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Fuel My Fire: IAF Training For Long Distance Love

Shades of Osirak – Operation Opera

June 7th, 1981 eight fully loaded F-16 fighter bombers successfully penetrated Iraqi airspace & delivered a knockout blow to Saddam Hussein’s Osirak nuclear reactor which was scheduled to come online shortly thereafter, obliterating it utterly. Operation Opera as it was known was meticulously planned for months, its success so astounding in every way it drew both harsh criticism but silent admiration for the tiny country of Israel the world over.

All this was made possible through a fateful turn of events.  The fighters, the first of their kind for the IAF recently delivered from the USA - had originally been destined for the Shah of Iran who had placed the order. The Islamic revolution in 1979 changed all that, they were offered to Israel for purchase instead..

Margin of Error

In order to make the flight, the then IAF 1st generation F16s required some modifications. Their takeoff weight for the mission was so great they stood the chance of perhaps not even being able to liftoff at all. In order to complete the mission the fighter bombers would be flying beyond their allocated bingo fuel allotment, perilously close to the point of being unable to return to base with zero room for error.

So tight in fact was the fuel allotment that IAF ground crews set a dangerous precedent for aviation missions, they moved fuel trucks onto the runways and topped off the F16 tanks with their engines running, mere moments before their pilots hit the afterburners to lift the heavy birds into the sky for their fateful mission.

Now JPOST is reporting in an exclusive that IAF pilots and their ground crews are training for rapid turnaround refueling & topping off tanks on runways once again..

In preparation for long-range missions and possible conflict with Iran, the Israel Air Force has expanded its training programs to include rapid refueling operations on runways.

It’s a dangerous practice since the aircraft’s engines are running while the fuel nozzle is still connected to the jets. The training is for both pilots and ground crews and it is being done to enable the aircraft to carry as much fuel as possible for long-range missions.

Fuel nozzles are traditionally disconnected from fighter aircraft while they are still parked in hangers and before they are rolled out to the runway, where they usually wait for several minutes before takeoff and while burning fuel. The new protocol includes keeping fuel trucks on the runway, having ground personnel reattach the nozzle and fuel the aircraft to the maximum fullness, disconnecting seconds before takeoff.

“We understand that many of our threats and challenges require us to develop a long-range capability,” one senior IAF officer explained. “Part of our preparation includes knowing how to fuel our aircraft so they can have as much fuel as possible.” [...]

Rapid turnaround

The IAF & ground crews already train for danger in routine fighter operations. Israel, unlike say the USA has more limited amounts of fighter aircraft that are tasked with multiple missions in combat operations. IAF fighters in war time are often tasked with rapid refueling & re-armament. Hitting targets, landing, being re-supplied and taxiing straight off the runway for new missions with little to no downtime to make up for lack of numbers & fighters in reserve. All this goes on in the heat off battle, much like an aircraft carrier might operate but on land.

The latest generation F-16I Sufa (Storm) seen here on take-off, is custom built for the IAF for expanded range (Credit - Nir)

The latest generation F-16I Sufa (Storm) seen here on take-off, is custom built for the IAF for expanded range (Credit - Nir)

Heroic efforts

Beyond the dangerous requirements of keeping any raid tasked fighters over supplied with fuel on the runways, Israel in any long range strike will need to be vigilant on four fronts with an eye toward escalation. Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria & Iran could stretch the IAF thin if hostilities flare.. Especially with so many aircraft tasked with a long range mission far from home. Pilots & ground crews are training for extraordinary circumstances, these are no doubt extraordinary times.

After the 1st Gulf War, in honor of the extraordinary achievements of Operation Opera, Dick Cheney presented Major General David Ivry (commander IAF) a satellite photograph of the destroyed Osirak reactor signed – “For General David Ivri, with thanks and appreciation for the outstanding job he did on the Iraqi Nuclear Program in 1981, which made our job much easier in Desert Storm.”

If Israel should need to act again, one wonders.. What exactly would Obama present Israel? His lack of foresight thus far fails to impress.

LINK: Dalem Amos blogs about Popular Mechanics, and Israel’s long range drone Eitan (Heron TP). A critical new piece of the long range puzzle.

Suspects Identified: Mossad Implicated in Dubai Aquarium Attack (Photos Enclosed)

Dubai intelligence services have provided detailed breakdowns & identities of 4 suspected MOSSAD operatives implicated in today’s Dubai Mall Aquarium Attack.

Interpol has been notified, and authorities at all international crossing points are asked to be vigilant for any sign of the 4 wanted individuals. Dubai has claimed near 100% certainty the suspects are Israeli Mossad agents, and Israeli ambassadors in Uganda & Ireland have been summoned for questioning in the matter..

It is believed at least 3000 gallons of salt water were lost as a result of the attack which prompted the evacuation of Dubai’s largest mall. Below, the intelligence identification manifest provided by Dubai intelligence services, painstakingly pieced together from hours of CCTV footage.

Dubai Releases List of 4 Mossad Suspects in Aquarium Attack

Dear Dubai: We Are Glad to Help

Because You Need It!

I’m reflecting on the non stop media sensation regarding the liquidation of terrorist filth in Dubai recently. I’ve been struck by a number of things. Firstly, there’s the usual outcry of manufactured rage from our European pals, whom it seems are always outraged over something or other while the rest of the world simply yawns & proceeds to ignore them – Such is the importance of the EU these days.. (Yawn).

