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A look at Media in relation to Israel

Israeli Backlash: Legislation aimed at leashing out of control Media & Polling

Who’s in control here? It is no longer clear

It might seem like I’ve been beating a dead horse covering the polling situation in Israel for well over a month now, slamming our big media endlessly for what I have called ‘agenda ridden polling’ and pushing their own views to shape public opinion in their own image, within Israel and abroad.

I apologize if it is tiresome, but I’ve been doing so because it has become more than clear that entirely unqualified & unelected media have had a skewing effect on state affairs for some time now in the realm of national decision making. It needs to stop and now MKs from both Israel Beitenu & Likud are proposing legislation to curtail influence by law. This is a small measure of vindication and allows me to get away with yet another post on this topic..

JPOST: ‘Ban publishing exit polls before voting ends’- Shelly Paz
(reproduced in full, I normally don’t do that but I digress on this topic)

MK Yisrael Hasson (Israel Beiteinu) will hold a special session of the Economic Affairs Committee on Wednesday to discuss banning the publication of exit polls while the ballot boxes are open for voting. Hasson chairs the panel.

“The meeting was set following the profound questions that have arisen regarding the media’s conduct and its influence on several crucial events in the Israeli reality; the disengagement [from Gaza in 2005], the Goldwasser-Regev-Kuntar swap deal [in July] and the Kadima primary last week,” Hasson said on Sunday.

It was important to examine whether the media had became the decision-maker, he said. “In other words, to check whether the watchdog of democracy has turned against the landlord.”

Hasson’s initiative is a result of allegations against the Israeli media and the way it covered the primary, accusations that went as far as to say that new Kadima chairwoman Tzipi Livni won the race thanks to media coverage that was clearly biased in her favor.

It has also been claimed that the publication of exit polls while the ballot boxes were still open, as well as in the days immediately before the primary, influenced the final result.

Also on Sunday, Likud MKs Gilad Erdan and Moshe Kahlon announced on they would soon introduce a bill that would ban the publications of polls in the two weeks before general elections and party primaries.

“Some would say that the intensive coverage of abducted soldiers increases the pressure on the decision-makers, who give in and agree to pay high prices, but that is impossible to quantify,” Erdan told The Jerusalem Post.

He added that he expected decision-makers to be able to withstand such pressure. “However, the general public can be influenced by polls, trends and the general mood that is created by the media.

“The media creates trends and they obviously affect the voters, who lie to pollsters and don’t feel comfortable revealing their real choice, and sometimes they are even discouraged by the polls and don’t even bother to go and exercise their rights at the ballot box,” Erdan said.

Dr. Yariv Ben-Eliezer, director of media studies at the Lauder School of Government at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, said that banning the publications of polls and surveys one or two weeks prior to primaries and general elections would help restrain the media’s eternal struggle for ratings.

“It’s not an exact science, but in general, the function of the media is to report, and when a TV channel or a newspaper commissions a poll, they’re not reporting anymore, they’re creating the news, and that is a failure of the media – where it deviates from its proper role,” Ben-Eliezer said.

Once the media commissioned polls and published them, it no longer reflected reality as it was but rather shaped it. “People are influenced and they can be affected by it [polls], and they may want to join what seems to be the stronger [political] group. I don’t say they do it intentionally, I believe that this is a result of the fight for ratings,” Ben-Eliezer said.

Indeed, Israel is a small country. A vibrant Democracy needs a vibrant free media, but at what point does it become clear that media, ‘elites’ & select opinion is now driving the national agenda? With today’s power in media that point in Israel has not only been crossed it has become untenable, this past week bordering nearly on criminal behavior with the Kadima Primary fiasco.

Crossing the line?

Now our national media pushes an agenda, and then when it is done doing so our media figures drop all pretense entirely and simply get themselves tacked onto party lists where they have already engendered favor through bias in reporting, and become Knesset MKs! Shelley Yacimovich of the Labor party, who was a vocal & visible journalist / activist put into Knesset this past session is a prime example. A number of Haaretz journalists have also recently left to pursue local & national politics as well, it kind of reeks.

