Dome interceptor last summer, it was the 1st public display of the system in Israel (Photo Haaretz)

In the Lebanon War II conflict, there were many days when we saw in excess of 100+ unguided Katusha type rockets launched by Hezbollah at Israeli civilians. During the recent conflict in Gaza we also saw much the same with hundreds of Qassams and the occasional GRAD (20+ KM range) fired toward Israel. Iron Dome is headed in fact first to Gaza for multi-battery deployments. The question I am left with is, since Iron Dome will need to be selective in what it can engage due to cost & volume, I am wondering if the system’s radar can isolate both direction and likely impact on threat launch, in order to selectively target the more high valued projectiles inbound to the densest or most sensitive areas in Israel.

Keep in mind, flight times from launch to impact for the shortest range threats measure in the seconds and come in at under a minute. This leaves me a bit skeptical, I believe Iron Dome will need to be in the future as we move forward, buttressed by other short range interception systems like those used by the Americans to guard their ships. Close-in Gatling / Vulcan type cannons or something similar.

1st Tier will get a workout too

Also in the news this week coming out of the DOD, additional Arrow-2 tests off the California Pacific Coast. The Arrow is of course the joint Israeli American designed anti-ballistic missile system. The 1st of its kind and the 1st to be deployed to shield an entire country from large ballistic & scud type threats. Second generation Arrow-2 batteries have been deployed in Israel for a number of years now.

Last month I wrote that the Iranian Sejil-2, their newest Ballistic Missile (now reportedly already headed for mass production) will pose new challenges to Israel’s 1st tier Arrow shield due to its advancements & speed. Currently, it is a race between Iranian production capacity and Israeli ingenuity. Software and system updates will be required in our current generation Arrows to counter the threat properly. I have little doubt that this more expansive test all the way off the coast of California is part & parcel of that effort.

This is not the 1st Arrow test launching north of LA incidentally, but Debka does a good job filling in some detail regarding this upcoming test’s characteristics..

In a few days, the Israeli anti-missile Arrow system will face the first real test, weather permitting, of its ability to knock out an Iranian Shehab-3 or Sejil II ballistic missile at the outset of its flight toward Israel, DEBKAfile’s military sources report. The test will take place off central California’s Pacific coast.

Lieut. Gen. Patrick O’Reilly, director of the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency, said Tuesday, July 14: “The test will allow Israel to measure its advanced Arrow 3 system against a target with a range of more than 620 miles (1,000 km), too long for previous Arrow test sites in the eastern Mediterranean.”

The test will try and engage a target not only upwards of 1,000 km distant but close to its launch. Until now, our military sources report, Arrow tests have been restricted by the small area of the Mediterranean Sea [...]

According to our military sources, this third Arrow exercise from a US site will also examine US-Israeli cooperation in missile interception in the event of an Iranian response to a possible Israeli strike at Iran’s nuclear facilities or an Iranian pre-emptive missile attack on Israel.

General O’Reilly announced that this would be the first full test of the ability of the American and Israeli intercept systems to work together and “provides us the opportunity to have the Patriot system, the THAAD system and the Aegis system all interacting with the Arrow system so that we’re demonstrating full interoperability as we execute this test.”

Joint Operations

Indeed, the interoperability of these systems was a gift from former President Bush in his last year of office, one of several it should be mentioned (here’s looking at you Mr. Obama). It was spearheaded by a Congressional effort led by Congressman Mark Kirk of Illinois (R). The effort culminated with the delivery last year & installation of an American mini base, at the IAF SuperBase – Nevatim. The American base presence, the 1st of its kind in Israel designed to house & operate the fulcrum of this interoperability effort, the American X-Band long range radar.

The X-Band radar, tied into America’s global satellite and nuclear / missile launch detection systems are what pull together the relevant anti-ballistic missile platforms; the older Patriot, brand new THAAD, sea based AEGIS, in conjunction with Israel’s IAF Arrow-2. It is the most comprehensive ABM system on the planet once it can be ironed out fully, making this 1st test of the joint Israeli US systems replicated off the California coast a major step.

It should be mentioned that the Arrow-2 and its under development Arrow-3 big brother are also under consideration for US use, in conjunction with the other American defense systems in defense of the North American continent. Equally, the major components of the Arrow are built by Boeing under contract with finishing in Israel. I mention that because it’s really only at the current iteration of the White House lately where some are so eager to create what they are calling ‘Daylight’ between America & Israel in general, as opposed to celebrating the extraordinary mutual alliance designed to benefit us all in ways we don’t often consider or imagine.

