Islam Gone Wild: Hezbollah New Secret Flotilla Weapon Is Cancer Stricken Women (Update)

They Are Sick All Right.. Sick In The Head. More Flotillas are coming and once again they are packed with martyrs. This time in order to extract maximum propaganda punch and feed eager progressives their requisite dose of Israel hating outrage, Islam is now packing secret weapons.. Samar Alhaj, the woman leading the Hizbullah-linked Lebanese boat that is […]

Dear John: National Security Adviser Brennan Professes Love for Al Quds; Hezbollah (Video)

PR Job – Obama Admin Displays Its Effective Israel Outreach Lots has been made of late of the massive PR job the Obama administration has been selling American voters & Jewry regarding Israel. Everything is just great, there never was a crisis, the whole thing was really just some ‘faulty messaging’.. In fact, we may […]

Guerrilla War: IDF Should Prepare For Hundreds of Heavily Armed Hezbollah Raiders Storming Israel (Massive Update)

Yaakov Katz at JPOST has an interesting piece about the 2006 Lebanon war up today. It’s a report on an IDF research article and it comes to some ugly conclusions.. Israel failed to execute the last war as well as Hezbollah Israel needs to prepare for hundreds of 5 man Guerrilla teams infiltrating Israel in […]

Bush Bashing: President has whacked Hezbollah & Syria hard this week

Lame Duck? The Bush Administration may be on its way out but there’s something to be said about the time period between administrations. We saw this week an intense American assault in what appears to be hot pursuit, land American forces into Syria, do some live firefighting and raze part of a village. It is […]

Head Fake: Assad states his zero intentions of abandoning Hezbollah support (Updated)

Olmert & Sarkozy have really made a mess of things The pressure is off Syria, Sarkozy is meeting with Assad, the Hariri tribunal is now a non issue, Syria has opened new ties to Lebanon while firmly establishing its tentacles in the country, Hezbollah has seized veto power over the Lebanese parliament as well as […]

Target Canada: Hezbollah Terror Cell Busted in Jet Related Terror Plot

Local Canadian Hezbollah Operatives Active As Usual; Canadian Jews & Israelis need to be watchful JPOST ‘Terror cell did surveillance work on El Al crews in Toronto’ The alert level has been raised for Israelis in Canada after it was discovered that a terror cell was following and carrying out surveillance on El Al crews […]