Of course, journalists are free to enter politics by all means, but it seems that politics has also been entirely too free to enter Journalism here as well.. It’s time to reign them in because the people need to elect its governments and drive popular issues, not a handful of talking heads. This phenomenon has pushed Israel’s decision making farther to the left overall, while its electorate is solidly majority center and center right. The right is slandered, smeared & deligitimized by a cadre of illegitimate media, oh the irony.

GoldenGirl Livni’s Disaster: 1 Point Win Mocks Media; Kadima; Public (Updated Below)

No Credibility, No Mandate, No Sweeping Adoration.

The tally is in and Livni has won by a mere 431 votes, instead of 49% to 37% as projected by every single outlet of big media in Israel last night, Livni’s lead is actually 1 measly percentage point. 43.1 to 42% - Shocking. It smells so corrupted I feel the need to shower. Worse, there were ‘voting irregularities’ last night in the arab sector (as usual) pushing Livni which may have clinched it for her – on top of her poll closing shenanigans.

A trend is developing, big media is pumping agenda driven polls in election after election to push their own horse. We saw it with Olmert, we saw it with Livni, and now we saw it even in the exit polls which declared Livni the winner before voting even ceased, studios closed down for the night, reporters went home and they drove Mofaz home as well in disappointment – but that wasn’t the story it seems.

Shocking Win

These results combined with the blatant manipulation by media, the blatant manipulation by Kadima to force polls open even longer at the last minute for their Princess Livni is a travesty and a mockery. Forget the fact that Israel’s new PM is decided by less than 20,000 people / votes – Now it is not even decided by those 20,000 it seems out of our 7 Million, it is decided by someone else entirely like some third world country, a true Banana Republic.

Livni has no mandate that much is clear. She is not the adoring savior shoved down our throats by our media with fictitious massive 20% victories over her rivals, and 20% electoral projected landslides in national elections, she will not sweep anything in national elections as I posted previously and that is precisely why we will be denied them. She has a zero success rate and that was proven again last night beyond her Foreign Ministerial failures.

Enough with this farce

Where does Kadima go from here? Our PM refuses to vacate, his replacement is coronated like a queen, negotiations & concessions steam forward with no mandate, now not once but a second time it seems, state affairs are not dealt with.. We are ruled it seems like a brothel – By a bunch of greedy corrupt prostitutes and their media pimps. Now Shas & Labor have seemingly even dropped their pre-requisites for remaining in the coalition, meaning nothing has changed at all.

Now that it is proven Livni is far from a winner the left’s GoldenGirl clearly cannot deliver, and the last thing that can be allowed is elections to drive this failure reality home.

Update: Lonely Planet

I’m feeling kinda gothca’d, which is why I seem to be the only person beefing about this, the media in Israel is seemingly skipping right over the whole debacle above. Contrast this to the Bush Kerry results 4 years ago where similar exits told a similar story and there was shock afterward, there was quite a bit of talk in the media about jumping the gun. Following some Clinton miscalls in this US election cycle, media again in the US looked at the need to restrain themselves..

Where are the opinion pieces in Israel with similar tones? The election was called across the board and was overshot by about 10% – a full 1/4 of the vote, it certainly affected the vote itself as well. If I find some dissent I will link it. Further, if I was feeling like a bastard I would contrast YNET political reporting last night which was gloating & filled with exhilaration, with the muted fare available today..

Link Update:
Thank Goodness SD does the phenomenal groundwork here
, I thought I might be losing my mind. The Nissenbaum shot and the WP quotes are instant classics.


UPDATE Sep 19: Mofaz’s Exit from Politics

Shaul is taking a political breatherMofaz has dropped a shocker, his exit from politics. Many are carrying on with the same scorn he received in the campaign, calling him sore loser etc. But I see it differently, he was indeed robbed, a victim of racism and ugly class rivalries in Israel amongst other things, and if he stays he benefits not himself so much, as Livni who’s party and who’s own experience looks paltry without him..

The Jerusalem Post analyzes the situation today, they’ve clearly been reading some high quality material ; )

[...] The Kadima establishment, they lamented on his behalf, had set him up to fail. Livni was the golden girl, to be crowned come what may. After decades of military and public service, he had been misrepresented throughout the campaign as a murky political operator and Likud hawk, and his popularity relentlessly undermined by skewed and baseless polls.

