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Under the hood.. Some work on my blog

Getting my hands dirty to pump the numbers up

I’ve made some changes at my blog the past week or so. Because my blog was quiet for a chunk of time I have an odd traffic mix my 1st few weeks back, my numbers being low I’ve depended on search engines to feed enough hits. So I made big changes to optimize my SEO position because my blog is not very popular these days compared to previously and I can’t drive heavy traffic to links like normal, which is not good for building up traffic at all.

Thankfully changes have so far worked some. I’m getting more 1st page results on a lot of searches at google this week which is very helpful, no small feat when going up against the NY Times & Jerusalem Post lol. I doubled my google returns in the past 5 days which is good but I’m looking to jump that higher.

RSS – Most of the changes are in source & blog code so it may not be visible though they are extensive, what is visible however to the 50 or 60 people who subscribe here overall is the change to the RSS feed. My blog posts are no longer being represented in full at RSS, only the 1st few lines. I changed this as part of my SEO optimization tests and I apologize because I know how annoying that is.. I need another week or so to see some of the effects these changes have made and maybe I’ll slap the full feed back in.

My return visitors are very low since I’m pumping mostly engine traffic to my posts, I’ll have to see if this is because my posts suck like crap lately or what, which is certainly possible since I haven’t blogged a long while. Also I blog very long, but people want to read twitter two liners – That’s a problem I am aware of and discussed with a few of my regular readers, Oh well. In more exciting news McCain is speaking tonight in the US, and the NFL is back in play - go Raiders!

Dear Watcher’s Council: Feel Free to Bug My Phone!

I had a lot of action on my blog yesterday thanks to a key stumble, there’s little mystery where the stumbler saw my post - Creating a double whammy for me, so big thanks to the council for nominating one of my posts in this weeks Watcher’s Council because it’s delicious to be amongst the council, 2 or 3 of the council members are much more than regular reads for me, amongst my top ten favorite blogs (they know who they are).

This week’s edition is being hosted by the Glittering Eye, let me just say that I am not fearful of the eye of Sauron, and actually want to be FISA’d so to speak. Go ahead, Bug my phones lol. In appreciation, here are the Council members’ posts and the non member posts for the week.. My vote if I had one could be boiled down to two words, Support Georgia.

1 Wolf Howling
“Obama, Criminalizing Politics & Thinking The Unthinkable”
2 Rhymes With Right
“Gravel: Support Terrorist By Terrorizing Prosecutor And His Family”
3 Done With Mirrors
“Laid to Rest”
4 The Razor
“Rolling Stone: Size Doesn’t Matter”
5 Soccer Dad
“Not up to the standards of the national enquirer *UPDATED*”
6 The Colossus of Rhodey
“Great — One More Thing for Which to Blame the Jews.”
7 Bookworm Room
“Who would you want to spend time with”
8 Cheat-Seeking Missiles
“Edwards Fesses Up; Let The Games Begin”
9 The Glittering Eye
“Civis Americanus Sum”
10 Joshuapundit
“Fear And Loathing: The Psychosexual Element In Islam”

Non-Council posts

1 Slapstick Politics
“Top Ten Ways The DNC Is Like The Beijing Olympics”
2 Discriminations
“Is It An Insult To Call Obama An Affirmative Action Candidate?”
3 Slate
“The Columbia Journalism Review’s Division Over Dissent”
4 Pundita
“To any and all U.S. forces in Georgia: STAND DOWN”
5 The Hashmonean
“Common Denominator: Israel at Every Level is Prepared to Strike Iran”
6 Coming Anarchy
“Russia Is Speaking Victorian and Thinking Pagan”
7 National Review Online
“An Unplanned Education”
8 Right Wing Nut House
“Using Ridicule As a Weapon Could Backfire on McCain”
9 Skippy the Bush Kangaroo
“It Was 20 Years Ago Today…Everything Changed”
10 Roger’s Rules
“The crisis in Georgia, 9/11, and the lessons of gratitude”

Stumble-Lanche!: Bring it on :)

Common Denominator: Israel at Every Level is Prepared to Strike Iran  – has been stumbled in the last hour, and is being featured on the Stumbleupon Israel front page, flash headers are disabled for the time being..

I hope my hosting holds, because they are coming in thick. My thanks to the stumbler who’s clearly got some serious cred! A visit + every 20 seconds, suffice to say that’s above my normal traffic. If you’re here for your 1st visit, please consider a bookmark or grab the RSS link.


Haveil Havalim 150 SD Edition

The Haveil Havalim is up at Soccer Dad’s, a milestone edition as Jack at the Shack will be stewarding the big carnival for a bit so Mazal Tov to both of them for their great efforts.

Speaking of fun times, I have a busy week ahead with a job search here in Israel picking up steam so I’ll be a bit slower on my own blog trigger.. Today would be an excellent day to read a little carnival until I can blog some tonight ;)