Ground Zero Mosque: The Audacity of Jihad (Video)

Sacred Ground


I don’t buy the notion that a massive Islamic Center with a top 13th story Mosque overlooking Ground Zero is ‘community outreach’  & neither should you.

In Shanksville PA at the site of United Flight 93′s tragic 9/11 crash, deluded Jihad sympathizing leftists tried to mark the hallowed ground with a giant crescent made of trees pointing to Mecca in the traditional Islamic custom. Out of over 1000 design submissions, the so called  “Crescent of Embrace” was the one selected for the official 9/11 memorial. Madness, a huge Islamic symbol to mark the site of one of Islam’s ugliest moments.

Now at the WTC site, another symbol of victory?

That’s what Jihadists & their supporters revel in, symbols of victory over the infidel. They dedicate buildings, sites, children.. you name it to martyrs & atrocities. How this project is going forward is beyond me. Then again no it isn’t..

America’s own government seeks to strip the worlds radical Islam, Jihad, Islamic terrorism from the lexicon.. Sweep it all under the rug in the name of political correctness. Why not stick a huge honking Mosque up with a view over Ground Zero? It fits in with the progressive agenda nicely, it’s not as if Islamic terrorists viciously slaughtered 3000 people in the name of Radical Fundamentalist Islam anyhow.

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  • milandroid

    Yes, I already signed the petition. I think the victims are seriously offended.