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Obama Prowess: 5 Months of Negotiations; 3 Month Iranian Nuke Delay (Update)

Sorta reminds me of Robert Gibbs’ Job Creation math

Mohamed El-Baradei is finishing up his crowning achievement after providing a decade’s worth of cover for rogue regime illicit nuclear programs. It’s sure to be touted as almost messianic by Obama’s all too eager sycophantic media cheerleaders. Too bad in reality the deal stinks.

The draft agreement between the great powers and Iran celebrated by International Atomic Energy Agency Chief Mohamed ElBaradei is no more than confirmation of the proposal submitted by Iranian representative Saeed Jalili in the first round of talks with the Security Council’s five permanent members and Germany.

The proposal constitutes a clever Iranian move: According to the deal, Tehran will sacrifice roughly 1,400 kilograms (about 3,000 pounds) of the low-grade enriched uranium (that is, 3-5%) produced at its enrichment plant in Natanz in exchange for Western recognition in principle of Iran’s right to enrich uranium on its own soil.

We should also note that we are talking about Iran giving up only 75% of the uranium quantity it already enriched (at least as far as the IAEA knows.) [...]

It was clear that Obama had waffled entirely on this point months ago, and the goal was now to get a deal, any deal – As opposed to stopping the Iranians. Anything to proudly tout as an accomplishment from the WH podium amid endless failures that seemingly all point to the fact that the entire Obama platform is one big bust.

We have learned that this deal has involved direct negotiations between the US & Iran stemming all the way back to June. Which explains why Obama was so non-chalant about propping up the Islamic regime while it was busy murdering & raping Iranian citizens and stealing elections. El Presidente had to be cautious, lest he tip his engagement boat which was already out to sea – Charming!

Smart Power

Doing the negotiation math, we can quickly calculate that this deal has been 5 months in the making from June until now. Sadly, the payoff is not all it is cracked up to be.

This is a modest step forward, at best.  “We are buying something like seven to 10 months,” a nameless insider told the Christian Science Monitor. And even that short timeline might be an overstatement.

There are at least 50 cascades of 164 centrifuges each now installed at at the Natanz enrichment facility, although many were still under vacuum in August. According to Alexander Glaser, a single cascade of 164 IR-1 centrifuges could be expected to produce up to 113 kilograms of 3.5% low enriched uranium (LEU) per year. Discount the efficiency of operations somewhat (Geoff Forden suggests 85% based on past performance at Natanz), and Iran could recreate 1,200 kilograms of LEU in a shade over four months using 36 cascades. With 54 cascades going, it would take less than three months.

(HT / Goldfarb)


So in return for granting total legitimacy to Iran to continue enriching Uranium. In return for dropping the number one red line set out by the west.. After 5 months of ‘negotiation’ Obama & the western powers are going to help Iran enrich their current stock even higher to 20%, then return the nuclear fuel rods and in the mean Iran will make even more enriched Uranium – Replacing the quantity sold to the west in approximately 3-7 months..

Carry the two, divide by 8.. disregard the exponent & voilà!! Fuzzy math!

That, my friend is worthy of a Peace Prize!


UPDATE Oct 22: Hello? Where is everybody?

Been sorta scratching my head wondering where official reaction to the draft deal was!? It’s been over 24 hours now and I felt like I was hanging out on a limb. Sometimes this happens in blogging, usually when you screw up big time. I even went back to double check stories on the draft deal in case I missed something.. Because Israel, the blogs & press have been pretty silent.

Never fear, must have just been caution. Barak at the Israeli President’s Conference confirms the major beef with this very very bad deal for Israel:

Barak: Deal could give Iran legitimacy to enrich uranium.

This is now the lead at JPOST, YNET & Haaretz thankfully..

Squeeze Play: Iran Tries the ‘Old Israel Switcheroo’ with America

Thanks.. But No Thanks

Plenty of action on the rogue regime front this week, with Iran delivering what it calls a ‘new proposal’ to the p5+1 for “Negotiations”. There are a number of interesting aspects to this proposal.

Chiefly among them is the fact that Iran has flatly refused to discuss or cease its nuclear program, or table uranium enrichment issues which constitutes the number one demand from the West.

