Treachery: Obama Administration Seeks to “Impose Peace” (Update: Israel Responds)

Gird Your Loins Israel

We are headed at full steam toward a massive crisis with America. The most ultra liberal, anti Israel administration in Gd knows how many decades is gearing up to impose a fake peace on Israel, entailing massive concessions.

Despite the fact the administration has gotten pretty much everything wrong on the foreign policy front for the last 1.5 years, this progressive train wreck shows absolutely no sign of slowing. The massive Jerusalem fiasco and concessions were small potatoes according to senior Obama administration sources, and these should be fun times ahead because the entire US Israel relationship is being used as a threat, a tool of so called smart diplomacy.

WASHINGTON — President Obama is “seriously considering” proposing an American peace plan to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, according to two top administration officials.

“Everyone knows the basic outlines of a peace deal,” said one of the senior officials, citing the agreement that was nearly reached at Camp David in 2000 and in subsequent negotiations. He said that an American plan, if launched, would build upon past progress on such issues as borders, the “right of return” for Palestinian refugees and the status of Jerusalem. The second senior official said that “90 percent of the map would look the same” as what has been agreed in previous bargaining. [...]

This is change all right..

Every assurance ever issued by the United States of America and her government to Israel is invalidated by the action of Obama imposing a solution. Obama is breaking every agreement the US has ever made with Israel. All agreements made from Oslo, from Camp David II, The Roadmap, agreements from the Gaza withdrawal, agreements from the recent Annapolis process, all the assurances that neither America nor concessions would influence final status talks & issues? All out the door.

If that wasn’t a poor enough display, clearly the say of the Israeli electorate itself carries no meaning either. Shocking how this US administration has stumbled leg over foot to deride the ideals of democracy any way it can, I guess this is par for the new course America is now on. Obama figures he can ram through the American electorate, why not Israel’s as well?

The American peace plan would be linked with the issue of confronting Iran, which is Israel’s top priority, explained the second senior official. He described the issues as two halves of a single strategic problem: “We want to get the debate away from settlements and East Jerusalem and take it to a 30,000-feet level that can involve Jordan, Syria and other countries in the region,” as well as the Israelis and Palestinians.

“Incrementalism hasn’t worked,” continued the second official, explaining that the U.S. cannot simply allow the Palestinian problem to keep festering — providing fodder for Iran and other extremists. “As a global power with global responsibilities, we have to do something.” He said the plan would “take on the absolute requirements of Israeli security and the requirements of Palestinian sovereignty in a way that makes sense.” [...]

Mr Fixit.

That is some of the most frightening kool aid I have ever read and it goes on. Clearly, Obama and his White House no longer even see peace as the goal, probably because they know no deal will deliver it. Israel will have to simply make any and all concessions decreed by Obama, in order to put a stop to this “festering Palestinian problem”. If not, America cannot be relied upon to ‘effectively support Israel versus Iran’.

That’s quite a threat our “good friend Obama” is waving at us. For him Iran developing nuclear weapons and us caving to every single Arab demand are two halves of a whole it seems. Put me down under the “I don’t like the Obama plan” box. I don’t like sacrificing my state or security to satisfy this Palestinian pandering President’s personal desires, and I don’t like having my national time clock dictated to me by Iran. I rather suspect there’s an Israeli government & Israeli majority that feels the same way.

We didn’t vote for this guy you know

Big government and Obama’s amazing negotiating skills are going to solve Syria, Iran, not too mention the whole Global Jihad and deliver peace on earth. Guess who’s paying the bill? Israel. That’s quite a plan! Let’s see which of these 2 options happens first. The Obama plan or the Middle East eating Obama alive.

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This won’t be the last we hear on the topic, of that we can be sure. This ingenius shaft Israel plan will be totally uncacceptable in Israel at every level both polically & publically.

Elliott Abrams is equally impressed with our new Terms of Endearment here in Israel.

UPDATE: Netanyahu responds;

Israel will not accept a Middle East peace agreement that is forced on it by external forces, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly said in private meetings in recent days, sources said Wednesday.

Netanyahu reportedly told close aides that “it won’t work and it won’t be acceptable if a settlement is forced on us,” stressing the need to ensure proper security arrangements as part of any future peace deal.

For that end, the PM reportedly said, Israel would have to retain a military presence along its eastern border with Jordan, adding that any agreement that doesn’t allow for those measure will not be accepted. [...]

To say the least..