On primary day itself, when he still had a good chance of victory, the Mofaz camp further complained Thursday night, he was quashed by a combination of disqualified ballots, extended voting hours and the reprehensible broadcast of exit polls falsely showing an overwhelming Livni victory – an appalling breach of democratic norms that could only have persuaded those Mofaz supporters still waiting to cast their ballots that they were wasting their time and should head home. [...]

Phew, it is not such a lonely planet after all..

Big thanks for making Kadima Primary day the Hashmonean’s biggest traffic day in a while. I also saw that Jameel had an excellent post on the polling fracas, nice one – Both the Jpost full article and the Muqata look at polling are worthy reads.

Gabriel: Time for Muslim moderates to stand up & be counted (Video)

Brigitte knocks one out of the park

Appearing on Morning Joe at MSNBC Gabriel in 6 minutes or less gets to the heart of the matter;

  • Muslims & the Arab world cannot simply be handed Democracy, in order to appreciate & value democracy one needs to fight for it
  • Muslim extremism is an ideology like Nazism, preys on the weak, the youth and ignorance
  • Wealth transfer through energy is feeding a monster
  • Muslim moderates appear nearly non existent in their efforts to seize the Muslim mantle

Time to stand up she says, create organizations and be heard. Quite a lady, with a clear concise message. Buchanan, Brezinki’s daughter & co. appear somewhat out of their league, but kudos to at least having Gabriel on to speak a little common sense to the rabid MSNBC crowd. Enjoy a few minutes below..

NBC News: 37 Million Reasons to Pull Olbermann & Matthews

MSNBC a drag on the ‘ol ticket

NBC has pulled Left Wingers Olbermann & Matthews from the anchor chair for the remainder of election coverage, but the damage done by the MSNBC spiral into left-wing mania has been done. At its height 37 Million people watched the RNC speeches on TV in the USA, the highest numbers ever for such an event beating even the famous Obama speech at the stadium the week before, and each and every one of those viewers could clearly hear the crowd chanting NBC! NBC! NBC! when Sarah Palin spoke of the bias she was facing in the media LIVE during her speech. Ouch.

The mania was not isolated to that one event.. A series of gaffes including the one that shocked me the most, Olbermann opening his big fat mouth to apologize for his network’s airing of the 9/11 tribute by the RNC, left me with my mouth wide open in shock when I saw it.. You could smell it coming from miles away as MSNBC has become a sad joke but the damage to the NBC brand is done, a brand that has spent untold hundreds of millions building itself as a news division, undressed for all to see. Olbermann is a partisan hack, which is fine it seems in this day and age. But worse, he’s a moron. Worse yet.. He’s now dragged Matthews his co-anchor down with him & worse still, one of America’s original News broadcast networks.

The High Price still to be paid

Has adding a few hundred thousand paltry viewers per night, yet still coming in dead last in the news cable wars been worth all this? I feel for Brokaw & Williams because this tarnish won’t be coming off so easy. Credibility isn’t bought, it is earned & burned, and NBC News has lost a whole lot of it, dragged down like an ‘anchor’ by MSNBC’s totally unvarnished partisan reporting. Not to worry, Rachel Maddow Olbermann’s left wing protege who’s analysis I’d say ranks somewhere around that of Ernie & Bert’s of Sesame Street debuts tonight with her new show on MSNBC.

Forgive me if I don’t tune in. Apparently judging by MSNBC’s ratings.. I’m not the only one.

MSNBC Imploding: Olberman embarrassed on live TV (Video)

Radical swing left has made MSNBC a laughing stock

They are in the tank for Obama (Joe woke up angry after last nights shenanigans), unlike most of the press there is little attempt to cover it. Olberman rails against the President calls him a liar on TV complete with camera cuts and fake mock rage, everyone swoons for Obama who can do no wrong. Hillary Clinton was savaged at the network, it goes on & on day in & out a spectacle of bias that needs to be seen to be believed. Now Rachel Maddow of Air America the failed radio talk liberal network has made the descent into partisan sludge complete with her very own show at MSNBC – Just what they needed, a little balance lol.

