Elvis U Ain’t: Never Has Been Costello Boycotts Israel

Elvis Costello has canceled his Israel concerts slated for June as ‘a matter of conscience’

Costello published a letter on his official website, in which he apologized to his fans and explained the reasons behind the cancellation. The Israeli production company organizing the event has yet to comment.

Culture and Sports Minister Limor Livnat criticized Costello for calling off his concerts, saying that “an artist boycotting his fans in Israel is unworthy of performing here.” [...]

So sayeth Costello..

“I hope it is possible to understand that I am not taking this decision lightly or so I may stand beneath any banner, nor is it one in which I imagine myself to possess any unique or eternal truth. I cannot imagine receiving another invitation to perform in Israel, which is a matter of regret but I can imagine a better time when I would not be writing this,” He concluded.

Costello’s wife, Jazz singer Diana Krall is also scheduled to perform in Israel in the near future. It is still unclear whether Costello’s decision will also have an effect on her visit to the Jewish state

Of course, Mr. Costello had no problem booking the shows and selling the tickets taking Israelis hard earned cash to fatten up his wallet before he was pressured by his Irish Israel hating pals into canceling his concerts as a ‘matter of conscience’, which makes him pitiful on top of nearly irrelevant musically as far as I’m concerned. The whole notion that Israel should be boycotted is itself too absurd to even broach, let alone on behalf of a people ruled by Hamas who routinely slit their own daughters’ throats for ‘embarrassing the family honor’ by showing off an ankle, or perhaps falling in love. These are the same folks who would seek to ban all music like the Taliban because it is ‘contrary to the will of the prophet muhammad’ and his religion of oppression.

Will his wife Diana Krall also cancel? After all Israel is only one of the most progressive countries on earth, with women in senior government & public positions, free elections, free judiciary, free press.. One could go on but we are too busy preparing for the massive Metallica shows which are about to rock our little country in 10 days.. Elvis who!?

Here’s an AISH video on Israel, to better understand the terrible evil country Costello feels the need to boycott..