Welcome to the Hashmonean,

In this section you’ll find info on this website, its author, as well some historical information on the Hashmoneans themselves, the forefathers of an ancient Dynasty in Judea, most famously known as the Maccabees – The Heros starring in the popular and festive Jewish holiday known as Hanukkah (Chanukah).

saus - 'in my living room smiling at the camera'First a quick ditty about me.

All my friends call me saus (it’s a long story)
but I’m clearly, the Hashmonean around here.


  • Facts:  Age mid 30s. Canadian / Israeli ; Home town Tel Aviv.
    (I’m told I look like I’m perpetually 18, what can I tell ya, I drink from the fountain of youth.)

    Things I love:
  • Capitalism
  • America
  • Israel
  • Dominos Pizza
  • Coca Cola
    (not nec. in that order).

    Things I’m not so fond of:
  • Arab propaganda
  • Radical Islamists
  • Socialists
  • Communists.

(proper spelling is actually Hasmonaean)

The goal of this website is to promote thought, disseminate information, as well as entertain.

The Middle East, the modern Nation of Israel, and the raging conflict between the West & Radical Islamists are focal points of tension, politics, intrigue, mistruths, and carnage in our modern world.

Traditional media is frequently as ill-informed as most of the public in regards to these issues which are shaping our World, issues which are critical to both our own generation, and those to follow.

Radical Islam, the Arab World and the region as a whole are dominated by tyrants, dictators, illegitimate regimes, and the most appalling Human Rights records known to man. This website will explore, expose, mock, and probe the vast mistruths propagated by these forces, using the most effective tool in reaching and affecting an audience – Humor.

Further, the Hashmonean is dedicated to critical thought and debate of the issues, both domestic and International facing the State of Israel, and the Jewish people as a whole. Ranging from hatred, to media bias, to internal political, military, & social issues that are challenging the very existence of Israel itself, as it nears a magical 60 years of unheralded accomplishment and achievement.

Straight Dope..

What should be made clear is that political correctness is of little interest to this website, truth & fact are of paramount interest, appeasement is not a strategy, it’s a death knell. We don’t intend to appease anyone, if the topics, tone & issues of this website displease, you are most welcome & free to surf elsewhere. All opinions are welcome here, those that promote falsehoods will hopefully be challenged by fact and insight.