Matthews & Olberman running the circus show

Olberman gets caught on open mike and Scarborough reacts ferociously and why not? He sees the network on a one way ticket to flunky ville, when he attempts to file even a single balanced report on Live TV from the convention,  Reichsfuhrer Olberman shoots his mouth off like the clown he is.. Even Matthews is feeling a tingle in his leg when this one ends, the tingle of embarrassment no doubt as to what his network & job have become. The laughing stock of the broadcast / media world. Even Puke Buchanan can’t bring them back from the brink, despite being I suspect a licensed exorcist or involved overall, in some form of demonic works lol

For all the olby action check olbermanwatch, if you can stomach it.
H/T Terryann for the video

Newsweek: Ode to A Poor Arab Terrorist

In typical fashion, Newsweek puts up pity photos, tells life stories, never even names Jewish victims.

It’s the same old Newsweek story,  starts off with how Israel has created a new threat by building a barrier to defend against the older threat. Of course this is Israel’s fault, the poor Arabs are never to blame.. Heaven’s forbid. But this is not about barriers, that’s the cover for an unabashed sympathy play. Poor arab boy grows up, poor arab boy dreams of a better life, poor arab boy does drugs & crime, poor arab boy meets a nice arab girl, poor arab boy fathers many children, poor arab boy does yet more drugs, poor arab boy uses a multi-ton piece of construction equipment to murder Israeli Jews..

I’m torn with sympathy by this Newsweek article lamenting the poor terrible status of Jerusalem’s Arabs - Forced to do demeaning things like have gainful employment and work for Jews, freedom to move about, access to holy places.. Oh the horrors of it all.

Poor little Arab boy 1st meets nice Jewish girl, fathers a child, does drugs, beats her up.. This is explained away by newsweek as sometimes he got jealous, it’s all perfectly acceptable, what’s wrong here is the oppression by the Jews. The poor Arab boy is 200,000 dollars in debt, not because he’s a criminal wife beater drug addict, but because the Jews have imposed fines on him for building a home without permits, yet ANOTHER illegal act all blithely explained away by poor Arab boy sympathy, forget all his sordid history this man is also a mass murderer. 

He dropped out of school after eighth grade and eventually met a young Israeli woman who worked at the same restaurant. The young man experimented with drugs and fathered a child with her. When he got jealous, sometimes he hit her. She finally had him arrested, and he did time in an Israeli prison. [...]

Jamilla Dweiat, Hussam’s widow, can’t understand why Israel would punish her and her sons by tearing down their house. She worries about it daily and, to pass the quiet evenings, occasionally tunes in to “Noor,” that Turkish soap opera. But the good life now seems so unattainable that she finds herself weeping as she watches. During her interview with NEWSWEEK, a team of stolid Israeli officials arrived at her house and walked around—taking measurements for the demolition, she assumed. As the men strode through the halls, Jamilla bit her lip and hugged her belly. The day her husband killed and died, she learned she was pregnant again.

He ‘experimented’ with drugs, when you do drugs your whole life as his own father attested to in Israeli media, you are not experimenting, you are a drug addict. When you engage in criminal activities your whole life as his neighbors attested to in Israeli media you are criminal, not someone who ‘experiments’ with crime. When you murder Israelis with construction equipment to sow terror you are a terrorist and a murderer and your house gets torn down, period. This little turd who fathers children, takes no responsibility, is a waste of a life is given the full sympathy play.. Complete with artsy black & white photos for effect. This is not Journalism, it’s art after all.

Well, I have no sympathy.. My sympathy are for the Jews he murdered, they didn’t get any pictures in Newsweek, the orphaned child – His Jewish mother crushed to death while her last act was saving her baby gets no mention in the Newsweek. The Left’s obsession with the noble Arab savage, the endless sympathy, apology for wretched refuse, it’s the same old story. I have news for Jerusalem’s ‘poor’ Arabs, they better smarten up right quick. Israeli blue citizenship cards are a privilege not a sympathy play. Here today, gone tomorrow – Just like this drug addict convict and later terrorist’s illegally built house.