Clearly, this is a stalling & delay tactic. But the Iranians in charge over there in Iranistan are a clever bunch. They’ve zeroed in specifically on comments made by the Obama administration, and used them to their own advantage in order to build on some unlikely allies – The hard left in the US and even within Obama’s own administration. The proposal has been leaked and within we can glean some interesting insight into Iran’s squeeze play..

The proposal, submitted by Teheran on Wednesday to representatives of the P5+1 group of nations – - the US, Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia – says Iran is prepared to enter into dialog and negotiation in order to lay the ground for lasting peace. It lists a wide range of issues for discussion, including nuclear disarmament, trade and investment and protecting human dignity.

Although the proposal makes no mention of Israel, it calls for “joint efforts and interactions to help the people of Palestine draw up a comprehensive, democratic and equitable plan in order to help the people of Palestine to achieve all-embracing peace, lasting security and to secure their fundamental rights.”

It also calls for “promoting the universality of the Non-Proliferation Treaty,” and “putting into action real and fundamental programs toward complete disarmament and preventing the development and proliferation of nuclear chemical and microbial weapons.” [...]

Iran seizes on issues publicly declared by Obama as priorities, cynically portends to be champions of these issues while attempting to replace itself in the hot seat with Israel. The complete disarmament mentioned is in regards to ALL nuclear weapons on the planet, a stated (somewhat absurd) pet project of President Obama himself, and a clear call to focus on Israel’s own nuclear capabilities. The innocent Iranian regime playing international moral leader.

Even more classic, this is exactly what apologists for the Iranian regime want to hear. Iran is clearly banking on those same apologists to be champions in their delay tactics. Lacking any credibility internationally whatsoever of late, the hard left & those that champion engagement with no real end game are Iran’s only outlet. So Iran lays it on mighty thick just for them, with ample bait to the softies in the Obama administration to boot!

Apparently in some quarters it is already working..

According to the document, “The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that within the framework of principles of justice, democracy and multilateralism, a wide range of security, political, economic and cultural issues at regional and global levels could be included in these negotiations with a view of fostering constructive cooperation for advancement of nations and promotion of peace and stability in the region and the world.”

The US and Russia were at odds on Thursday over Teheran’s proposals, with American officials saying they fall short of satisfying international demands, and the Russians saying there was something to talk about. [...]

Justice, Democracy MULTILATERALISM. All the buzzwords and music to engagement eager grand bargainers ears are hear.  In return for some appeasement everything can be magically solved! Security, political, economic problems, cultural issues.. PEACE ON EARTH!!!

This is some pretty devious & clever stuff. Iran delays for 8 months after previously delaying in talks for 6 years, and just as things look ugly for them sanction wise they pull the steak off the table entirely, while baiting the biggest suckers with all the trimmings instead.

All the while the not so subtle offering of a juicy dessert for Iran & its proponents – the focus on Israel in particular, in combination with a cynical play on Obama’s own declared sensitivities regarding nuclear weapons, disarmament and overall Hope & Change. This US Admin already lit a fire under the Israel nuclear pot this spring, Iran is just stepping up & stirring it. After all, how could they disregard that very large Obama gift? Instead they’ve wrapped it in a pretty hope & change bow & re-gifted it right back.

Obama’s Administration is vulnerable

In a normal world we could dismiss it all out of hand, but so far US foreign policy is not operating in a normal world. Months of engagement failure have only now just barely begun to contain Obama’s hope & delusion. Most of that reality slowly creeping in is as a result of Congressional & European displeasure, not any overt acknowledgment that the policy is naive despite the protestations of Denis Ross.

The door is still wide open, and even the September deadline is already slipping back to 2010 in regards to implementing any sanctions. If Iran’s play can whip up enough support in the ‘US engagement at all costs community’ with their little switcheroo – We could be right back at square one, and Iran will be pleased as punch along with having the ability to deliver a nuclear one.

Engagement: UN Assembly in 3 weeks, it’s D-Day on Iran (S.908)

Enough time wasted.. Time to step up to the plate Mr President.

We heard about the Obama engagement plan all throughout the never ending campaign, more than a year & a half’s worth of buildup by the progressive wing of the American Democratic party. In January 2009, Obama was sworn in. He took a fair allotment of time to prepare his administration to implement his ideas through an Iranian policy review, no problem. By March Israel’s new government was beginning to do the same.