Isle of Outrageous

The British media is particularly incensed, and why shouldn’t they be? This is bread & butter for them. British media no longer does news, now they do who’s wife is screwing whom in various football leagues, along with top stories on which latest celebrity daughter was seen puking outside the nearest pub. This is what passes for important news & events in Britain these days. In light of that depressing reality opportunities to take potshots at anyone or everyone is now a British media cornerstone – Anything to take people’s minds off how shoddy the UK has become overall.

So whether it be whipping up faux rage on Israel (a brit favorite) or seizing on total invented nonsense like calling the Vancouver Olympic games the ‘worst in history’ (from the Guardian, a joke of a newspaper if you ever saw one) – If the British media can invent a sensation based on nothing at all, believe you me they will. Anybody know what color panties Carla Bruni wore yesterday!? Quick! We need confirmation, check the frontpage of any British newspaper.. (Yawn).

Der Spiel.. er Spiegel

Our natural & steady allies in Germany (the product of slaughtering Jews, complete with cattle cars & ready bake ovens) have devoted 5 pages in Der Spiegel on the Mossad Operation Gone Awry. Other than the fact that the operation was successful, everyone got away, no one has been identified, and the Hamas cockroach on our most wanted list is now quite dead.. This was a real botch!! *eye roll*

Der Spiegel is quick to point out how the vaunted reputation of the Mossad is now tarnished complete with this gem at the end for added dramatic effect..

The Mossad, which is presumably no longer able to use 11 of its agents, is already searching for new recruits. There is a job application form on the agency’s Web site (, under the keyword “career.” The areas where potential intelligence agents are needed, according to the site, include computer technology, logistics and “special projects.”

Wow, that is dramatic. We’re in emergency mode over here in Israel! We need recruits it seems, too bad the Mossad revamped its website & opened it up to recruiting online several years ago, but why let little things like facts ruin a good Israel smack-down story right? It fits the narrative more eloquently to pretend this is an emergency recruiting rush to shore up the non-botched operations we are running. (Forgive me, while I *eye roll* again.)

Well oiled German machine a ‘Team Effort’

The piece in Der BS’er is written up by no less than 6 people! – I guess when you need to cram that much bullsh*t into such a small place it takes a lot of guys to do the hauling.. Either that or they break it up into small bits to keep that illustrious German economy hauling along, seeing as it is one Fraulein away at any moment from imminent & total collapse these days.. But I digress, there’s another country that needs an Israeli whipping boy much more than the sour krauts – Illustrious Dubai! Yes, that ocean of insolvency in the sand!!

Someone toss Dubai a quarter, they need to call 911..

Mere weeks after topping world wide headlines for days on end, Bankrupt Dubai needs all the help it can get. People are scratching their heads wondering how they managed in Dubai to piece together all that security camera footage so quickly!? Is that a real mystery these days? What else is there to do in Dubai right now? Those guys are splicing & dicing the video footage like there’s no tomorrow! Because, well.. there isn’t. Of course these guys are working the video like gerbils on speed! Anything to hold on for dear life to that paying government job on the isle of insolvency.

More striking was the fact that in all those hours upon hours of footage one sees massive brand new airports filled with absolutely NO ONE but alleged Mossad agents! It’s like one of those new fangled zombie movies, albeit after the zombies have eaten away the entire population food source and are just roaming around, looking for that one guy running around without shoes, but sporting a flashlight and a shotgun…

Dubai 2.0

Scouring the footage also reveals half a dozen spiffy hotels complete with shooting water fountains, marble floors.. and not a single patron anywhere in sight! One of the alleged Mossad agents supposedly called in to the front desk to verify if room 237 across from the Hamas target was ‘available’.. Silly goose, of course it is. The vacancy rate in the multi-billion dollar oil money funded hotel is at 99%. PLEASE – JUST CHECK IN!! Kill anybody you want!

Drowning in Red Ink Special!

Is that your bag with your rocket launcher Mr Spy Man? No problem, Mahmoud – snap snap.. Bellhop that up to room 237. Here are your complimentary breakfast buffet coupons Sir. There is a 10 dollar surcharge for any brain matter or blood spatters in rooms, shall I tack that on now or later? You know what, 1st assassination in light of the economic times is on the house, just please I beg of you tell all your friends!!! Let them know there’s always action in Dubai..

Frankly I don’t care if that credit card is forged and you are wearing what is obviously a silly disguise, take as many rooms as you like, here in Dubai we need all the help & sensationalism we can get right now.. We’re going to milk this till the camel milk runs dry.

Over Here in Israel

No one really cares, another dead terrorist? Good. EU Media is up in arms!? What’s New?

Haaretz will whine about needing to see heads roll, or how if Livni was in charge the pomegranate trees would bloom 365 days a year. Better yet, blame it on Bibi - If your toilet backed up its because Netanyahu is leading in every poll. *Yawn* It’s not Haaretz’s fault, just like in Britain, newspaper circulation is down – And nothing sells papers like a little Jew bashing, just ask Aftonbladet in Sweden – Clearly we killed this Hamas man in order to sell his kidneys on the black market. (Insert latest Eye roll here..)

Soccerdad has linked over, & he has more on the rage that has developed. His post and links are a little less snarky too lol.