Incitement: Hit Palestinian Children’s Song Glorifies Martyrdom

Just like Sesame Street: When we die as martyrs!

The Palestinian Authority is supposed to be combating incitement, at least that’s what Mahmoud Abbas has told Obama, Israel and Jewish leaders.

Obamas has staked the last 17 months on reaching nothing remotely resembling peace. Instead we are shooting lower. According to White house officials dialog between the parties would be a major breakthrough, especially seeing as this actually was going on before Obama assumed office. So far so futile. The word was in Washington that by pressuring Israel (and pressure there has been in spades) the ‘door would open’ for comprehensive peace..

So far despite the grandiose plans, as well as a politically difficult settlement moratorium by Israel (which will soon expire after 10 months) there is..

  • No open door
  • No direct negotiations
  • No seeming wider Arab world involvement
  • No halt to PA incitement

All aboard, the peace train!!