During the 1st & only meeting between PM Netanyahu & President Obama we learned that the US was coming to agreement with the consensus feeling in both Israel and old Europe that engagement could not be open ended, as this would allow Iran opportunity to simply stall for time under a cloak of ‘engagement’ while developing nuclear capabilities. The time frame laid out by Obama was end of 2008 to begin review of the engagement process.


Obama meanwhile punted, under the claim that until Iranian early summer elections elections no engagement was possible. Unfortunately for him, the Iranian people and the world, we all witnessed the brutality and criminality of the Iranian theocracy close up in those ‘elections’. Despite a state of denial by the American administration to ‘push forward’ with the illegitimate regime regardless, Europe was somewhat more appalled.

S. 908 ready since April

As a result of the brutality and clear path to failure with engagement Sarkozy, Merkel, and Israel were more inclined to speed things up. A consensus was reached at the Italian G8 Summit that discussion & determination of what action to take re Iran would come at the UN General Assembly in September, now 3 weeks away where the P5+1 / G8 members will be present. In the US Senate, a refined fuel sanctions bill is long on the table awaiting the White House ok. The Honorables Evan Bayh & Senator Lieberman have about 70 senate votes & about 300 house members prepared to support the new sanctions proposed by S. 908. (see below)


The time for dilly dally is up, now is the time for pressure, sanctions, and isolation. It is likely Israel will come to some form of agreement on peace talks & settlements to placate envoy Mitchell & President Obama, so that the path will be clear for the American administration to live up to its pledge on alternatives to friendly Obama charm based ‘engagement’ - Which has now failed. The UN session will begin on the 15th, will we see the P5+1 push for international pressure? Will we see S. 908 become law? Will American foreign policy finally take some form?

Just as crucial, what kind of distraction, mayhem, or terror is Iran perhaps planning to deflect attention and consensus on these matters? The last time we saw an important crossroads like this Hezbollah was instructed by Iran to create distraction. They assaulted Israel in terrorist action to kidnap Israeli soldiers, resulting in a month long war in Lebanon. By the same token, any failure to move forward internationally led by the USA on Iran now puts Israel in a ready mode, prepared to jump out of the blocks and sprint to a military solution..

Netanyahu is already traveling Europe preparing the ground work for the UN Assembly, if he announces he is planning to address the world in New York we’ll know just how serious efforts to box in Iran are. President Obama is going to have to hawk up, pass sanctions and prepare a possible blockade for early 2009. Will he?

7 months gone, 7 months wasted.. 7 months closer to Iranian nuclear weapons. Time for countries & international petroleum companies to choose. Whom do they want to transact with, America or Iran?


Official Summary of S. 908

A bill to amend the Iran Sanctions Act of 1996 to enhance United States diplomatic efforts with respect to Iran by expanding economic sanctions against Iran.


Iran Refined Petroleum Sanctions Act – Expresses the sense of Congress that: (1) the United States should continue to support diplomatic efforts in the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the U.N. Security Council to end Iran’s illicit nuclear activities;

(2) diplomatic efforts with Iran are more likely to be effective if the President is empowered with the explicit authority to impose additional sanctions on the government of Iran;

(3) it should be U.S. policy to encourage foreign governments to direct state-owned and private entities to cease all investment in, and support of, Iran’s energy sector and all exports of refined petroleum products to Iran;

(4) the President is urged to impose sanctions on the Central Bank of Iran and any other Iranian financial institution engaged in proliferation activities or support of terrorist groups;

(5) the Department of the Treasury should continue to work with allies to protect the international financial system from deceptive and illicit practices by Iranian financial institutions involved in proliferation activities or support of terrorist groups;
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Flame Out: Anti-Israel Human Rights Watch Plummeting to Earth with No Chute

Sunlight is the best disinfectant

We all know that the UN’s various ‘Human Rights’ bodies are shams, this is not a secret. Many western nations refuse to participate in the UN bodies because actual human rights abuses are totally ignored, instead the worst violators of even the most basic fundamental human rights sit as judges & juries in a farcical game of Israel hatred. For months & years resolution after resolution condemning Israel is mock debated and then passed, no other issue even gets tabled. An international mockery that is rightly recognized as so, international cover for hatred of Israel & Jews.

