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Damning: BBC Documentary Reveals Shocking Truth About Flotilla (Video)

Hard Core of Islamist Activists Seized Ship Long before Israel

This surprisingly candid BBC Panorama documentary lays out the events surrounding the Mavi Marmara Turkish Flotilla designed to break the Gaza blockade, and the Israeli seizure of the ship.

The facts are presented with compelling video evidence and they are quite damning, but not for Israel as the media onslaught portrayed. Rather for the organizers, Turkey, and the IHH (now designated a terrorist supporting entity by Germany).

We learn..

  • The Organizers were prepared to break the siege at all costs, sanctioned violence.
  • Islamists seized the Ship before Israel arrived.
  • Islamists prepared for martyrdom, violence, and an assault on the IDF.
  • Turkey  was complicit.
  • The so called AID was a farce, cover for a violent confrontation.
  • The IHH set out to create a staged media disaster against Israel.
  • Hundreds of passengers were used as pawns.
  • Islamists sought to 1st lynch, then murder IDF troops.

Here is the video in 2 parts

Part 1


Part 2


The world rushed to judgment

But as usual the real story is a familiar one. Radical Islam, terrorists, violence, lies, manipulation.

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  • idit segev

    It is a shame that it took the BBC so long to get at the truth. But, I am happy it happened at last.
    We knew these facts long ago. Thank you for announcing it to the world.

  • Contour abs review

    Thanks a million for this, I appreciate the info

  • http://dan Dan

    You have the two videos reversed. Just put part 1 into part 1 and vice-versa. Thanks & b’hatzlachah.

  • Red Hairstyles

    Thank you for your mighty fine work. You are our beacon of light in this long dark tunnel of chaos.

  • israel @ Israel

    It’s impossible to sort anything out in Israel-Arabic relations. It’s wiser even not try to. But the most curious thing about it is that no matter how well people understand it, they still make certain judgments which turn out to be absurd.

  • pagina cristiana

    Man I agree, already subscribed !

  • Jill

    I am so pleased to see that the truth is finally published to the world.

  • Eastmidlands Airport

    i agreed…..

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