Suspects Identified: Mossad Implicated in Dubai Aquarium Attack (Photos Enclosed)

Dubai intelligence services have provided detailed breakdowns & identities of 4 suspected MOSSAD operatives implicated in today’s Dubai Mall Aquarium Attack.

Interpol has been notified, and authorities at all international crossing points are asked to be vigilant for any sign of the 4 wanted individuals. Dubai has claimed near 100% certainty the suspects are Israeli Mossad agents, and Israeli ambassadors in Uganda & Ireland have been summoned for questioning in the matter..

It is believed at least 3000 gallons of salt water were lost as a result of the attack which prompted the evacuation of Dubai’s largest mall. Below, the intelligence identification manifest provided by Dubai intelligence services, painstakingly pieced together from hours of CCTV footage.

Dubai Releases List of 4 Mossad Suspects in Aquarium Attack