Human Rights Watch’s neutrality eviscerated

But now the NGOs on the periphery of the UN are bleeding credibility as well. Here in Israel our government is already debating how to deal with the fact that foreign governments in the EU are actively funding agenda driven organizations like Peace Now, Btselem and other pro Palestinian entities who’s goals are to smear the State of Israel under the guise of ‘neutrality’ & ‘Human Rights’, with bias filled reports eagerly lapped up by Israel haters everywhere.

Human Right Watch, already reeling from recent disclosures of actively seeking funds in Saudi Arabia of all places (where Human Rights are non existent) by openly appealing to the Saudi money men to help fund & bash Israel under the same guise of neutrality, is further under the microscope and the results aren’t pretty..

Pollak over at Contentions summarizes some interesting information on key HRW staffers & directors. Not surprisingly, they are all serial Israel haters with padded resumes of Pro Palestinian ACTIVISM! A real death blow for so called ‘neutral organizations’..

Over on the Volokh blog, David Bernstein has been conducting admirable work on Human Rights Watch and its obsession with Israel. Yesterday he profiled Sarah Leah Whitson, HRW’s Middle East director, who, it turns out, is not just a Norman Finkelstein admirer but was deeply involved in anti-Israel activism when she was hired. She is in good company at HRW with people like Joe Stork, HRW’s deputy Middle East director, who used to edit the viciously anti-Israel Middle East Report. Another is Lucy Mair, the Israel/Palestinian-territories researcher until 2007, who used to write for Electronic Intifada, the pro-terrorism website.

You cannot be a ‘neutral’ & an ‘activist’ by very definition..

ac⋅tiv⋅ism – noun

1. the doctrine or practice of vigorous action or involvement as a means of achieving political or other goals, sometimes by demonstrations, protests, etc.

Uh Oh. As usual whenever criticism surfaces, HRW quickly dumps out a banal statement or report, and goes through the motions of trying to balance out its horrificly anti-Israel tipped scales by talking about Hamas & war crimes. They did the exact same thing a full year + after the Lebanon war II by finally acknowledging in a lame report what was evident to all – That Hezbollah was engaged in War Crimes rocketing Israel.

Now they do the same with a focus on the 3 week Gaza conflict to lamely cover their own asses which are directly in the fire, it’s cynical, comical and a fairly transparent effort. Pretty much the definition of Human Rights Watch itself these days now that the mask is fully off and their credibility is in the toilet. Three years ago I looked at an HRW report, and tore it apart. I’ve never bothered reading another one since, why waste my time? We already know what HRW is all about.. Pro Palestinian, Pro-Terrorist, Pro-Arab activism designed to attack and damage Israel under an absurd cover of ‘neutrality’ that is anything but.

At least I am open about my own shameless activism, I don’t cover and shield myself as a ‘Human Rights crusader’, apparently all those jobs are already filled.

Honest Broker: Solana Comes Clean, Reveals Deep Love of Israel & Peace (Updated)

Hashmonean Confession: I don’t like you either.

Mr. EU, multilateral King of uselessness Javier Solana has decided that it is nearing the time for the UN to ‘impose’ on Israel & the Palestinians, stressing the Israel part..

“After a fixed deadline, a UN Security Council resolution should proclaim the adoption of the two-state solution,” Solana was quoted as saying, adding that such a move should include resolutions regarding borders, the refugee problem, the issue of Jerusalem and security arrangements.

“It would accept the Palestinian state as a full member of the UN, and set a calendar for implementation. It would mandate the resolution of other remaining territorial disputes and legitimize the end of claims,” Solana was quoted by Reuters as saying.

“If the parties are not able to stick to [the timetable], then a solution backed by the international community should be put on the table,” he said.

I’m particularly enamored by the way Javier has taken it upon himself to determine issues involving Israel’s Capital Jerusalem. By simply declaring a Palestinian State at the UN and imposing UN determined ‘solutions’  for all final status issues, one gets the impression the entire peace process is no longer legitimate. After all, if the goal is land for peace but we remove the peace part entirely from the equation as seemingly suggested by Solana, what are we left with? A multi billion dollar foreign aid supported nanny terror state with UN legitimacy as far as I can tell.. Wonderful, I say we establish that Palestinian entity in Belgium, preferably as close to Solana’s apartment there as possible.

Mr EU, the unelected foreign policy dictator of the Union has a long history of malevolence toward Israel. Ariel Sharon initially refused to meet with him while he was PM. Curiously enough, Solana has had a major hand in the formulation of the Quartet & the Road Map to Peace.. Now he apparently seems to want to scrap that entirely, as his suggestions are contrary to the plan’s own texts with these calls for imposed ‘solutions’.

