Early Delivery: TEFEN Takes Off with 75 Nextgen JSF F-35s for Israel (Updated)

1st In: Leading off what will surely be a long list of foreign purchase orders Israel tenders 25 Stealth JSFs (Updated Below) Despite the JSF’s numerous next generation capabilities including stealth technologies, you could hear this F-35 order coming from a mile away. Well, 3 years at least.. That’s how long Israel has been talking about […]

Tefen On Track: Up to 9 Upgraded Lockheed SuperHercules to Join IAF

IAF Opts for Ultra Sexy ‘J Model’ Hercules to upgrade the workhorse fleet Via JPOST, the US Congress has been notified of an impending sale to the IAF seeking approval. I speculated last year about Israel’s procurement plans involving the Hercules, and shortly thereafter the multi-year TEFEN procurement plan was released. So far, Tefen appears on […]

Special Ops: Israel Moving Forward With Super Hercules C-130j

Long Range Infiltrators A critical component of Israel’s long term TEFEN procurement program in the air involves what most would consider a fairly unglamorous transport upgrade. The Hercules class transports are more often than not looked upon as standard equipment and troop movers, a role the Hercules has been playing in numerous air forces for decades […]

Bird of Prey: V22 Osprey Vies to Fly The Israeli Skies?

Venerable Hercules C-130 Transport & CH-53 Yasur possibly on the block? So sayeth Haaretz, but I’m skeptical. The air force has been debating the need to procure the V-22, an American-made transport aircraft capable of vertical take-off and landing. [...]  A debate has been ongoing within the air force on whether to procure the aircraft, […]

Rotor Fury: IAF Upgrading Blackhawks for ‘Mini Pave Low’ Offensive Capabilities

Extra Curricular Activities: Beyond Tefen Two years into Israel’s multi-year wide ranging future procurement plan known as TEFEN, some additional details have emerged regarding Israel’s non fixed wing aircraft priorities. Public TEFEN details released at the time made no mention of major procurement moves for choppers, but the loss of several Apaches from mid air collisions and mechanical […]

Air Supremacy: Lockheed F35, Boeing F15SE in Combat for the Skies Over Israel

F35i Teething problems Unfortunately for Lockheed, and Israel the F35 story still has no happy ending. The plane is over budget by tens of millions per aircraft, late, overshadowed by its more specialty capable yet now canceled big brother (F-22), and crucially for Israel -  Is sealed off electronically. Without the ability to access internal computers […]