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Haveil Havalim: Sittin in the Succa Edition

Ben-Yehuda is hosting the latest Jewish blog carnival, a Sukkot edition..

Usually you’ll find a dearth of posts around the holidays for the Jblogs as people are naturally busy or occupied, but he does an admirable job whipping together a carnival – nice! As for myself I have at least 3 or 4 unfinished posts in my drafts. I’m not sure other than busy what is up with me. My post counts are way down. Heh, that sounded pretty dramatic..

‘Dammit Jim, I’m a doctor, not a blogger – His post counts are way down!

Sorry, I recently saw the new Star Trek movie, must have got distracted for a second there. In any case one of those drafts is pretty neat, regarding recent US changes to Missile Defense and how it affects Israel.Maybe I’ll wrap that up and post it. But until then I’m really wondering only one thing, well maybe a couple of things..

  • Why is Sukkot spelled with k in english, and Succa with c?
  • Why did one of my neighbors strip a nearby tree so badly in order to cover the roof of his succah? Is he an idiot by birth?
  • Why is it that every year by Sukkot I know the Oakland Raiders are going to suck badly?..again.

I did not see answers for these burning life questions at the Carnival, but you may be luckier! Check it out : )

Jbloggers Convention: Hashmonean Pilgrimage to Jerusalem Today

Might be a few Jews there..

I’m heading up to Jerusalem today. Normally such a 35 minute trip from sunny South Tel-Aviv involves Old Citiage, a little Wall fun (Pink Floyd not included). Perhaps a few slices of Apple Pizza. However today this particular Hashmonean pilgrimage is for another worthy cause (not that pizza scoffing isn’t worthy).

I’m going to the 2nd International NBN Jbloggers conference. Last year I had a wedding to attend – But this year I’ve finally hit it big in the scheduling department, meaning I’ve got a wedding tomorrow night instead.

There are two things we can take away from this.

  • A) I must be a really great wedding guest seeing as I am perpetually invited to one, though still single.
  • B) Clearly either Gd himself, or perhaps Barack Obama.. has made the waters recede to allow me to attend pilgrimage personally this year.

Don’t you worry, you are also favored in the eyes of the big guy and can attend virtually through some online video at the link above. Big thanks to all the sponsors and bloggers, see you there. If not, there’s always Twitter @Jbloggers where you can also take part – Albeit in 140 characters or less and minus a few knishes.

Watching Weasels: Feeling the Love in a Non-Council Nomination This Week (Updated Council Results)

Can Mahmoud Abbas graduate from ‘Utterly Useless’ to full fledged ‘Weasel’? (UPDATED BELOW with the COUNCIL’s VOTE)

Many thanks to Senor SoccerDad for his nomination of Occupation Vocation: Palestinian Peace of the Not So Brave to the non-council category this week over at the Watchers of Weasels.

Every week the tasty blogs on the Council vote on a mix of their own & 3rd party blog posts for pre-eminent Weasel bragging rights.. In all truth it’s one of the best ways to drill down to some of the more interesting posts of the week from some fantastic blogs. I always appreciate an occasional appearance, last time round thanks to the Council votes I managed a second place tie - But I had a real powerhouse in the mix imho and one of my own favorite posts nominated.

Looking over this week’s non-council nominations in the running..

It’s going to be another uphill climb because the competition quality is high! Get your dose of great reading with this week’s tally, courtesy of the Council Chief -  The Weasel Watcher himself, who’s now incidentally blogging more and more on the top topics of the week.

A nomination pays hefty dividends. Last time round I got into the council picks the selections made it all the way to worldnetdaily as a short brief on what’s good on the net, generating some tasty traffic beyond that of the blogs in the roundup, these critter watchers have some serious clout. 

Council Submissions

Non-Council Submissions

Best of luck to all the Council members & non-member posts.


COUNCIL VOTE UPDATE: Results are in!

Joshuapundit steals the show on the council side, I think this is two weeks in a row too.  Not bad at all with a whopping three points which is pretty tough to do. On the non council side Harry Reid takes a bruising  with 1st place : ) 

For the Hashmonean a not stellar but decent 4th place tie outside the winners circle. There were a bunch of posts tied ahead too in 2nd place with strong numbers - I can think of worse things in life than tying for 4th with the likes of Mark Steyn however. Big Thanks to the Council for another super weasel watch, another batch of top quality posts and their consideration!

Zero Contention: Commentary’s Blog is Ridiculously Good

Is it safe to put all this brainpower in one spot?

Are you wondering what I’m rambling about? I’m rambling about Contentions, and in a few paragraphs I’ll be rambling about two of its contenders specifically - Jennifer Rubin & Rick Richman.

