‘Invisible Shield’ Deployed: Trophy APS Declared Operational by IDF (Video)

Witness the power of this fully armed & operational er.. Active Protection System : ) Mark IV Merkavas have already had Trophies on-board in more limited deployment, but now the IDF after most recent testing has declared the life & tank saving missile protection operational. Great news indeed.. The IDF Ground Forces Command has declared […]

Israeli Trophy – Headed for Sheriff deployment testing?

I’m still on the trophy case, that gorgeous new defensive anti RPG weapon system developed in Israel that appears truly astounding to me in its effectiveness against one of the worst threats mobile ground forces face, missiles, RPGs, & anti-tank weapons. I’ve previously posted about developments on the trophy, including apparently the US Army’s rejection […]

US Army leaves Israeli trophy behind?

SoccerDad informs me of the hard to process news regarding the new superlative Mobile Missile Defense System developed by Rafael Israel.. Globes: US Army rejects Israeli armor protection system Ran Dagoni, Washington 25 Apr 06 15:22 The rejection comes despite a successful test of Rafael’s Trophy Active Protection System. The US Army has rejected the […]

Rotor Fury: IAF Upgrading Blackhawks for ‘Mini Pave Low’ Offensive Capabilities

Extra Curricular Activities: Beyond Tefen Two years into Israel’s multi-year wide ranging future procurement plan known as TEFEN, some additional details have emerged regarding Israel’s non fixed wing aircraft priorities. Public TEFEN details released at the time made no mention of major procurement moves for choppers, but the loss of several Apaches from mid air collisions and mechanical […]

Soft & Hard Kill: Next Gen ‘Iron Fist’ Active Protection System Headed For Deployment on Israeli Namer APCs (Video)

The Future is Now.. Israel continues to be a world leader in force protection. Details the last few months have been emerging that Iron Fist, our next generation APS to protect light & medium armored vehicles from RPGs, missiles, and even perhaps tank fired rounds is headed for deployment shortly. Israel is already a leader […]

Arms Race III: Israel rolling out the heavies

This past month Israel has been in the midst of major future procurement decisions. The generals, experts & industries consulted & the results are in. We’re going hardcore in 4 prongs hardware wise, but much more importantly these procurements spell a decisive switch philosophically for Israel, the renewed realization that despite all the kumbaya singing Israel needs […]