Meanwhile, the Syrians sensing the overall welling of hatred of Israel now pervasive in general at the EU are piling on.. Calling for the EU too also ‘impose’ their will on Israel for being an obstacle to peace with Syria, conveniently leaving out their support for Hamas, terror groups and Hezbollah. Why not? It’s working for the Palestinians. When inciters of violence, supporters of terrorism, dictators, and despots play the victim card to a more than willing EU by lambasting the one party actually making efforts for peace – You know the world has truly turned upside down on its head.

October 2009, the month Solana will finally hang up his crown as Mr EU. I for one can’t wait to celebrate his retirement..

Meanwhile, Tony Blair former UK PM and now special envoy the to Middle East in charge of Palestinian economic development, feels somewhat differently it seems. He has been a supporter of Bibi’s plan to develop a basis for peace through economic development, and seems to think that us big bad Israelis are not getting enough credit for all the peace building moves we have initiated thus far to improve the Palestinians lives.

Careful Tony, this doesn’t fit the meme the Palestinians, Syrians, Mr. EU or the White House have been trying to spread until now. We wouldn’t want to rupture the space time continuum, who knows what might happen. It could result in *gasp* – Peace.

UK Commander – Afghanistan: The IDF Did More to Safeguard Civilians Than Any Other Army (Video)

The Jihad Against Israel Continues

With the UN sham Human Rights Council Gaza probe wrapping up today, we can shortly expect conclusions to be vomiting up from numerous ‘human rights’ organizations and eventually the grand daddy of perversions itself, the UN council will present its findings in September. Israel refused to participate officially in light of the absurd hatreds represented by the UN Human Rights Council in general, which ignores actual genocides & human rights abuses occurring as we speak worldwide, and contents itself to simply passing resolution after resolution condemning Israel..

Let’s talk about the fact that the World’s leading human rights abusers like our pals the Saudis, the Iranians, the Chavezs of this world and other assorted Obama allies are the ones who get to sit and pass judgment in this farce. While at the same time provide funding to the ‘Human Rights’ groups we are always reading about, who’s sole purpose in life is seemingly to demonize Israel. That’s quite a little scam they have going.

What is the mission of the inquiry?
Reuters sums it up nicely via YNET..

‘Extent of physical damage shook all of us,’ says head of investigation into recent Israeli offensive in Strip, adding ‘ aim is to show the human side of suffering and give a voice to victims’

Yeah, let’s give voice to the victims!

We can start by voicing our collective outrage as to how the real victim here Israel, is assaulted by terrorists launching thousands of rockets against civilian populations for over 7 years (war crimes) and is then crucified by the world for acting in its own self defense. We can talk about the libelous accusations the lying & manipulative propaganda experts known more formally as Hamas terrorists, gleefully spread to an eager media machine obsessed with judging Jews & Israel by the biggest double standard known to man. How else of course to satisfy world wide bloodlust and hatred of Joooooz?

We can talk about how Hamas seized the Gaza strip by force and violence and killings, persecutes Christians, instituted Sharia Laws, mutilated and murdered fellow Palestinians who resist them, stockpiled & launched thousands of rockets, stole humanitarian aid for their own use.. Then claimed they were being persecuted by Israel and were starving while the BBC and Jeremy ‘Bozo’ Bowen wept. We can talk about how we supply this population who swears our destruction with food, water, electricity, money and goods out of our kindness and sympathy for humanity’s sake day in & out.

Col. Richard Kemp, Former Commander British Forces in Afghanistan on the matters at hand.

Super Standard

China kills 150 people in the span of a few hours a day or so ago, hardly makes the headlines. Israel defends itself in a military operation spanning nearly a month to stop rocketing of its populace, 1400 people are killed - Most of them Hamas terrorists and the Earth stops rotating on its axis.

Free Palestine!

If the West is ‘so concerned’ about ‘suffering on both sides’, maybe it is time to topple the illegitimate terrorist government in Gaza which is causing it? If I were in charge the operation would have been called ‘Cast Dread’ and Gaza would look like a parking lot today. I’m not nearly as evolved as Israeli & British Colonels apparently ; )

Hat tip to Melanie Phillips for the good commander’s video.