It also belies a common myth regarding Iran, Israel & America

The notion that Israel will ever truly be on its own if it decides to strike at Iran. Even if the USA is adamant against such a strike, even if it threatened punitive action. In my opinion these joint systems irrespective of US feelings would jump into action to intercept the likely incoming Iranian ballistics headed toward Israel, this is nearly a certainty. Tens of billions if not hundreds of them have been spent on these efforts and Missile Defense. This cooperation is also now a bedrock of the US Israel alliance going as far back as Bush I, when Israel in return for the genesis of these agreements did not retaliate against Saddam Hussein in the 1st Gulf War, when he launched some 50 Scud Missiles at Israeli populations & US Patriots were deployed.

There are other exercises involving joint US Israel military platforms and ABM systems on tap as well beyond those we have already seen & this most recent upcoming California test. At the same time, we see Israel clearly racing in order to upgrade, test, and deploy multiple tiers of our fairly unique 3 tier system. Tier-2, known as David’s Sling is designed to intercept medium range missile threats and is also under concurrent development with Iron Dome above. Equally, Israel is publicly & loudly moving naval assets back & forth through the Egyptian Suez Canal, saber rattling both the IDF hardware (Ships & Subs) and joint Israeli-Egyptian cooperation Iran is facing if it does not cease & desist shortly.

Taken in its entirety some things are clear, Israel is following its timelines for massive preparation. At the same time trying to restore some of the leverage lost by the US administration in its engagement strategies – By filling in the American component seemingly missing under the Obama administration, the threat of military action.

While I was capping the images of Iron Dome above, its bigger sister known as David's Sling was also on display for the 1st time. The interceptor is larger and mean looking if I say so myself as far as missiles go.. You can see clearly, it is a 2 stage system meant for larger threats of the Iranian ZelZal type.

While I was capping the images of Iron Dome above, its bigger sister known as David's Sling was also on display. The interceptor is larger and mean looking if I say so myself as far as missiles go.. You can see clearly, it is a 2 stage system meant for larger threats of the Iranian ZelZal type.

The countdown is on

Clearly, if forced we will strike. Every asset and all of Israel’s national efforts are from disparate angles convening toward preventing a nuclear Iran. Currently we are flexing in deterrent and often. But underneath every flex, lies a palpable & painful for the Iranian regime truth. The flexes are always part and parcel or an aspect of development, training, testing, deployment, etc for the real deal.

Testing weapons, resolve, alliances.. Historically these amounts of Israeli preparations have seen devastating results for its enemies, just ask the Syrians or Egyptians. The Iranian regime would be wise I think to take any deal it can, and quickly lest 2010 be one of record for the Islamic Revolution, but for all the wrong reasons.

Obama’s Ivory Tower: Professor’s Lecture to Israel Reaffirms ‘Stalwart Alliance’ (Link Update IV)

Self-reflection or deflection?
(Important updates below)

Meetings with prominent US Jewish leaders at the White House have resulted in little to nothing for the Jewish State but more of the same. The meeting initiated by some of Obama’s strongest supporters, moneymen and good pal Mr. Solow (who now heads up AIPAC the Conference of Presidents, sorry the other Obama yes man Lee Rosenberg now heads up AIPAC, it’s hard to keep track these days with so many O cheerleaders in every position of power – edit) was clearly designed to accomplish one goal. Deflection.

  • Yes, with approximately 6% of Israelis polled now viewing the American President as Pro-Israel
  • No doubt a few US Jews feeling a little shystered by the President who fed them candy coated sweet nothings while campaigning, only to later deliver threats.
  • Prominent Obama campaigners like representative Wexler in Forida suffering ugly credibility problems, and worse routinely being chewed out publicly by American Jews for leading them astray.

Clearly, both the White House itself and its power playing progressive Jewish apologists need a little deflection these days and they need it bad..

Radical Ideologue / Child President advises us to seriously ‘Self Reflect’.

Yeah, that’s rich. You know Mr President, Israelis have spent an inordinate amount of time the last 2 to 3 years in bomb shelters for days & weeks. Sheltering from the attacks, missiles, mortars, and ball bearing screw packed rockets our proposed ‘Peace Partners’ bestow upon us. We have had plenty of time to ‘self- reflect’ while you preach to us the merits of your now world recognized as foolish appeasement policies, and profound weakness.

We’ve reflected while you put your feet up on the White House desk, and lecture our leaders on the merits of your Wright Khalidi inspired prattle and world philosophy. We no doubt seriously reflect while you curtsy to Saudi Kings, and express how ‘troubled you are’ over Women being beaten to death by our enemies in Iran. There’s the occasional self reflection while you waffle on North Korean Nuclear Weapons and Iranian delivery systems.

