The Mofaz Plan: Fox Loose in Livni’s Kadima Hen House (Link Update)

Mofaz tables Disengagement+ in bid to top Livni The internal battle for the Kadima leadership rolls on. Shaul Mofaz the party #2 seized an opportune moment (all Israeli political heavy weights abroad) to let loose a bombshell as part of his leadership bid, a new peace plan.. To recognize a Palestinian State! [...] Under the plan, Israel […]

Now Available in Stereo: Kadima’s Livni Cut Down by Both Labor and Likud

The Knesset is clearly back in session.. Been a while since I did some politics, mostly related to the fact that Israel’s Parliament was on summer recess. But, have no fear – They’re back & raring to go! Kadima’s Livni late last week opened things up pledging to bring ‘relentless opposition’ to counter internal party […]

LaLaLand: Opposition Leader Livni Has Seen Better Weeks

Kadima GoldenGirl needs some polish Things started off well enough this week for Mrs Livni. She was as happy as a peacock eating dinner with Madonna in Tel Aviv this week. This garnered her the most attention she’s been able to muster herself in weeks and she sure does love attention. The international superstar later visited Netanyahu’s home […]

Shadow Government: Livni Finally Builds Long Awaited Coalition; May Tap Kerry for Minister of Apologetics? (Video)

Perfectly positioned to the left of both Baraks!!  The road to a successful coalition for now opposition leader Tzipi Livni has been a long and hard one. Initially, with an existing coalition already in place and deposed PM Olmert stepping down, Livni swept into the Kadima leadership role with a strong 1% win over her […]

Mrs Clean: Livni goes back on her word; Looks to form Arab based leftist Government coalition (Update II)

Unelected ‘leader’ needs to face the music, er.. electorate Now into the 2 week extension for coalition building after having burned up the normal month long allocation with no result, the lady elected by less than 1% of the nation’s vote is getting desperate. Musical Chairs.. First she claimed she was unprepared to serve under […]

Breaking bread with Livni: The Coalition is hitting early bumps

Swinging left to Meretz was a very BAD idea.. Livni’s 1st political move was a classic mistake. Instead of immediately leaning right to secure goodwill within Kadima and without, where she lacks it most and where the country is also leaning most, she went left to the Meretz no man’s land of political oblivion. Of course the […]