Our Future 62 Years On: Young Jewish Women Astound With Their Achievements (Video)

Making Us Proud – Secular & Religious, at home & abroad.

Two young women have made headlines in the last 24 hours. One is a 17 year old Israeli, the other a 16 year old Canadian – Both through their skill & talent have captured my imagination and represent some of the finest young Jewish people have to offer!

In Israel, Or Ashual from Kfar Sabba (a quiet far flung suburb of Tel Aviv) has won 1st place in the international World Bible Contest..

Or Ashual, a 17-year-old student at the Kfar Saba Amana girls’ school, became the 2010 winner of the World Bible Quiz competition on Tuesday, which took place on Israel’s 62nd Independence Day at the Jerusalem Center for the Performing Arts.

The first runner-up was Elad Nachshon of the De Shalit high school in Rehovot, while third place went to Avner Netanyahu, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s 15-year-old son, who is a ninth-grader at a school in the capital. The younger Netanyahu was also the winner of last month’s National Bible Quiz.

Ashual bested 15 other finalists from all over the world, including the Americas and Australia. [...]

I participated in this world bible contest as a youth going to the Canadian nationals, this is a mean feat this young woman has accomplished besting the best in the world. The biblical knowledge required is both impressive & astounding. The fact that a young woman has bested the current crop of bible geniuses is more than laudable, it’s a pointer to the very bright future for young women in Israel who never cease to astound with their talents & abilities. Mazal Tov!

Speaking of Canada..

16 year old Canadian Nikki Yanofsky of Montreal has captured imaginations around the world. The supremely talented young woman has performed for crowds in excess of 100,000 people, and was recently honored singing the theme song for Canada’s 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

Yesterday she released her debut Album (CTV Video interview) with both covers and original material (which she has co-written), and she is embarking on a world tour. Not bad for 16 : )


Both these young Jewish Women are just 2 examples making headlines on Israel’s 62nd Independence Day! I celebrate their achievements, their bright futures. The Nation of Israel, both here & in the disapora is strong with much to be proud of. These 2 young women, a testament to the fact that it will only be getting stronger going forward.

Am Israel Chai!