We seemingly self-reflect for decades now? While our leaders consistently time & again offer the Palestinians everything they have asked for only to be rejected. Yet somehow at the end of the day the blame is ours, the onus is on us, and liberal elitist fools dig a little deeper and deflect from these realities by counseling us to perhaps ‘reflect a little deeper’. You’ve got some serious Jewish Chutzpah there El Presidente, matched only apparently by a monstrous Ego and a delusional ‘power to heal’.

Family Debate? Good, Let me Chime in.

I don’t know how it works in rich mixed Indonesian Chicagoan Hawaiian families, but I can tell you in Jewish families generally we don’t single out our family members for undeserved public ridicule & scorn over artificial issues. We don’t tarnish the family name apologizing for invented slights, or rewrite history in far off places to suit our whims. We don’t bury past agreements and play pretend with national commitments & former Presidential assurances. We don’t threaten and withhold weapons or arms from each other, and we don’t setup straw men at the family’s expense in order to cozy up to dictators & despots, or establish our chops as an honest broker with Radical Islamists.

In light of your now plummeting approval ratings, the trillions in dollars of debt you are amassing on behalf of your other ‘family members’ in America. In light of the fact that your engagement strategies are falling flat on their face and your world view is a bad joke.. Upon some reflection of mine here, I say you might want to consider a stoppage in the deflection plays your pirouetting piranha Rahm Emanuel is always playing.. and maybe take a good long look in the mirror.

I’ll Buy That For a Dollar!

Shhhh.. I'm really an appeasing Pan-Arabist Marxist (Photo Reuters)

Shhhh.. I'm really an appeasing Pan-Arabist Marxist (Photo Reuters)

Here in Israel even the far leftists in line with your agenda are suggesting you begin a massive ‘sales job’ to win over Israeli public opinion. Unfortunately unlike the J-Street sycophants who have your ear in America, few Israelis are impressed by your gift for gab, or think that a token PR visit will suddenly make the planet sprout roses however. Better start boning up now, it’s going to have to be your biggest foreign-soil speech / con yet because I have news..

When you re-wrote Arab Israeli history in Cairo and stated in effect that Israel was a result of the Holocaust you didn’t touch the third rail of Israeli politics. You touched the third rail of Israeli society in a country where everyone in the family has experienced part of the genocide. You de-legitimized our very existence as Jews, the only reason we actually survived in order to score some cheap political points with the Muslim world.

When our Prime Minister responded in an internationally televised speech to grant concessions you have been lording over us where were you? You were golfing. You couldn’t even bother to tune in, that’s how duplicitous you are about your ‘deep concern & friendship’ with Israel. More ‘Words’, you know I’m just saying one family member to another..

Respect is a two way street

Maybe if the American administration stops slapping us around & respects Israel a little we’ll return the favor. Maybe we’ll change our tone when you do, I’ll gladly do the same. We are after all committed to our friends & family, our American brothers & sisters and of course the cause of peace.. But not to the American Progressive movement or its foolish philosophies, no matter how much deflection is employed – Our security & way of life is much too precious.

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JPOST Editorial wondering why the President didn’t get to hear much resistance from US Jewish Leaders.
Haaretz Editorial beseeching the President to come to Israel in order to explain himself more clearly..

“Now the U.S. administration must convince the Israeli public that it has a friend in the White House, and that the administration’s positions correspond with Israel’s national interests.” 

When you read that in the left wing Israeli daily which practically wants to wash Obama’s feet you know the situation has gotten beyond bad. Incidentally Mr. President, when you formulated your Israel policy based on polling in Israel your pals at J-Street, the NJDC, and leftists Israeli organizations prepared for you? They were lying. Unless you have something radically different to say please stay home because you’re far from a rockstar here.

Update II – The American Orthodox Union (Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America) in attendance of the meeting, pulls few punches and slams the moral equivalency arguments put forth by the President. Let’s hope the Union’s Rabbis speak to congregants this Sabbath and raise awareness in our diaspora communities about feelings over these issues and the importance of a strong vibrant American / Israel alliance. Let’s hope in fact this occurs in congregations of all denominations within the US. (HT Jen Rubin, Contentions.)

**Update III**In today’s Jerusalem Post Isi Liebler does it all much more eloquently than I can.
You’ll find all the important notions I tried to articulate in my previous few posts on these topics packaged up quite perfectly, minus my more raw hormonal rage lol. Thanks Mr. Liebler! As usual the Wise Zionist shines through..

Candidly Speaking: The case against Obama – Isi Liebler.