Before I do I want to establish a few odd things. For instance, I’ve never seen American Idol. Nor does the current Israeli wave of reality TV even hold the most remote sense of draw for me. Without meaning to insult, I consider these things glorified stupidity. Ironic since I have no qualms whatsoever engaging in occasional stupidity myself. I watch C-Span, those cheeky monkeys now have three channels so I am steadily convincing myself I get a lot of variety in my viewing, sometimes its good to lie to yourself. Instead of all that TV I read a lot.

Secondly, I like Wyoming. I’ve never been to Wyoming, I don’t even know anything about Wyoming – Except that Dick Cheney comes from Wyoming so Wyoming is awesome. I also like Commentary magazine, so if you shock me and tell me John Podhoretz is also from Wyoming, I may have to move there. But, to be clear I am not moving from Israel unless it is to live with Dick Cheney & John Podhoretz in Wyoming, and in light of the fact that I am dubious about Podhoretz coming from Wyoming it means I can thankfully stay in Israel for now.

Yes, I am a Neo-Con.

Ooooh, scary. I have always been a Neo-Con. I think Bill Kristol is charming and if I ever got a tattoo it would read AEI. My two favorite words are National & Security and my least favorite current word is Obama. In fact, I believe that President Obama is himself a glorified reality TV show, complete with scripts, cameras & his very own producers. He is in my opinion, glorified stupidity that millions upon millions of people tune into daily, they even buy the products! It doesn’t hurt my theory that his administration liberally borrows from and perhaps even believes they are enacting the West Wing TV Show incidentally..

I’m getting there, stop pestering me.

With that established, I want to talk about Commentary’s blog Contentions. It’s really good. There are some fine writers there, even Rosner is all right and this is a big concession for me because I live not too far from the Haaretz building in Tel Aviv, and whenever I pass it I feel a chill go through me as if editorial evil itself might be emanating from within. Clearly, if Obama were to happen to visit the Haaretz building for filming his latest episode and I were in the vicinity my head might explode. Thankfully there’s a good chance his TV show cameras would be there so ratings that night would be blockbuster. Hey! Anything I can do to help buddy.

As I was saying before you interrupted me, Contentions is really very very good. But two of its bloggers specifically have been astounding me. I am not easily astounded, there’s a lot of crap in the blogosphere and that includes the Jblogosphere too and some of it happens to lead the way in visitors, making this for me overall a poor metric of quality. For myself, quality is measured by how often I visit a place to read, I could care less where other people are visiting in all honesty. It is rare indeed for me to consistently finish reading something a blogger or writer has written and then say – Wow, you know what? That is really really good, it is factual, insightful, well argued and well written.


So you can imagine my surprise when I first started noticing this occurring frequently in very specific cases I think it was last year. I kept finishing reading things thinking those very thoughts, and since suffering information overload I would only bother actually seeing who wrote it at the end (that statement is sure to thrill many many bloggers!).

Jennifer Rubin, and then Jennifer Rubin, and again Jennifer Rubin until I stopped and said - Who the hell is Jennifer Rubin? How come I’ve never heard of this woman before!? I’m not a stupid guy, and this is evidenced by the fact that this Jennifer Rubin is now everywhere, yes.. I even saw her on C-Span.

Now, in time I know who Jennifer Rubin is superficially, but this was formative for me in general regarding blogging and what I read. There was a big span of time for instance when I stopped reading PJM entirely because quality was way down (apart from Ledeen who was sporadic, and Fernandez whom I just like and a few others), but I started visiting again more frequently because I wanted to read some Rubin.


I may be mistaken having read literally thousands of blog posts, but I think that’s where I first read another writer’s posts, this guy Richman. if not, it doesn’t really matter because it makes for a decent segueway nonetheless. Back at Contentions which was now firmly in my reading column albeit selectively, I started noticing this same phenomenon that occurred with Rubin, except the name was Richman? Confused yet? Good.

I was saying to myself, hey.. That’s pretty good, well written, good argument etc. Once again, I could be bothered to notice who was writing, Richman. Oh Rick Richman wrote this, ah that figures.. Hey, that’s pretty good (scrolling back up) oh, yeah it’s Rick Richman.

So now I find myself exactly where I was previously, wondering ‘who the hell is this guy’ and how come I’ve never heard of him before? There are other really good writers at Contentions overall as well.

Is it safe to gather all this really good stuff at one spot? We need these tools going forward to fight the good fight. As stated before I learned to think strategically from Dick Cheney.. Maybe we should move some of them to Wyoming? You know.. Just to be safe.

I’ll be away from my blog for the weekend, traveling in Israel. But I thought why not leave something amusing to read and a pointer to more good stuff beyond the usual links to other bloggers my little cadre of readers already know well. Try Contentions, you might like it..

I slotted this as humor, but it is more imbued with some sarcasm and some amusement than super funny. Oh well. I blame Obama.